Skipper and marlene relationship questions

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skipper and marlene relationship questions

Skipper and Marlene run into obstacle courses starting with their first date, which could easily destroy their love relationship. She could not believe Skipper thought she was cheating on him. Marlene cheated on me," Skipper uttered out softly then covered his eyes. began asking her questions. Questions about relationships in The Great Gatsby? We will also include analysis of Skipper and marlene relationship quotes. Posted on This is a list of characters that have appeared in the Madagascar films, the television series The . He does tend to be a little self-absorbed, often not seeing the problems of others above his own. .. Skipper shares a very strong friendship with Marlene, a female Asian Otter who lives across from the penguins and is a main.

At the end of the movie, he marries a bobblehead doll. In The Penguins of Madagascar, the bobble head is nowhere to be seen. With Phil dressed as the "King of Versailles," they are able to amass a fortune of jewels, diamonds and gold and plan to buy an aircraft to pick up the "hippies" Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman in Africa and return to New York. Things change when Alex and the others rush to Monte Casino, believing that the penguins have abandoned them. Skipper later uses the fortune to help the gang become part of a traveling circus.

Skipper is one of the four main characters of The Penguins of Madagascar. In the show, many things are revealed about him and it expands on his character from the movies. In multiple episodes it is shown that Skipper knows karate and is an exceptionally capable fighter.

He's also very strong, as seen in "Launchtime. However, in "Needle Point", it is revealed that he has a fear of needlesso in later episodes if he's injured he's treated with medical cream or the like. Generally, he is a straight man, displaying a very stereotypical general personality when not in battle: He is, though, soft on his men at times, properly rewarding them and even showing fear and worry when he knows they're in danger.

He becomes especially upset when he believes one of them to be dead. He often tries to hide this part, as he once told Private that he Private is always bait because he "is gullible and expendable," but later becomes upset when Private is eaten. Although Skipper's plans and theories often serve as jokes, his most unorthodox theories are sometimes proven true; the Blowhole existence is the most extreme example of this.

Doctor Blowhole is first mentioned in "Eclipsed", when Skipper brings up his plan to extinguish the sun; this is because the sun was covered by a solar eclipse and, before Mason, Phil, and Kowalski mentioned it, Skipper believed he finally succeeded. Skipper being paranoid often comes up due to his theories, and whether or not he's right depends on the episode. Often, those around him refuse to follow along, mostly Marlene because she believes Skipper overreacts.

He often comes up with theories without basis on new arrivals, usually flying piranha or being a spy for Doctor Blowhole. According to him, there are actually 8 continents, since he counts Atlantis and appears to believe it is off the coast of Brazil.

That's right, and I am not Lazy like Mr. Fancy Pants over there, I do my share of the work. Well nobody said you were smart, okay next question is from Sydney. Here is my embarrassing question for the penguins Why is king Julien the best king in the whole wide world? Lol, I love Julien! But I know the penguins don't, so this question would be funny!

Maurice, you see that, my story is fun. Yes I can see that. Ohhhh, and embarrasing question, this is good, so Skipper, what is your answere to this question, it is true you know, I am the Best King in the Whole wide world. And you must be my biggest fan Sydney, I am so touched. And you did a cute smiley, Maurice, I want a smiley. I am on it. Well Skipper, why haven't you answered the question yet.

That's not a good enough excuse, as I am the King, I am aloud to talk, so just answer it. Okay, For one, Julien is def not the best King in the world, in fact, he is the worst King I have ever met. Oh, Skipper, you are so right. Yes, that for sure, that Julien, is nothing but a big pain. No Rico, I want to blow him up too, but we can't.

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And you have the best feet in the whole wide world too. Just keep playing with those toy feet of mine, that I gave you. Okay, the next question is from Colourless Sunsets. Private, If you could, would you relive the 'Slippy lifestyle'? Oh yes, I loved that moment. Oh no, they have got to him again, Rico. Fell better now Private. Oh, yes sire, much better now. Job well done Rico. Yes, if I didn't have it, we would have never made that trip to the moon. Ah, Kowalski, you do remember that you forgot to carry the 2 and we never went to the moon.

Oh, yes, well, I still need it, or I would have never come up with the diagram to make the rocket. Don't forget, you used the clipboard to work out what happen to Maurice, when he fell down. Yeah, when the King thought he was trapped in the Camera. He was trapped in the Camera, and it was the Sky Sprits who set him free.

Maurice, You still haven't told him. Like, I said never question the King, he is always right. I know I am, so why are you back here, when you should be finding a smiley for me to do. Rico, Do people dumb things down for you often? Skipper got a lot of questions already Thank you, that is very nice of you.

Rico, I understand you can't really speak so I'll just ask you this short question, Do you ever feel really sick after regurgitating everything Skipper and the others ask you to, yes or no sign language is acceptable Skipper: That wasn't a question for me.

