Siwon and liu wen relationship advice

siwon and liu wen relationship advice

Super Junior's Siwon and model Liu Wen are really making us wonder if Siwon Super Junior, Choi Siwon, Liu Wen, Korean Couple, We Get Married Tips About Online Millionaire Dating: Secrets of a successful millionaire relationship. We are thrilled that the couple reunited to model the Chinese New Year LIU WEN, COULD YOU GIVE US SOME SUPERMODEL ADVICE ON. Leading many to believe that the pair is really a couple. Recently, on Hunan TV, the host asked if Liu Wen is really Choi Siwon's girlfriend and she hinted that.

Which were your favorite looks you wore in the campaign and what did you like about them? It is modern, fun and playful, which is the most suitable for this joyful festivity of the year of the monkey!

The dress goes beyond the traditional boundary of traditional festive wear, it is feminine, fashion-forward, and can be worn all year round.

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Describe your style and what will you wear for Chinese New Year this year? In celebration of the Spring festival, I would prefer to put a modern twist to my outfit happy colors, such as hues in red or burgundy, to signify this happy time of the year.

Chinese New Year is a fun time of the year where we pay tribute to the traditional aesthetic and dress up for this occasion!

siwon and liu wen relationship advice

Wearing red is a must for the Spring Festival, but the style also needs to have a mix of modernism, playfulness, while being accented with oriental details. For example, a pair of tasselled earrings paired with any simple styles effortlessly brings liveliness to a festive look during Chinese New Year.

siwon and liu wen relationship advice

Tell us about your most memorable spring festival celebration. February would the most memorable to me; this was the year before my grandmother passed away.

7 Times Choi Siwon and Liu Wen Were Seriously #RelationshipGoals

I left to Taiwan for a movie shoot immediately after the visit. This proves that the Hunan-born supermodel, 29, who has chalked up a string of accolades in more than a decade's work in the fashion industry, has staying power.

She is the first model of east Asian descent to feature in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and the first Asian model to make Forbes magazine's annual highest-paid models list - back in when she placed in the top five.

siwon and liu wen relationship advice

She has remained in demand even as the likes of younger, more Instagram-friendly models such as Jenner - who replaced veteran Giselle Bundchen this year at No. She is not afraid to be a role model too.

siwon and liu wen relationship advice

A part of your world now also belongs to everyone else. Liu knows her every move is watched for she has 3.

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To her fans, her unlikely success story is an inspiration. Indeed, her early years in the industry were a tough slog after she earned second place in a modelling contest and relocated from southern China to Beijing at Her perseverance paid off in when she was invited to walk the runways at Paris fashion week. Now that she has broken into top-end modelling, she hopes to take the next step on the acting stage. She has said "modelling is close to acting and I hope that, in the next five or 10 years, I can do some acting".

However, "I don't want to be just a beautiful girl in a movie - I want to be a cool girl like in a James Bond movie".

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