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Helen Richardson Khan popularly known as only Helen (Hindi pronunciation: [ heːleːn]), is a In , Helen married Salim Khan, a prominent Bollywood screenplay writer. Khan . "I have no problems with the item no". . Nevertheless, it did not hinder the progress of Khan and Helen's relationship and by the late s, Salim was ready to take it to a new level. Salim Khan (born 24 November ) is an Indian film actor, producer and screenwriter. . Though they split in , due to ego issues, some of the scripts they wrote were His first marriage was to Sushila Charak, a Hindu, on 18 November In , Khan married actress Helen Richardson, a Christian lady whose.

The family then trekked to Mumbai in in order to escape from the Japanese occupation of Burma. Helen told Filmfare during an interview in Occasionally, we met British soldiers who provided us with transport, found us refuge and treated our blistered feet and bruised bodies and fed us.

By the time we reached Dibrugarh in Assamour group had been reduced to half. Some had fallen ill and been left behind, some had died of starvation and disease. My mother miscarried along the way. The survivors were admitted to the Dibrugarh hospital for treatment. Mother and I had been virtually reduced to skeletons and my brother's condition was critical.

We spent two months in hospital.

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When we recovered, we moved to Calcutta, and sadly my brother died there due to smallpox". Career Helen was introduced to Bollywood when a family friend, an actress known as Cukoohelped her find jobs as a chorus dancer in the films Shabistan and Awara She was soon working regularly and was featured as a solo dancer in films such as Alif Laila and Hoor-e-Arab After that, offers started pouring in throughout the s and s.

During her initial career, Geeta Dutt sang many songs for her. Salim Khan was the youngest child of his parents, both of whom died by the time he was 14 years old. Salim's mother died when he was only nine years old. She had suffered from tuberculosis for four years before her death, and therefore it was forbidden for the younger children come close to her or hug her; Salim therefore had little contact with his mother even before her early death.

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His father also died in Januarywhen he was only fourteen years old. Two months later, in MarchSalim who attended St. Raphaels' School in Indore appeared for his matriculation examination. His elder brothers supported him with funds drawn from the family's substantial wealth, to the extent that he was given a car of his own while he was a college student. He excelled in sports, especially cricket, and it was for being a star cricketer that he was allowed by the college to enroll for a master's degree at the end of his bachelors.

He was also a trained pilot.

'We were more successful than most leading pairs'

Here, he was spotted by film director K. Amarnathwho was impressed by his good looks and offered him a supporting role in his forthcoming film Baraat. He would be paid Rs.

Salim accepted and moved to Mumbai, living in a small rented apartment in Mahim. While Baraat was duly made and released init did not do too well, and in any case, his role was a minor one. Working under the name Prince Salim, [16] he got into the usual 'struggle' situation of wannabe actors, working in minor roles, being typecast as a good-looking supporting actor, and gradually descending into B-grade films.

His most substantial role, for which he did receive some notice, was in Teesri Manzil, where his role as the hero's friend was a meaty one, and his entry scene got a very good build-up. Screenwriting transition — [ edit ] After working in 25 films, he eventually understood that he "was not cut out to be an actor because I lacked the art of projection.

'We were more successful than most leading pairs'

But by then it was too late — how could I have gone back to Indore? One of his more notable film scripts was Do Bhai He also began working with Abrar Alvi as a writing assistant. Salim-Javed Salim met Javed Akhthar for first time during the making of the film Sarhadi Lootera, which was to be Salim's last acting appearance.

Javed, who served as a clapper boy when shooting began, was later made the dialogue writer for the film by director S. Their friendship began while both were working in this film, and developed further because their bosses were neighbours to each other.

The duo hit it off well and formed a script-writing team that came to be known as Salim-Javed. Salim used to form stories and plots, whereas Javed used to develop the dialogues and occasionally the song-lyrics for those films.