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For Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Characters Likes/Dislikes". talking about Karina. If you want information on the bachelorettes' likes, refer to my post here. For Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "*Relationship Guide* ". -Bachelorettes- Lily Birthday: Spring 26 Dislike Items: Cucumber and Cucumber dishes. Bismark. RFQ01 Rune Factory 3 Resources (Wiki/Complete Guide) RFQ04 Likes/ Dislikes (or how I learned to Love Potion) RFQ12 Daring, Marriage and Children *Spoilerish* . an Engagement Ring, you will need a double bed and 10 LP with whomever of the available bachelorettes you choose to marry.

The first time is made up of only the areas they traveled to previous, not the ones after, save Leon Karnak. The second time it becomes a gigantic dungeon called Rune Prana and can only be accessed from Leon Karnak. An Interior Designer Is You: The players gets to move around their storage bins, forge, kitchen, and other essentials as they please.

The game lacks particular cliques, so any character can be seen conversing with another. There are a variety of different conversations to drop in on. There are also a wide range of NPCs who go in and out of town as tourists, making the world feel more full without overfilling the character roster.

After the second story arc, the main character can change their character model, portrait and voice to various characters, including their opposite-sex counterpart, while retaining the same lines of dialogues and interactions with the other characters.

This can lead to many interesting scenes. There's a limit to how much it can hold, but considering what can fit in a bag that they don't even bother to show the player carrying Her death would release enough runies to sustain the world until a new native dragon would be born.

In fact, since you can continuously give absurd amounts of food to all townsfolk, with the healing effects implying they ate it, everyone can qualify. Leon, Vishnal, and Dylas. The animated scene for Xiao Pai's introduction involves her trying not to trip; it ends with her falling backwards onto and sitting on the camera. A random conversation the main character can have with Kiel has him talking about fictional worlds. One of the responses they can give him is "This world is fictional.

Ethelberd comes back into the plot after being absent in every game since the first. But for Me, It Was Tuesday: When Ethelberd is reminded that he had Doug's village destroyed to turn him against Ventuswill, the only response is "I don't recall. At one point in Vishnal's main sub event a options menu will come up with only one option. Not two options that mean the same thing. While they are provided plenty of options, not only do they reach the same conclusion regardless, but they are forced to select every last option at some point during the conversation.

On multiple occasions when Porcoline confesses his undying love to the player, they're presented with a long list of options that all harshly shut him down.

Porcoline may or may not even notice, and if he does, he may or may not have been serious. Raven and Barrett both visit Selphia regularly. You can even make an Order to make them visit every day. Also Mistress Trupinif you look past her standard villager appearance. The game blatantly tells you that you should save before proceeding and that you need to be careful, otherwise it's Game Over.

Done not as a Difficulty Spikebut more for drama in the story events that are about to unfold. The main villain's motivation is based primarily around events from the first game in the series, and uses plot devices from the second, although the game is vague enough in referencing these.

It explains the basics that the player needs to know too, so that if they haven't played the first two games it might just sound like the main villain happened to have an encounter with an Earthmate once and one of the people who frequently visits town conveniently knows about the rare spells being used. Various hints show that Margaret is Daria's little sister, and in her cameo appearance, Raven will talk about Gaius.

Barrett will also make some call backs to Alvarna. Also, during one of the town events, Barrett and Raven will hallucinate about being Kyle and Micah, respectively. One of Barrett's lines is that he lampshades how every town seems to have a member of the De Sainte-Coquille family. And even lampshades how weird their huge fat faces are and wonders "Will Max Handsome son of Herman De Sainte-Coquille look like that someday?

She also mentions having once met a man and woman who shared a body. Forte's armor is actually highly practical and protective. One of Bado's many get-rich-quick ideas is not. Arthur and Forte both love cute things, although Forte tries to backpedal her adoration. Ventuswill is aware that she is this trope and claims to use it to get food from people.

Damn You, Muscle Memory! Remember how streamlined the L button menu was in Rune Factory 3? Now you have to press A twice to equip and up then A to hold versus just tapping the button you'd press to use it anyway.

