Sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship quiz

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sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship quiz

Sailor Moon: 25 Things About Tuxedo Mask That Bloom Our Roses romantic and dangerous, considering his relationship with Sailor Moon. The Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask relationship has been a constant in all the versions of the story (manga, anime series, movies, musical theater. Take our quiz and see how you rank with Sailor Moon trivia! Tuxedo Mask Although they had their ups and downs in their relationship, Sailor Moon and this masked man always seemed to keep coming back for more time.

This is actually a specific type of cape called a theatre cape. Togashi has given credit to his wife multiple times.

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Togashi even paid tribute to his wife at the end of one of his mangas. As we know, in his past life he was the prince of the Earth, in love with the princess of the Moon. However, we know that the Sailor Scouts are all women. Imagine Tuxedo Mask with a traditional sailor suit! He too would have the same planetary powers the other has, but according to the manga, only women have access to them whereas men do not. Along with the various Tuxedo Mask-themed items he has just laying around, he also has his watch-like communicator pimped out to fit his theme.

It's even got a tiny mask, and everything! This gem not only identifies him as one of the scouts, but also as Tuxedo Mask himself. Much like the others, he uses it for the same tasks. The Golden Crystal has just as much power as the Silver Crystal. He has a Golden Crystal that counters hers in power and significance. This is speculated to be a reason why they were forbidden to be together in the first place.

Originally, he was a priest on Earth and a close friend to prince Endymion, a. Tuxedo Mask, in his past life. He was charged with guarding the Golden Crystal, but through a series of events involving Queen Nehellenia, he was cursed to the form of a Pegasus. It makes sense for Helios to protect him! Helios is the name of the Sun God, who also has heavy involvement in protecting the Earth. Sailor Moon has heavy involvement from a lot of different folk tales and mythology, including Greek tales, which is where the name Endymion originated.

It became extremely popular, and attractive, for women to be wearing these tuxedo suits that were made specifically for them.

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Le Smoking is totally a trend we should be bringing back in ! Well, the Sailor Moon manga takes many strides to actually flesh out Tuxedo Mask— and Darien, by proxy— as characters. The manga version of the character imbues the masked fighter with psychic powers, including psychometry and even healing. These psychic talents continue to grow and evolve through the Sailor Moon manga and even eventually receive their own storyline once the series enters its Black Moon story arc. Not only that, but he can also monitor the status of the Earth, an ability which is a whole lot cooler than tossing roses.

If he wanted, he could basically know how many roses are growing on the Earth at any given time. The friendly, chivalrous personality of Tuxedo Mask and Darien is very appealing, with Takeuchi originally intending for the handsome character to be involved with more mysteries within the series.

sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship quiz

In spite of Takeuchi designing the costume herself, she often forgets aspect of the outfit and unintentionally leaves out pieces of it. It becomes somewhat of a running joke throughout Sailor Moon over just how many times Tuxedo Mask needs rescuing.

sailor moon and tuxedo mask relationship quiz

However, the manga decides to go in a rather creative direction with all of this. There, Darien is unaware of his dual-identity of Tuxedo Mask and the transformations into his alter ego happen involuntarily.