Sita and rama relationship memes

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THE SUPREME LOVE OF RAMA AND SITA. The love of Rama and Sita is love; it is not marriage. If you have not read Valmiki's Ramayana -- the story of Rama. Takeaway: Rama and Sita teach us about love in ways more than just Anyone in a romantic relationship can learn from the "Ramayana's". If one has to view the relationship of Ram and Sita, it has to be viewed in the substantive context of how they lived, loved, cared and respected.

Aimee Hughes February 14, Source: Rama and Sita teach us about love in ways more than just romantic. The Hindu and yogic tradition are full of stories and myths of gods and goddesse s fulfilling great acts of love and warriorship. Prince Rama To begin, Rama is the masculine incarnate of divinity.

He was the prince of a kingdom known as Kosala. Kosala was said to be the greatest kingdom on Earth. Sita was a princess, destined for Rama. Theirs is a supreme love, a love-at-first-sight kind of story. Rama has happened upon the town where Sita lives. The charming epitome of the "perfect man," he has all the divinely noble qualities that view Spirit as the Ultimate Reality.

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In fact, ra denotes a positive vibration, while ma signifies a negative one. Therefore, Rama is also a mantra that represents true balance and harmony. This coming together of opposites in Rama also represents the perfectly balanced man that he is.

Now, to get back to the story, it says that as soon as Rama rests his eyes upon the lovely Sita, he spontaneously falls deeply and madly in love with her. There is no one prettier than us! If you do not believe me, look at her here. She had a slender waist, round breasts, lustrous, black hair, almond-shaped eyes, and soft, full, red lips.

When she walked, it seemed like she was floating. Her presence brought the sun out and brought all the gods, including myself, to watch her. She is Goddess Laksmi!

Sita Abandonment: No matter which way one looks, Ram was NEVER a bad husband

No more interruptions now. One day, Rama was with his dear brother Lakshmana and his guru Viswamitra, when they all wandered into Mithila, the kingdom of King Janaka. Rama easily took the bow and did not only bend it, but snapped it into many pieces! Rama wed Sita, which, in fact, was love at first sight. Trust me, I had nothing to do with it!

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They knew they would be together forever. After some shocking twists and turns, Rama and Sita ended up living in the jungles of Southern India. One day, Ravana, the horrendous Demon King of Lanka, came to their cottage, and kidnapped Sita while Rama went to fetch a golden deer. Ravana took Sita to Lanka and demanded that she give into his desires. Sita firmly stood her ground and said she would always remain faithful to Rama. All the demons in Lanka would taunt and scare Sita, and Ravana could not bear the thought that he would never get what he wanted from her.

Immediately Rama and his brother slay the aggressor, freeing Sita. In the second episode, we see Sita again abducted this time by Ravana. In this famous scene, we learn much more about her. Ravana has decided to abduct her for revenge. He has devised a plan: Marica is to take the shape of a golden deer and prance about in front of the ashram. Sita upon seeing the deer will want it and send Rama after it.

Prince Rama

This happens, leaving Sita alone, and Ravana abducts her. Laksmana realizes that the deer is, in fact, Maricaand Rama decides to kill the animal and take its skin. She accuses Laksmana of being a spy for Bharata or having designs on her. You are a very wicked person, and alone followed Ramaall alone, to the forest, concealing your real motives for the sake of getting me or spying for Bharata. Without doubt, right in front of you SaurnitriI will kill myself: Sita once again, to gain her ends, she swears that without Rama she cannot live, and that if Laksmana does not go and save Rama she will kill herself.

Sita, alone and worried about Rama, is approached by Ravana in disguise. Thinking him a brahman and fearing a curse, Sita initially treats him respectfully.

Ravana reveals himself and propositions her.

sita and rama relationship memes

Repulsed at the thought. Sita castigates his impudence. Sita acknowledges Ravana only because she knows that social proprieties require respectful treatment of a brahman. She is also afraid that he will curse her. As the year passes, and the taunts and threats become more intense, Sita gives way to despair.

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She wonders why Rama, the husband to whom she is so devoted, has deserted her and not come to her rescue, and how she has survived without her beloved lord. She blames herself for her condition. After many adventures the story culminates in the battle between Rama and Ravana. Rama summons his princess [Sita], but instead of being overjoyed at seeing her once again, is overcome by shame.

The reason I won you back was to restore my fame. Leave here as you wish! This is what I have decided: Choose Sugrivathe lord of the monkeysor the raksasa king Vibhisana. Make up your own mind as you like. The gods then descend from heaven to testify to her purity and faithfulness.

sita and rama relationship memes

Reunited once again, they return to Ayodhya where Rama takes up his rightful position as king. Sita is an apparently innocent victim of fate. Faithful to her lord, she has little choice but to follow him into exile. Deprived of the privileges of royalty, Sita lives in the forest, suffering the hardships of an ascetic life. As a result of a plot to take revenge upon her lord, she becomes the victim of a brutal and humiliating abductionwhich brings shame and dishonor to her and her family.