He says no, it is very easy for him to do it, because ever since he was a little boy, he has been swallowing and regurgitating things. I find that very gross. And I find that very helpful and useful to us. Skipper, what is one thing you believe is truly unacceptable in the penguin's way of life?

Well hidden stranger, that is very easy, Love is defiantly unacceptable. But what about that bobble head doll you married. I wasn't feeling to well then, but I am better now, and you don't see her any more do you. Kowalski, do you ever have a day where you simple can't solve a problem?

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I can answer that, he does, once, when I had dropped my hat into Joey's pen, he couldn't come up with a solution on how to get my hat back, and then the Joey stopped on my Beautiful hat.

Well, that doesn't actually count, because as soon as you dropped it, it got squished. You still should have come up with a solution.

Well, yes there is one problem I can't solve, how to get Doris to go out with me.

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Kowalski, didn't I just say that Love was an unacceptable way of life for a penguin. Private, are you scared of Rico? Well, actually, at times I am a bit scared he is going to blow, me up.

skipper and marlene relationship questions

Okay, the next questions are from inugomegirl. This is so fun Julien: Yes, I know, I am the King of fun: And Maurice finally gave me a smiley to do. Skipper, What is your relationship with Marlene What do you want it to be.

What is it with all these Marlene questions? Like I said be fore she is my friend, and I want to keep it that way, friendship. Kowalski, Do you still like Doris? Yes, I do, and as we all know, she likes me too.

There King Julien ; Julien: Because he is the King, and I am the advisor, it is my job to follow his orders. I really like the way you talk, and the words you use about me. But unfortunately we must go onto the next questions which are from Pookaboo, maybe I will get some more praise from this human.

Are you Crushing on skipper? Answer the question, I love being King, I can make you do what ever I want you too. You can't make me do what ever you want. Okay Then, if you don't want to answer the question, it must be true, you have a crush on him. I don't, sure I like him, he's a cute penguin.

So you admit it. I don't admit any thing, I mean Well I agree with you there. And Julien, you are the most stuck-up, selfish, arrogant, annoying, loud, disrespectful, irresponsible, egoistic, may I go on? What, this is the worst letter we have ever got, the first question yes, second statement, no, have this human band from this. But they did say that what made them love you.

Well, I already answered you first question, so I won't answer that one again, but I will answer your second one, Yes I do miss Madagascar, as it is our home, but the zoo is a good place, and they do try and make it look like Madagascar, so its not to bad here.

Hmmm, I like him as my King, he can sometimes be a pain, but he is okay, and if you ask me, Mort does love his feet to bits, and I don't think any one else in the zoo would like him more then a friend, that is if they even like him as a friend. And what do you mean by that Maurice. Can't you see it Ringtail, no one likes you as King. I wasn't talking to you Bird Brain.

Well, apart from Kowalski, and Rico, with his doll, maybe Marlene and Skipper, as she is always over at there habitat, and skipper was over at her habitat pretty fast when she was scared of the ghost.

Was skipper perhaps flirting with Marlene? Huh, oh well, it ummm That about sums it up. And what does that mean? What is it with Marlene and Me, why all the questions. Haha so cute and funny ;] Julien: Yes I am funny, and cute. Guess I have a question for all you penguins.

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Ever thought about being human? Because every single time I think about penguins, I tend to think you guys and then picture you guys as humans That is a very interesting question, but I think it might blow our cover, I mean who would think that a penguin was working on some plan, and if we were human, and some one came, we couldn't do our Cute and cuddle routine.

skipper and marlene relationship questions

And I don't think Doris would like me as a human. She doesn't like you as a penguin.

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I think it would be nice to be a human. Well, it would be interesting. Okay, next questions are from LaughAttack, Hmmm Anyway nice story so far! I don't mean you Julien Julien: Okay, so Maurice, why do you even listen to Julien? If he was the only one who voted, then he is not fit to be King!

You should stop listening to him! I will vote, then he can be King. Well as Madagascar needed a King, and no one wanted to Vote, King Julien voted for himself, the rest of the lemurs, liked this Idea, as you can properly guess why, he is the King of Partying, it is not often King Julien makes them do work, and so it was from then on, that Julien was known as King, I know I should really stop listening to him, at times, but I did say I would be his royal advisor.

skipper and marlene relationship questions

I can't believe it, you think I am not fit to be King, LaughAttact, that is terrible, you humans are more sick then I thought you were, do you have some doctor, that might be able to help you see I am the right King. Skipper-What happened to that hula doll you married back in Africa? Well, actually, she is still in Africa, when we were caught and sent to the zoo, she was left behind. You should have seen Skipper when he found out he couldn't see her again. It's funny but I just gotta know why.

Well he said that it is his job, and his favourite way to enter places, and the best part of the whole Ka-boom, is the yellow flashing colours, he likes the way it flashes up, and looks so bright and nice.