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He is known as Sanosuke Sagara in the English adaptation of the anime and is relationships with other main characters, notably with doctor Takani Megumi. but he never pays attention to her advice, and has to ask her to treat him again. The following is a list of episodes 63–95 of the anime series Rurouni Kenshin, based on the . Sanosuke gets Kenshin and Yahiko to work out a way to get the ring without hurting .. Kenshin talks to Aoshi regarding his relationship with Misao. Reisui claiming to be a water feng shui master appears to provide advice to the. After getting advice (and money) from Kenshin, Sano went to the clinic Privately Megumi thought they reminded her of Sano and Yahiko. see each other once a year because of the king's prohibition on their relationship.

Kenshin later allows him to keep the name of the legendary manslayer, and the group sets sail to go back home. However, Kenshin realizes he has lost Kaoru's travelling money. Unable to pay the check, the group offers to work off the money.

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Later that night, Kaoru and Misao go into the hot springs, but they spot an artist and mistake him for a voyeur. They realize he is an artist seeking inspiration, and the artist begs Kaoru to be his model for his next painting due to her beauty.

Unaware that she is already in love with Kenshin, the artist falls in love with Kaoru. Misao and Sanosuke tell the artist that if he can hit Kenshin, Sanosuke will try to bring the artist and Kaoru together. No matter how hard the artist tries he cannot hit Kenshin.

After seeing that Kaoru's love for Kenshin is the source of the beauty, the artist gets his inspiration and draws a portrait of Kaoru. As Kaoru shows the others the drawing, they run away in laughter due to the drawing's abstract nature. As he leaves with his teacher named Kaishu Katsu, the two are soon ambushed by unknown assassins.

The group manages to protect them, until another student named Tetsuma appears and frightens them away. Kaishu exiles Daigoro from the Katsu dojo due to poor swordsmanship, in which Kaoru vows to teach him the skills and techniques of the sword. Kaishu's daughter, named Itsuko, as well as Tetsuma, goes to the Kamita dojo, trying to bring Daigoro back.

Daigoro refuses to leave, and Itsuko later decides to reside at the dojo. Kenshin leaves to tell Kaishu that his daughter is staying at the Kamiya dojo. He comes back to the Kamiya dojo to tell the others that Daigoro and Itsuko can continue to stay, although it is hinted that Kaishu misses both of them. It is revealed that Kaishu was accused of giving financial aid to an army for a war during the Edo period.

Itsuko goes out to buy some ingredients for the dinner recipe, yet Kaoru causes the dinner to inflame. The Beni Aoi follows Itsuko and kidnaps her. Kenshin later finds Itsuko's hairpin on the ground outside, and Kaishu receives a letter stating the abduction. Kaishu is informed to arrive at a temple late at night, and his daughter will not be harmed if he chooses to cooperate. Kenshin was told not to come, but he involves everyone else including Daigoro.

They arrived at the temple before Kaishu. Daigoro sees Itsuko as he sees her attempting to escape but trips to the ground. Daigoro charged forward and was stabbed. The leader is defeated and shortly the police arrives and arrests the Beni Aoi.

Kaishu catches Tetsuma red-handed for searching for a map to the hidden money. Tetsuma tries to reason with Kaishu, only to resort to violence.

Kenshin intervenes and fights Tetsuma, sword to sword. However, a desperate Tetsuma then uses a gun. Daigoro manages to convince him to cease of his wrongdoings, in which Tetsuma turns himself in for repentance. Meanwhile, the Black Knights are after Professor Hans and want something from him. The group goes to the Akabeko to celebrate Yutaro's return. Kenshin stays behind after everyone else leaves. The Black Knights attack Professor Hans, taking a map from his possession.

They retreat soon after Kenshin steps in to fight. While he was brought back to be treated, Professor Hans tells Yutaro that he has left his notebook and a rock under the porch of the dojo as a clue of the whereabouts of a divine elixir.

It is also said that the Black Knights desire the divine elixir in order to acquire world domination. The Sanada Ninjas has issued a bargain to join forces with the Black Knights, to have ownership over Japan. The protagonists head to Suwa Shrine at Lake Suwathe location of the divine elixir. They approach a priest to gives them information regarding the history of the shrine.

The Black Knights tell the Sanada Ninja that they will make their move once the protagonists find the divine elixir. A hunter passes by and brought Yahiko into his dwelling to treat him with herbal tea. The hunter tells the group that the divine elixir may be found at a lake deep into the mountains. After the lake parts, the group finally figures out that the divine elixir is hidden inside a dark cave on the other side of a crossing.

They encounter many obstacles within the cave. Yutaro uses the rock to place on an altar, igniting the cave. However, Misanagi, the leader of the Sanada Ninjas, appears and tells the group that the pathway will lead to the bottom of the abyss, in which the floor collapses as they descend toward the base of the cave. Meanwhile, the group is surround by sulfur and phosphorus at the bottom of the abyss.

Sanosuke must punch through the wall to force a current of water to flow through, allowing the group to escape. Outside the cave, they find Kaita, one of the Sanada Ninjas, who is severe injured. Yutaro is able to treat his wounds. Kaita later helps by showing them a tunnel that will lead them back to the pathway inside the cave. The group is soon interfered by Zan and Ren, two of the elite members of the Sanada Ninjas.

