Sokka and toph relationship marketing

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sokka and toph relationship marketing

Suki also tends to laugh when she's with Sokka, and their relationship works out .. Market-Based Title: Avatar: The Legend of Aang in the UK, where "bender" is . The relationship between Toph and her parents changed after she met the Avatar . After using an impressive display of earthbending to free Aang from Xin Fu. Suki pushed for equalism so when sokka found this out, he immediately broke up with suki because of the close connection he had with.

There is no little heartbeat to sense, no tiny breaths from the room beyond that her ears have become attuned to hearing. Her daughter is gone. This knowledge brings a manic frenzy, and Toph springs fully to her feet, screaming with rage.

The earth around her reacts to her fury and anger and fear, rippling in spasms around her. Several of her neighbors awaken to swear that the earth has just roiled beneath them. Snatching at her old clothes—no police uniform, what she has in mind for the man who has her daughter would not be sanctioned by the police—Toph dons them and throws out a desperate plea to an old friend through the earth, to bring her an ally.

Then she is gone, racing across the earth as only she can, her feet and ears attuned to only one thing: When the doors of Sokka's house are thrown open in the middle of the night, his first instinct is to roll out of his bed and snatch at the weapons that he always keeps by his side. There is his boomerang, and the short sword that Master Piandao presented him with as a gift. It is no space sword, but still… He is out of his bed, weapons in head, before he fully registers the intruder.

When he does, he stares in confusion. Either he's dreaming, or a fully grown badgermole has just broken down both doors of his house and is standing in his room. The great beast turns its head and snuffles at him, a sort of Well, what are you waiting for?

Never dropping his weapons, Sokka gazes at the blind eyes in amazement. The last time he saw one of these, he was a young man, trapped in a cave with several irritating travelers.

In fact, the one person he knows who has any sort of kinship with them is… "Toph…" he breathes, and the badgermole snorts as if to say, Well, of course! Sokka does not waste anytime clambering up to sit in the crease of its neck—years of riding Appa means that he has some notion of how to ride a giant furry creature.

For a moment, however, he forgets the tension, the worry, and becomes a fifteen-year old again. His blue eyes light up, and some of the lines are erased from his face as a broad grin creases it.

Sheathing both the boomerang and the sword, he pats the badgermole tentatively.

sokka and toph relationship marketing

Not like Appa at all. The badgermole pauses in the middle of the street, paws at the earth with one long, silver claw and scents the air. Sokka lifts at fervent prayer to Yue, shining high above, full and bright, that anyone seeing a man perched on a badgermole in the middle of the night has had too much to drink and won't remember it in the morning. The badgermole grumbles once more and takes off at a lope, with Sokka clinging at the short coarse fur in desperation.

Toph tracks the man to the docks, which only causes her anger to mount. The man who has taken her daughter has planned well—he knows that she cannot sense anything on the water. He is about to take his last step from earth to the wooden planks of the docks—safety—when Toph stops him. She immobilizes him in rock, stopping at his waist so as not to bring any harm to Lin. Her daughter is struggling in the man's arms, green eyes wide with fear, dark hair hanging in clumps around her face. She is sobbing, and Toph's heart clenches.

sokka and toph relationship marketing

Actually, that's what she came here to do. She doesn't want to be seen in her police uniform committing murder. She doubts Aang would approve.

Like she cares about what Twinkletoes thinks while a man holds her daughter hostage. Transporting herself here has not taken much energy, so she finds perverse pleasure in tightening the stone around the man's legs, causing him to sweat and cry out. He lifts Lin higher, as if to throw her, but Toph is too quick for that. She extends the rock, sheathing him in earth up to his chest, and he cannot move.

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While it's great that he got her message and understood, and he willingly came for backup and maybe, that traitorous part of her whispers, to keep her in checkdid he have to get here while she was exacting vengeance?

She can feel him as he dismounts from the badgermole, gives it a pat, and watches as it easily tunnels back into the earth. Then he turns his attention to her, and she feels him blanch at what she is doing. The stone reacts as she bends it, and the man grunts in pain, sweat beading his forehead. Only when she is sure he is in pain and unable to move does Toph stalk forward, sightless eyes boring into her captive, while he squirms and whimpers and Lin sobs in tandem.

Toph raises herself a good foot above her normal height in order to gently pry her daughter from the man's grasp. Lin sobs, now with relief, and Toph cradles the small, warm body close, feeling her daughter's heartbeat against her chest and the smell of her sweet hair. She lowers herself back to the ground, and Sokka comes to stand beside her. Not even in Yu Dao, when some of her metalbending lily-livers—er, students—were misbehaving.

She tips her head up and gives him a smile that is anything but comforting; it's razor sharp and promises death. You don't need this. That only works on Twinkletoes. Sokka's voice is quiet, and she's not sure she's ever heard him quite this solemn.

