Shug and celie relationship essay

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shug and celie relationship essay

This paper looks at how the female character Shug Avery influences Celie's life. Although the relationship between Shug and Celie can be interpreted as. Walker in writing this novel uses an epistolary style, which is a novel that is written as a series of documents which is usually in the for. Essay Preview. More ↓. Shug and Celie in The Color Purple The relationship between Shug and Celie cuts very deep. Both of them help each other become.

It offers the sexually and racially oppressed woman an alternative to basing her identity solely on her familial relationships and provides the support she needs to take action against abuse and discrimination.

Cecile is the big sister to Nettie; she is more of the protector. When their father was trying to get to Nettie, Celie was always there for her sister to protect her from harm and that nasty man of a ather.

Walker's presentation of Celie and Shug's growing relationship.

Because Nettie was the more attractive one Celie knew that many older men wanted to marry her or have her so she was always there for her sister. While Nettie was the one who helped Cecile read and write.

shug and celie relationship essay

Nettie was the one that went to school and learned while Celie was at home taking care of the house and the children because their mother past away. Both were more like children then adults when together because they were running around, playing, acting like children that they are. Even when Mister separated Cecile and Nettie they still had that sisterly bond when separated. Cecile knew that Nettie would never let her down; she was the main reason for keeping Cecile sane, and alive.

The Color Purple By Alice Walker: Relationship between Celie and Shug

From Essortment, their definition of a sisterly relationship would always have a feeling that Nettie wrote letters. She thinks she looks really glamourous and immediately begins to take a liking to her. Shug is really a warm and caring individual. This becomes clear when she falls sick and Celie takes attention of her. Shug clearly enjoys the attention and attending she is acquiring and returns the same attention to Celie, demoing her compassionate nature.

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It is Shug Avery who forces Albert to halt brutalizing Celie, and it is Shug with whom Celie foremost consummates a satisfying and in return loving relationship.

She say, Albert, you been maltreating person I love. Celie begins to turn stronger and happen who she genuinely is, how to love and what it means. Shug inspires Celie to make her ain concern, assisting her to happen a new transition in her life for her passion and creativeness, giving her more personal and fiscal freedom.

shug and celie relationship essay

Shug helps to give Celie a sense of individuality doing her feel sexually, physically and emotionally at easiness. This besides symbolises maternity because Shug is the ground Celie additions a sense of importance in the novel. Shug subsequently leaves Celie for a 19 twelvemonth old adult male called Germaine, her concluding crack.

shug and celie relationship essay

Albert realises for the first clip that Celie is good company and Celie every bit enjoys her friendly relationship with Albert. Her behavior defied the social conventions. So she was oppressed by society.

Even the preacher got his mouth on Shug Avery, now she down. He take her condition for his text. Everybody know who he mean.

shug and celie relationship essay

He talk about a strumpet in short skirtssmoking cigarettes, drinking gin. Singing for money and taking other women mens. Talk about sluts, hussy, heifer, and streetcleaner p.

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However ,Celie always idealized Shug as the woman she would like to be because Shug is free and admired by all men, she is always traveling and she has not the life of a slave as she does. On the one hand, Shug helps Celie to free herself from Mr. In public opinion, Shug was said to be prostitute, but when she was with Celie, she could be herself ,a gentle and lovely person.

For Celie, the sexual relationship was something that had nothing to do with love or passion, especially, because Albert did not love her. Before Shug, the sexual experiences Celie had were painful and bad. She had repeatedly been raped by her step-father and with Mr. He never know the difference.

Never ast me how I feel, nothing.

Walker & Celie and Shug’s growing relationship Essay

Just do his business, get off, go to sleep[…]. Do his business, she say. You make it sound like he going to the toilet on you. That what it feel like, I say. After her experience with Shug she realizes that sexual contact is a good thing and learns that touching herself is not a bad thing. Although the relationship between Shug and Celie can be interpreted as lesbianism, the way Celie describes is not erotic at all: They were at the same time the child and the mother. Their relationship is expression of the lack of affection that both felt and that prevented them of growing as human being.