Shug and celie relationship

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shug and celie relationship

These are of import because they create the individual Celie becomes before Shug helps her to germinate. It is set in the early 20th century. After reading Celie and Shug's first interaction, readers find it hard to believe the outcome of their relationship! When they first meet, the first thing that comes out. The relationship between Shug and Celie in Alice Walker's The Color Purple is arguably the strongest in the novel. Based on Walker's theory of "womanism".

Anyhow, I 5 say, the God I been praying and writing to is a man. And act just like all the other mens I know.

shug and celie relationship

Trifling, forgetful and lowdown. She say, Miss Celie, You better hush. God might hear you.

shug and celie relationship

Let im hear me, I say. If he ever listened to poor colored women the world would be a different place, I can tell you.

shug and celie relationship

Then, in the end, Celie directed her letters to all the living creatures and find peace to her soul in God. Then she reacts to Albert for the first time during a quarrel at a dinner, when she decides to leave him and live with Shug.

He look over at me. I thought you was finally happy, he say. And your dead body just the welcome mat I need.

All round the table folkses mouths be dropping open. You took my sister Nettie away from me, I say, And she was the only person love me in the world. Oh, hold on hell, I say. You made my life a hell on earth.

shug and celie relationship

I jab my case knife in his hand p. Once Shug was the only person Celie loved besides Nettie, she became affectively dependent on her. However, Shug had to leave Celie and then she had to learn to take care of herself and become independent. Celie is now conscious that she has to take control of her life: I love you, I say. When Shug returns after a certain time, Celie has a business, making pants. It means that she conquered respect, freedom and now she took control of her own life.

Now she is a mature person and free. Celie, in fact, is probably Shug's only authentic friend. Shug, by nature, is manipulative and superficially popular — a free spirit.

shug and celie relationship

When Shug is ill, none of the people who seem to enjoy her singing come to see her; they enjoy her music more than they like her. Even her lover, Albert, Celie's husband, doesn't take care of her; he gives her to Celie to care for. Shug, like Celie, never had much affection in her life, especially when she was growing up in Memphis, and although Shug and Albert have three children, Shug is not a "mother.

One of the qualities that makes Shug such a "natural" in this novel is the fact that Walker did not, by accident, decide to make Shug a blues singer. Clearly, Shug's being a blues singer is central to her character. The blues are the simplest form of jazz — like "Shug" is the simplest form of "sugar.

In turn, Shug brings a sense of life to her audiences with her singing, and, of course, she brings Celie to life. Shug is full of life on stage, and she seems to live a sweet life, for the most part, because she enjoys shaking and crooning.

The Color Purple By Alice Walker: Relationship between Celie and Shug

However, Shug's "blues" dimension is defined by her selfishness — which leads to lonely isolation. And Walker has been accused of reenforcing racial stereotypes in her word picture of male black characters as opprobrious and violent. Celie has suffered psychological harm through verbal maltreatment, physical maltreatment and sexual force all her life. This caused Celie to see herself as worthless, powerless and internalise the animus, believing her life was normal and the fright she felt for work forces was natural and portion of life.

The Color Purple

Early on in the book Celie is sexually abused by her male parent and bears two kids to him, which he takes off from Celie. This is where we learn why Celie writes her letters to God. She besides does non subscribe her letters which indicates her deficiency in demoing her individuality.

She is made to experience unattractive and stupid by her Pa. Celie hence decides the lone manner she can last is if she makes herself about unseeable.

It is clear that Celie does non bask her life and she waits merely for Heaven. They defend themselves against work forces and do non let work forces to take their life style for them.

Sewing besides symbolises the power adult females get from imparting their originative energy. When Sofia and Celie argue about the advice which Celie had given to Harpo, Sofia suggests they make a comforter as a manner of cease-fire.