Like the other Rune Factory and Harvest Moon games. This one also has the main character officially become girlfriend and boyfriend before they get married. Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Inverted in certain circumstances such as while the main character is in the Forest of Beginnings. Thankfully, the game is nice enough to let the player know that death is a game over beforehand.

Diminishing Returns for Balance: Upgrading the same piece of equipment with the same material reduces the stat bonus for each successive material, potentially all the way to zero. A minor example for the first dungeon, Forte starts at roughly level 12 Hardly surprising, given her profession and she starts with the second tier long sword. She's also the only person you can ask to go adventuring with you immediately.

Even the boss of the dungeon doesn't stand a chance against herand she won't even take scratch damage until halfway through the second dungeon, even farther if you fill in her missing equipment slots.

Gaining access to the forge and workbench as soon as possible can also make the first few dungeons of the game incredibly easy, although this is later prevented from becoming too powerful, as use of the forge is both expected and high level materials either become locked away or guarded by monsters too powerful for you to beat at that stage of the game.

They get it when they're hit on the back of the head a few minutes earlier. When you enter Leon Karnak for the first time, the interior consists of various different areas from earlier in the game patched together with various expanses of white void interspersed throughout.

Depending on what the main character calls them, they may find it slightly embarrassing or they may just think it's cute. The Sechs Empire from RF1 makes a comeback in this game. Then the credits will roll for real.

All male and female marriage candidates can be seen in swimsuits and pajamas. Surprisingly, there are actually certain situations where this can come in handy. If you take a companion with you when you go search for the Chipsqueak that stole Venti's Charm from you, they'll call your name in confusion as you move to catch it. If you look closelythe Chipsqueak is also transparent, showing that its not actually real and your companion sees you chasing after absolutely nothing.

The four boss monster candidates fall into this. While gameplay-wise the player has a Purely Aesthetic Genderthe story occasionally seems to favor females perhaps in an apology for shafting them in previous games of the series.

The prospective children far more resemble Frey than Lest or any of the marriage candidates, and every townsperson has a special conversation they will share with them upon reaching FP. Male candidates tend to veer into quasi-romantic territory, even when playing as Lestwhereas female candidates are more strictly platonic, even when playing as Lest and dating or married to them.

Getting Crap Past the Radar: The Turtle Shell item description. Good if you want to make something hard. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! If Frey marries Dylas, he'll be happy to hear he's moving in with her because "the [restaurant] walls are really thin. Attempting to sleep in Arthur's old bed after marrying him prompts him to tell Frey that, if they go home, he can let her do "all sorts of spoiled things.

In the Obsidian Manor there's a journal. The writing starts out normal enough, before becoming red colored. The journal notes that the reader may be wondering why the change in color, that they had run out of ink, but realized they had more ink in their hand. Not to mention the silver key described in the journal is red when the main character finds it.

The ESRB rating says nothing about blood. Lin Fa reflects on pasts mistakes and comments that if she hadn't made a particular mistake, Xiao Pai wouldn't be here now, and Arthur is in fact the illegitimate child of a mistress to the king.

The item summary for shells in the English version also has a dick joke, not to mention that while no one ever goes off on a foul mouthed tirade, there's no hesitance on the part of Doug or Dylas to use mild swear words, some of which are voiced.

Say maybe like, you know, something in the main character's bed. In Doug's reverse proposal event, at one point Frey catches Doug and Leon discussing something in private.

When she asks, Leon, by the request of Doug, lies to her and outright says that they were talking about Doug's sex life. After the De-Fluffing Festival, in which you constantly hit a giant Wooly with safety weapons to remove its fur, Xiao Pai is about to comment on how masochistic the Wooly was, but instead uses a Last-Second Word Swap to comment on its wooliness. Leon is prone to very suggestive comments.

If Frey is dating him, he can ask her: Doug enjoys throwing horse-themed insults at Dylas. During one of their arguments, he shouts, "Bring it, gelding! One late-game sidequest has you making the rare Turnip Heaven dish and giving it to Arthur. When you do, he promises to eat it slowly, savoring every bite Borders on a theme of the game; adoptive and surrogate families outnumber the biological ones, especially once the unlockable marriage candidates start moving in.

