Sailor neptune and uranus relationship quiz

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sailor neptune and uranus relationship quiz

Quiz is a Daimon that appeared in the video game Sailor Moon S: Quiz Taiketsu! Sailor Power Ketsushuu for Playdia and Sailor Moon S - Kotaete Moon Call for Telebikko. Quiz is a light pink skinned Daimon with short blue hair covering her left eye. This is a quiz based on our favourite anime, Sailor Moon! The questions are In the English series, Amara (Haruka/Sailor Uranus) has a love for running. In the Japanese What is their relationship in the English series? Lovers. Cousins. Sailor Moon is an international phenomenon spanning a manga series, two Jupiter, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn, or Sailor Mini Moon? seeing a real, live ghost, a trip to the dentist, or a surprise pop quiz at school? . What kind of person do you seek out for a relationship?.

In the original version of the show, the two are male lovers, though in the manga they are depicted more as brothers. When it came to dubbing the English version of the show, it was tough to pull the "cousin" card for Kunzite and Zoisite as they were very outwardly affectionate with each other. Get a female voice actor for Zoisite and pretend he's a woman in a straight relationship with Kunzite.

In Sailor Moon Crystal, they appear to be truer to the original anime characters. The character Fisheye is presented in the anime as another gay character, particularly as an effeminate gay man who enjoys dressing in drag.

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Sailor Neptune's voice is no different-- and the voice actress behind Michiru actually lent her chops to quite a handful of other anime characters in English dubs as well.

She is also known for being behind a slew of additional voices for anime and video games including Super Smash Bros. Unfortunately, this plot never happened. While a Sailor Moon Super S film did get released inthe original story that was pitched-- Uranus and Neptune betray Sailor Moon and awaken an ancient god at The End of the World-- was scrapped in favor of a totally different plot.

Instead, the movie was about Sailor Mercury's love life and Queen Badiane's evil plans involving gingerbread and fairies.

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However, Michiru was an exception-- she was able to awake as a Sailor Scout on her own through dreaming. The "Soldier of Deep Waters" is extremely unique in this respect. Sailor Neptune, like Rei Sailor Marshas incredible psychic ability. It's likely that her abilities helped her realize her true identity and awaken. Some fans believe that all of the Sailor Scouts have the ability to awaken on their own regardless of Artemis' interference, but can only truly do so in times of crisis.

Others believe that the revelation of the Lip Rod was responsible for Michiru's awakening. It's hard to ignore how significant her achievement is-- Takeuchi created one of the first lesbian couples in mainstream Japanese media.

Do you look forward to getting out of the classroom during P. Or do you like history class the most?

Question 7 Which of these animals is the best? Bunny Cat Panda Every single animal is adorable - this is a fact.

But which is the most adorable in the entire animal kingdom? Cute, fluffy little bunny rabbits with their twitchy noses? Soft, warm kittens that will snuggle up with you?

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Or are giant, round Panda Bears the real winners here? Question 8 Which of these freaks you out the most? Cockroaches The dentist A pop quiz Which of these scenarios would make your skin crawl, get your heart racing, or maybe even make you scream out loud?

What sounds the most terrifying to you: Question 9 Which of these adjectives fits you best? Smart Beautiful Charming What character qualities do you value the most? In other words, if you were well-known for one particular trait, what would you prefer it to be?

sailor neptune and uranus relationship quiz

Would you prefer having a reputation for being smart or for being a star athlete? Would you rather be described as beautiful or charming?

sailor neptune and uranus relationship quiz

Are you a fan of Poseidon, the King of the Seas? Do you prefer Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love? Would you worship Hades, the fearsome Lord of the Underworld?

Or is your favorite the huntress Artemis? Question 11 Choose your favorite color combo Pink and white Purple and blue Gold and white Which of the following colors combinations do you find the most aesthetically pleasing? Do you like a soft, delicate mix of pink and white?