Let your men pick him up in the morning. His dark eyes flash with some relief at Sokka's words, and Toph turns away from him, disgusted. She doesn't want to him to have a reprieve. He doesn't deserve that.

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Sokka makes no move to take Lin from her as they turn away and begin the walk back to her house, but he stiffens as she begins to move her right hand, and the man's cries begin in earnest again. Toph's other hand shields Lin's ears from the noise, but Sokka winces as bones crack, earth rumbles, and the man begins to scream.

Setting his jaw, Sokka turns back and reaches behind his shoulder, loosening his boomerang. He can't bring himself to look at what was once a man and is rapidly changing into something far more grotesque. One throw and the screaming cuts off; the resulting silence is eerie. The boomerang flits back through the air into his hand, and Toph does not say a word as he uses the hem of his tunic to wipe off the blood.

They are quiet for most of the walk back, Toph murmuring to Lin as the child slowly calms herself into a doze, lulled by the protection her mother's arms. Sokka makes no attempt to leave when they finally reach her house, and Toph does not try to dissuade him from coming inside.

Truth be told, she is grateful for the support. As she lowers Lin back into her bed and resists the urge to drag the tiny bed into her room for added security, she finds that Sokka is setting up camp in the middle of the room. His blue eyes are narrowed, and daring her to contradict him.

She arches an eyebrow to hide it, curiosity coloring her tone. I don't like the new open space. It is an old fear they both share, one born of spending months on the run while facing Ozai. Toph can feel him smile at the next words. But they never gave me the one thing that I really wanted: Toph had a complicated, love-hate relationship with her parents, Lao and Poppy Beifong.

Being that their daughter was blind, her parents viewed her as helpless and fragile and therefore were extremely over-protective of her.

Toph was restricted inside her family's house and guarded at all times. As a result, she never had any contact with her peers and never managed to form any real friendships.

sokka and toph relationship marketing

In fact, they kept her under such close guard that many people in her own village were not even aware of her existence. Toph resented her parents for their treatment of her and as such, would often run away from home. After using an impressive display of earthbending to free Aang from Xin Fu and his fighters, she confronted her father who had seen the whole thing.

She pleaded with her parents for them to see her for herself and not as a helpless blind girl. Her father reacted by placing her under even more restrictions which caused Toph to run away from home, join Aang on his journey to save the world, and teach him earthbending.

She claimed that her parents had changed their mind, but in reality, they had not and still held the same opinion of her. After the group arrived in Ba Sing Se and were able to talk to the Earth KingToph received a letter she thought was from her mother.

Toph seemed happy to find out that Poppy was in the city and that she seemed to finally accept her for who she was, judging by the sound of the letter which Katara read to her.

Nevertheless, Toph was nervous at seeing her mother again after she ran away from home before she was able to enter through the doorway of Poppy's supposed place of residence.

sokka and toph relationship marketing

Once inside, she found herself captured in a metal cage, her hopes concerning her parents smashed by the fact that they had sent two bounty hunters to drag her forcibly back home.

She found herself so unwilling to return home under these circumstances that she managed to overcome the given illusion that earthbenders could not manipulate metal in her desire to escape being taken back home to her parents against her will. Perhaps because she was holding a grudge against her parents and their authority for doing this to her, upon entering into the Fire Nation Toph began acting rebellious by scamming several people for money.

Feeling that this was getting out of hand, Katara confronted her about this behavior, which only caused Toph to lash out at her. The earthbender accused her of being "motherly" and made a reference about how much fun they were having without parents.

Korra had already been moved once from Saturday mornings to Friday nights, which likely reflected a change toward marketing the show more toward adults. Unfortunately, the change also caught the creators off guard. Bryan Konietzko critiqued Nickelodeon's handling of the situation, stating, "It definitely caught us by surprise and it wasn't necessarily done in the smoothest way and that was upsetting to many of you and us as well.

They set out to create a coming-of-age show based on their childhood memories of playing in the woods. However, when it was time to take this idea to Nickelodeon, they didn't want a show like that.

They wanted shows that either focused on action and adventure or legend and lore, as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings were at peak popularity at the time. We laid out every idea we had on the table indiscriminately. It represented and drew upon multiple cultures throughout the world, allowing the story and the character to be Eastern-centric.

We completely reworked the art so that it would be more broadly inspired. Mako, the voice actor for Uncle Iroh, succumbed to illness at the end of season two.

When the show returned for season three, Iroh was silent while in prison. It served as a beautiful memorial for Mako, but it turns out that it was entirely accidental. It was planned long before we knew that, so it just kind of worked out. And it gave us time to find someone to replace him, but it was just… it just happened that way.