Lin Fa also has a husband who stops in on occasion, making a broken record of two already married couples in a single Rune Factory game. Most monsters in the mansion are ghost or reaper kinds, Apocalyptic Log written in bloodseveral ghostly shades appearances, and its guardian is the resident I See Dead People Elegant Gothic Lolita with a ghost stalking her since she was a child. The final boss of the second arc has the main character face off against Ethelberd in Ventuswill's body with Nigh-Invulnerability.

However, it is possible, albeit difficult, to defeat Ethelwill before then, which results in the two un-fusing and Ethelberd remarking in horror that the main character is "stronger than a Native Dragon?!

Dylas also applies, which is another reason the two butt heads a lot.

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Recruiting any of the boss monsters. They will quickly outstrip you in stats, and their attacks will consistently outdamage yours. In one conversation among the bachelorettes, Clorica will express disgust with Doug after hearing that he fell asleep while working.

While Lest and Frey are humans, they can court Margaret, an elf; Doug, a dwarf; or the former boss monsters: Amber, Dylas, Dolce, and Leon who were human before, but now possess monster-like traits, such as tails for Dylas and Leon. As with all Rune Factory games. Taken to the extreme with the ability to upgrade your weapons with various crafting items 10 times per weapon.

For example, upgrading a weapon with toxin gives it the chance to poison the target. Almost everything you find has a different upgrade effect, giving nearly endless possibilities to weapons customization. Kill It with Water: The watering can is still usable as a weapon.

Flowers Birthday Gift, 1st Year: Blue Crystal Seed Official Description: A kind and generous girl who raises flowers with love and care. Tin Waterpot Shara is the proprietress of the local Flower Shop, daughter of the Mayor and is the girl who discovers you initially and offers you a home in the Sharance Tree.

She will introduce you to the Request System and her first Request will allow you to introduce yourself to all the other villagers. Each day, you can obtain free Cologne from Shara if you visit her during business hours at her shop. This is the calendar. It has the dates of all the festivals in town in it. Check the calendar to see when festivals are held, so you don't accidentally miss any!

The calendar also displays the birthdays of people you know. But you won't know some one's birthday unless they tell you, so get to know every one! Speaking of which, my birthday is on Spring 11th.

And Raven's birthday is on Spring 29th. Be sure to give us lots of presents! Today's my sister's birthday! Did you get her a gift? Monica with cross hurt Hmm! I'll let you get near my sister today. Monica; But you'd better give her something she loves! Shara really likes Flowers! So give her some nice ones! Did you get something for me? Do you know where I got my name? It's something that plays a big role in your life here. Oh, do you give up?

Oh, Shara is from Sharance! My grandfather wanted me to be just as loved as the Sharance Tree. Wells must care about you very much. He's always looked out for me. Strange Scent Favourite Gifts: Heart Pendant Official Description: Likes to keep to herself, and doesn't interact much with other people.

Has a warm side to her. Stay away from me It's really relaxiing when you have Pink Cat and Charm Blue.

Rune Factory 4, Bachelorettes – Skybound Starling

It's really relaxing when you have Toyherb and Moondrop. I could've made a pendant out of a crystal or something I don't hate them. For Iron Ore on her Birthday Is this a birthday present? But on any other day for Iron: Is this for me? I could've made a pendant out of a crystal or something. Freyr, did you get a present for Raven? It's her birthday today, so why don't you get her a Sun Pendant?

Today is Raven's birthday. She really liked the pendant I got her. Raven may seem cold, but she's actually very kind.

Gems and Accessories Dislikes: Unbelievably lazy girl who works at the general store. She's usually napping on the job. None Karina is Hazel's indolent daughter and is, despite her protests to her mother, in charge of collecting your shipments at 5. She works at the General Store as well, alternating shifts with her mother. Karina for Ruby Ring displays big red heart What? I really love sparkly accessories like this! That lazy daughter of mine I told her she was too slow at bagging, so now she just makes all the customers bag their own supplies!