Sanosuke and Kaoru team up to defeat Zan. Baku distorts Kenshin's senses, making Kenshin vulnerable to Ren's attacks. By attacking the bats, Kenshin manages to defeat both Ren and Baku. Misanagi and the Black Knights find the divine elixir among the vast garden hidden deep inside the cave. Melders reveals that he intended to betray Misanagi from the start, permitting Lentz to attack her.

However, Schneider defends Misanagi, only to get badly injured by Melders. Melder continues to attack but creates a spark and ignites a flame with the oil on the ground, causing the garden to quickly char.

Lentz attempts to get a sample of the divine elixir, only to be interceded by Yahiko and Yutaro. Melders ultimately is lost within the flames, and both Lentz and Schneider survives the demolition. Yutaro is able to retrieve a sample of the divine elixir. Misanagi remains the leader of the Sanada Ninjas, even after making the mistake of temporarily joining forces with the Black Knights.

Professor Hans recovers thanks to the divine elixir. He receives a report saying that Lentz and Schneider turned themselves in, in which they will be investigated for further information. Aoshi Shinomori arrives to escort her back to Kyoto, but she ends up changing her mind. Kaoru and Misao, along with Megumi Takanigo out to shop. Sanosuke and Yahiko become suspicious, believing that the three are going to a restaurant without them, urging them to tag along. Meanwhile at the dojo, Kenshin and Aoshi spend time with each other.

The girls later encounter a pickpocket who steals Tae and Tsubame's money. Misao easily defeats him and returns back the money. Kenshin talks to Aoshi regarding his relationship with Misao. The pickpocket comes back with the rest of his gang, but the girls facilely overpower them.

Sanosuke and Yahiko are mistaken as criminals responsible for beating up the gang members. Kenshin and Aoishi meet the girls near the riverbank, in which Sanosuke and Yahiko finally catch up to the others. After years, this magic begins to reactivate and cause disasters in the Tokyo prefecture. After each of these incidents, a man named Reisui claiming to be a water feng shui master appears to provide advice to the victims.

However, as soon as the man leaves a mysterious entrepreneur named Saeke turns up to offer his services, such as warding stones inscribed with the power of feng shui. When the Akabeko catches fire from one of its stoves, Tae and Tsubame are to lodge at the Kamiya dojo.

Saeke takes a visit there, only to be pardoned by Tae. The group is soon attacked by feng shui fledglings, in which the wind feng shui master named Jinpu arrives to save them. A map is shown that while the wind clan had set up an Eigou formation that would protect the town, the water clan will set up one that would destroy it. The water clan will construct railroad tracks to the five locations of the warding stones disguised as their Eigou formation.

Reisui later attacks the dojo, but later retreats after Jinpu retaliates. Kenshin and Jinpu head to Musashino to collect the water, Sanosuke along with Tsunan Tsukioka are to seek and destroy the relics of the shisaand Yahiko needs to stay behind to protect Kaoru.

She pushed him off and he tilted back over to the man's shoulder. Things kept up like this for the rest of the play. When the lights came back up, Megumi elbowed Sano in the ribs to wake him up. That was fast," said Sano. Oh well, she'd enjoyed herself at any rate. Sano grabbed Megumi by the arm and pulled her toward a restaurant not far from the theater. Once they were seated, Megumi ordered sushi and sake and Sano ordered tempura and sake.

Sagara Sanosuke

He cleaned his plate neither once nor twice but thrice. Megumi ate in a ladylike way while Sano did little more than hold the plate to his mouth and shovel it all in with his chopsticks, taking a gulp of sake now and then to wash it all down. When he got to his bowl of rice, nature called. Megumi removed the chopsticks from the bowl to avoid rude stares, some of which had already been flung their way. When Sano came back, he chowed down at that bowl of rice followed by two others.

Sanosuke would make a fascinating experimentation subject! When they were done and the check was delivered, Sano counted out the money Kenshin had lent him but came up a few yen short. He grinned sheepishly at Megumi, who sighed, pulled out her purse and covered the difference.

As they walked home, they gazed up at the clear night sky. It was so dark and the stars so bright, they seemed to go on forever. Sano and Megumi were reminded of the legend of the two lovers who could only see each other once a year because of the king's prohibition on their relationship.

Sano was glad he could have a second chance with Megumi. Sano's behavior had been quite embarassing and juvenile. Yet despite that, there was something so charming and winsome about him, she couldn't help but smile when she thought of his antics. He was like an overgrown child who would never mature; burdensome at times, but fun and lighthearted at others. I had shitloads of fun. Maybe tomorrow I could take you on a picnic or something?

I promised Oguni-sensei I'd help him in the clinic. I won't be done till quite late," said Megumi regretfully. The two started to pull away, but then stopped dead. It was so quick, one could almost say it didn't happen. They very quickly kissed each other on the lips, then pulled apart, each retreating in the opposite direction.

When Sano returned to the Dojo, he found Kenshin sitting in the dining area drinking a cup of tea and reading a book. Had the redhead been waiting up on him? I love spendin' time with Megumi.