Freyr with nervous laughter Well, that's one solution! Medicinal herb for Karina: A gem or accessory would have been nicer. I know that sounds kind of shallow and materialistic. But I like the way they look.

Oh, but I don't like Diamonds very much. Magic Musk Most Favourite Gifts: Green Vegetables Most Detested Gifts: Outgoing girl who's training to become a doctor.

However, her treatments don't always go as planned She believes that science and magic can be combined to produce new treatments in medicine. Her experimental philosophy, however, can result in medications that have negative effects and many of her Requests require that you either serve as a 'guinea pig' or persuade another Character to do so.

It is only when you Invite Marian on a Date at 7 Hearts that you really begin to understand how noble her ambitions are. She wishes to find a 'Cure-All' medicine that will cure all maladies and wishes to become as capable as her grandmother of 'making people happy' with nothing more than her words. Of, is this for me? Well, I'll be sure to use this for my experiments.

I would have happyily accepted any green vegetables. It's perfume made from magic powder. People who like magic are sure to love it. Marian loves it, of course. Oh, that smells good It makes me want to stuff you in a bottle. Let's not do that. Marian for Spinach with music: I really like these! I love how green vegetables smell, although some people hate it.

I would've happily accepted any green vegetables. Some coloured grass can only grow in certain seasons! But we carry all of them in our store! I'll be waiting for you with my syringe! Rare Can, Super Fail Loves: Sherman's spoiled, haughty daughter. Takes after his habit of speaking in opposites. Steel Sword Item 2: Sofia is one of Sherman's two daughters and therefore a wealthy heiress. Her father is the equivalent of the 'Gourmet' of the Sainte-Coquille family in other Rune Factory games.

Sherman and his daughters have an odd habit of speaking in opposites. If, therefore, Sofia declares that she likes something, the item is to be avoided at all costs as a Gift. I really love powdery things So if you ever get any please bring it to me. In other words, she hates powders.

Isn't that kind of pointless? I'm not really sure. Some people like it, though. I just can't figure out why. Sofia for Scentless Cologne with hearts pouring out: What a terrible smell. Please step back a little. Well, I suppose I'll take it. But I am actually not interested in useless objects. My sources say that one can find a rare can somewhere in the world.

I actually like things that seem useless to every one else! For Rock or Withered Grass with music: Why, what a useful object! I hope you bring me more sometime. What's that in your hand? Are you going to put it for sale? It's for Sofia's birthday. I shall not collect any garbage today, young squire! After all, it's Sofia's birthday! I simply cannot rightly ask the task of any one else! What kind of offal should I give Sofia this year? What are you talking about?

I give her an offal-studded outfit every year! I don't even want to kknow what that looks like. Or smells like, for that matter. You know, it's Sofia's birthday today. I should give her something she'll say she loves. Since today is Sofia's birthday, I gave her withered grass.

Sofia's taste in gifts is a little strange. I like that about her. Today is my birthday. I hope you bring me more sometime! When I give Sofia Super Fail: Sofia with big red heart: What could be more useful?!

This is the absolute worst! I really hate these! I'd like to have some more sometime. Scentless Cologne Favourite Gifts: Yarn Ball, Fish Official Description: A misguided fashionista who'll use anything for an outfit Evelyn is one of Sherman's two daughters but unlike her father and sister Sofia, does not speak in opposites.

She designs and fashions clothing, specialising in bizarre materials and styles and sells it at a little counter on the ground floor of the Mansion. Evelyn's Story Evelyn's Story deals primarily with her ambitions to create outstanding lines of clothing using War Trophies and other unusual items. It is this that is at the heart of Evelyn's Requests for Materials.

I have enough trash material. I could have used Yarn Ball for my next outfit, though For Yarn Ball with big red heart: I can have this?! Thank you very much! To get such wonderful material I'd planned on giving away fish-embroidered outfits to repay every gift I got today! But for some reason, Sofia said that wasn't a good idea!

What should I do to thnk people, then? For Baked Rice Ball: What a wonderful birthday present. Although I can't use it as clothing material.

Oh, is this my birthday present? This is clothing materials! Did you want me to design a new outfit? Thank you very much. I'd like to show it to you when i'm done. Today is Evelyn's Birthday. What does she detest? Embroidering material for her clothes! Uh, don't you mean 'cooking ingredients'? I highly doubt I shall feel even a nibble when I go fishing today. Oh, and the fish are for me! They are most certainly NOT Evelyn's birthday present!

Today is my birthday! I planned on giving away fish-embroidered outfits to repay every gift I got today! But for some reason, Sofia said taht wasn't a good idea! What should I do to thank people, then? I heard that if you propose under the Sharance Tree, that love will blossom. Maybe I should try it. But I have nobody to propose to. And I don't particularly like any one. Delicious Delight Most Favourite Gift: Curry Rice Favourite Gifts: Works at the diner.

She'll out-eat any one in town Is this Toyherb for me? Next time can I have Rices? My birthday's Fall 21! Dad's gonna make me a ginormous feast! Is any one else invited to the party? But the food's all MINE! I hope Marian isn't thinking to do something crazy.

What's that black liquid you have? Oh, it's for Collette. I made this extra special since it's her birthday. You think I grew a little taller? Most prepared Fish Dishes Official Description: Ditzy girl with a bit of a fishy secret Pia's Story Pia's Story: Pia is a Mermaid who, rather appropriately runs the local bathhouse at the Inn.

Although she is not Shino's biological daughter, she is treated as a member of the family both by Shino and by her daughter Sakuya. Pia's Story is interwoven with Sakuya's Story and is centred on Stand-up Comedy as a method of drumming up more business for the Inn. If you are interested in Pia as a potential wife, you should complete the Requests of both Girls.

As her 'Mother', Shino is involved in Pia's Story as well and there are some Requests by Shino that should be completed if you wish to marry Pia. The other aspect of Pia's Story is centred on her efforts to improve her beloved Baths. The motif of a squid floating in the bath is one that is frequently mentioned. One of the first questions Pia will ask you is whether you like fish or not.

If you respond that they are tasty, she will be hurt but if you tell her they are 'cute', she will be well-pleased. You can find a Squid by investigating the Tub in her room at the Inn.

I can have this? But was it my birthday today? Well, it's not anything like that And of course, Squid! I thought I wanted Charm Blue for my bath today But it turns out I felt like Toyherb instead! Uh, what are you even talking about?

For Skipjack with black cloud Thank you for helping out with my effort to rescue the fish! Freyr with tear Y-You're welcome When I was cleaning the bath, I found a Squid floating in it! Looks like some one didn't finish eating it! Who would be eating in the bath? Today's Pia's birthday, so I'll make some Squid Sashimi. Maybe I'll go catch a squid for her. Or, as I like to call it: I don't think you can just make up holidays like that Sakuya and Shino got me fruit and squid because they know they're my favourite!

An inn attendant who loves to travel. Sells items she finds in dungeons. Not a fan of monsters. Sakuya is an intrepid traveler who sells her 'souvenirs' at the Inn. Fish Scent Sakuya has tons of Wooly Fur hidden in her wardrobe. If you give one to her: Is this for me?!

I really like these. Now to get a price tag on it By the way, I really like sashimi. And I love items that are hard to come by. They make for nice souvenirs to sell.

I'll think about it. What do you want? You're gonna get me something?! I feel a little guilty. Sakuya sighing Yeah, that's right. I can really have this? I'll be sure to have it with my birthday dinner! Loves fishing and her brother. Helps out at the family fishing resort.

Full of energy and easily excited. Intermediate Pole Item 2: Carmen with her brother Carlos runs a Fishing Resort where you can pay to fish in a pond stocked with rare and valuable varieties of fish.

She and her brother are extremely close. I wonder why this reminds me of Carlos. Fish Scent For Seafood Pizza displaying red heart, following by an outpouring of hearts: Wow, I'm so happy. It's like I was born for this! Ha ha, you're overreacting. But, I'm glad that you like it. There, I said it! So, keep that in mind next time!

You shouldn't give me Pumpkin. You can't do anything with them. Broiled, steamed or raw, fish is so delicious!

I'm actually good at cooking. When I get married, I'm going to cook for my husband. But I still haven't found a guy better than my brother.

It's a serious problem. Reference to Trampoli and Rune Factory Frontier: Hey, I just heard this. There's an island in the sky that's shaped like a whale! How cool is that?! That must be a big island. I told Carlos about it! He said that that's where the King Fish must live! Ah, I want to go there at least once.

My fishing master blood is stirring! An excitable and eccentric artist of many mediums. War Hammer Item 2: Daria is an Elven Artist whose primary magic is based on Rainbow Power. She lives in the Rainbow Studio in the clearing that is the location of the entrance to Privera Forest.

You can find Miso Eggplant in the chest of drawers next to her bed. What do rainbows even smell like? I have no idea, but that's how Daria described it. Is it dried sardines? I don't think so. For Dried Sardines displays a big red heart: Bring me any coloured grass you find. Oh, or jam would be good. It makes for great colour and a really interesting texture. Gets a little smelly though.

I'll use it in my art. Oh, is this Medicinal Grass for me? But I like curry more. Oh, is this Medicinal Herb for me? But I like jam more. It's Daria's birthday today. I gave her many colourful grasses she can paint with.

That's how it is! For Orange Grass on her Birthday: The thing I hate most is Shrimp. Just thinking about them makes you shudder? That's a pretty extreme reaction.

Those long antennae, all of those little legs I've never seen you this afraid of anything. I marked my birthday on your calendar. It's the 24th of Spring. Oh, thank Wait, you did what? Chocolate Cake, any Sweets Official Description: The diner's pastry chef. Not a fan of vegetables Rusk is a pastry chef who works for Blaise at his diner.

He detests all vegetables and loved sweets. So is there any food you actually LIKE? I like Cake and Ice Cream. And I really like pastries with chocolate. I make them all the time at work. Their stench is overpowering.


But you don't like any vegetables, right? I'm a pastry chef. Rusk for 'Girliness' Cologne: Oh, I smell something nice comiing from your direction.

I really like that. I'm gonna eat lots of sweets. Rusk on his birthday for Chocolate Cake displays big red heart This rocks! Is it a birthday present? Oh, a birthday present? Is this Cake for me? Today is Rusk's birthday. I'll make him a special Chocolate Cake. Today's Rusk's birthday, I think. Well, not that I'm planning on getting him any sweets.

Maybe I'll make him something sweet. Ores, Udon, Curry Udon Dislikes: Loves forging weapons and items. Gaius is the local blacksmith, with a passion for metalworking. He works with Raven at the Smithy, although he considers forging more of a hobby than a job.

I bought it because it sounded intriguing, but I don't see the appeal. Maybe strange people like it. Oh, something smells good. It's a very calming smell Wow, the forge is so hot I like to eat piping hot Udon in front of it. Is that why it's so hot? Gaius for Medicinal Herb: I would have been happier if it were ore I could forge.

This food looks good. I'm not a fan. Snapper Sashimi pops out. If you give him Snapper Sashimi: For Snapper Sashimi with black cloud This is sashimi, isn't it? I don't like raw fish. So I'll just throw it on the forge to cook it a bit before I eat it.

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If I'm eating in front of the furnace, then I'd rather have some hot Curry Udon. Today is Gaius' Birthay. Perhaps he'd like some iron you've found in Privera Forest? Oh, I didn't say that because I wanted you to do something for me. Getting something I like on my birthday! For Silver on his birthday: Fish Scent Most Favourite Gifts: Snapper, any Fish Most Detested Gifts: Recipe Bread Official Description: Extremely passionate about fishing and life in general.

Loves his sister and can be overprotective of her. Water Spear Item 2: Hey, scope out that moon! Why does it remind me of Carmen? Fish scent For Masu Trout: You know me too well. Sorry, I hate these. It gives me heartburn. I would've liked something with snapper. On his Birthday, 3 Summer: Maybe I'll bake him a fish-shaped cake.

I always make him his favourite snapper. You should say something if you see him. As a favour to his sister. It's so great to be alive! Men have enemies everywhere. I need to live long to be able to fight them off. You get it, bro'? Carlos is pretty funny. For Snapper on his Birthday: You knew it was my birthday You just made my day. Heh heh, I guess I've been doing something right to deserve this. Accessories Cheap BraceletPudding Detests: A very shy girl. She has a habit of biting strangers.

She loves her older sister and is very protective of her. She has an alarming tendency to bite strangers. She loves Sweets and you can find her secret stash of Pudding on the upper floor of the Fantastic Flowers Shop where she lives with her family. Go upstairs between 9. The Catch the Most Fish Contest is tomorrow Monica for Silver Pendant with big red heart: Shara says I shouldn't accept gifts, but this is special. It should be ok! Shara on Monica's Birthday; Today is Monica's birthday.

I plan on giving her a cute accessory. I told her I was baking her a cake, so I'm sure she'll be surprised! Wells on Monica's Birthday: Monica's growing up so fast Well, it's still more fun to celebrate her birthday than mine.

Frankly, I could do without the reminder that I've grown yet another year older. So Shara's gonna bake me a cake today!

For Strawberry Jam on her birthday 32 Thanks For Baked Rice Ball on her birrhday 80 Thanks I got a hat from Grandpa!

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon - Character Guide

Yeahm, although it has a weird shape, I'm still gonna take good care of it! Rice Ball, Dumplings Official Description: None Wells is one of the Characters you cannot Invite to accompany you into the Dungeons. Wells is Shara's father and the Mayor of Sharance. He is very hostile towards Monsters, although the precise reason for the emnity between Monsters and Humans is lost in the mists of the past.

Birthday Gift, 1st Year: Did you get some cologne from Shara? This isn't a bad gift, but to be honest, I'd rather have a rice ball. Wells for Rice Ball: Oh, this is my favourite! Wells with cross hurt: Shara suggested that I take up knitting to keep my mind active and sharp.

What does she think I am, some senile old man? My mind's as sharp as a wolf's tooth! Girliness Cologne Favourite Gifts: Cooked Dishes Official Description: An arrogant glutton who's amassed a vast fortune. None Sherman is one of the Characters you cannot Invite to accompany you into combat. Sherman and his daughter Sofia live in a Mansion.

He is a great gourmand whose primary focus always is food. He and his daughter share an odd mannerism, which is to speak in opposites. Sherman will give you a Rusty Axe when you accept his first Request and reward you with G. Sherman for 'Girliness' Cologne: Freyr, you don't smell good!

I'm not happy at all! I am simply stuffed! Indeed, I've even resort to eating Scrap Metal at this point I shouldn't even think it. That would be a mere pipe dream! Sherman I'm having a very merry unbirthday today! It simply wouldn't do to celebrate with an extravagant batch of gifts!

For Baked Rice Ball Oh! To get something like this for my birthday! No thank you very much. The serious, hardworking owner of the general store.

She worries about her daughter Karina's laziness. Hazel is the proprietress of the General Store. She has a very lazy daughter named Karina who is in charge of collecting the shipments each day from your Farm. Oh, a Bamboo Shoot? Thanks, I like these. I-It's not like Im expecting to get anything from Karina! Oh, I haven't said anything yet I really like this! This Medicinal Herb is for me?

So this is my birthday present? Maybe I could get a cake next time. You know, I'm not very good at baking, so I don't get to enjoy fresh-baked goods very often. What do you think Mom would like for her birthday? Food Drink Memories If I choose: I'll leave it to you then. Today is Hazel's birthday. I plan on making her a special birthday meal. It's Hazel's birthday today. I thnk she'll like the cake I made. Today is Hazel's Birthday. When I asked her what she wanted, she told me sh'd like some cake Is that supposed to be a hint?

This Medicinal Herb if for me? A three-star chef who's laid-back Thief Knife Item 2: How fashionable of you. People who like cooking or eating will like this one.