Songs about a bad father and daughter relationship

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songs about a bad father and daughter relationship

Here's how they expressed that pain in their songs. Justin Bieber's relationship with his father has been a complex one over the years. So my dad and I have had a tumultuous relationship my whole life. He isn't walking me down the aisle, but he does want to do a father/daughter dance a. the person I am today. I've taken the good and bad and applied it to myself. Helpful (0). It hurts that he doesn't care about me or anything but his drugs..i want a song that goes along the lines of thanks for being a horrible father.

Yes, fathers who abandon or let down their children have been pilloried in songs extensively, and now that my son has begun to pick at his grandfathers' extensive collection of acoustic guitars, I fear that if I let my son down there's a chance I, too, will become the kind of disappointing dad my progeny gets revenge on in song—like the underachieving fathers chronicled in the 10 songs below.

Over a musical backdrop at once funky and orchestral, intimate and sweeping, the band sings of a father who begins the song by dying an unmourned death. It then travels back in time as the group's singers take turns articulating the absent and migratory father's myriad shortcomings as a father and man. They sing witheringly and bitterly about his laziness, womanizing, his hypocrisy, his drinking, his stupidity and his unconscionable abandonment of his family.

The kicker lies in the chorus when the band sings of their ultimate fatherly inheritance, "When he died, all he left us was alone. A New Dad's Top Songs of 2. He was understandably and justifiably proud to be the son of such an accomplished musician.

Yet on "Poppa Was A Playa", which was co-produced by a young, pre-stardom Kanye West a spiritual descendent of "Poppa Was A Rolling Stone," he makes it clear just how complicated and sometimes dark their relationship was. Nas raps eloquently about his parents' non-stop fighting, how his mother would weep over the stress of having to raise her children pretty much by herself, as well as his father's womanizing, his cocaine and pot use, and ultimately how he left his family to pursue a life of women, drugs and misadventures.

There's a lot of love in the song as well, as Nas wrestles with the poignant contradictions of his father's life and his father's shortcomings.

Father/daughter song for those who don't really get along

Nas understands that being a dad is many things, but simple it is not. The song begins with the narrator's negligent father walking out on his wife and son when his son was just three, leaving behind just an "old guitar and an empty bottle of booze" a common trait among the bad dads here: The narrator's life is predictably tough and hardscrabble, as he takes on an army of bullies who view him as an irresistible target because of his womanly moniker.

Sure enough, the boy vows revenge on his not so dear old dad for burdening him with a girl's name and one day he tracks him down at a watering hole and a scuffle ensues. The angry young man finds some healing, however, when his father explains that he gave him his unlikely name as a way of ensuring that his son would be tough enough to survive an often cruel world.

songs about a bad father and daughter relationship

The son seems reassured, but he nevertheless ends the ditty by vowing to give his own son, should he have one, a name that is anything but "Sue. Sometimes they can accomplish that unfortunate feat just by being too busy or distracted by work to be present, literally and emotionally.

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The son vows to be just like his dad, and in a bleak, if predictable, irony when the roles are reversed and the lonely father wants to spend time with his now-grown son, it's his son who is just too darned busy and preoccupied to be able to spend time with him.

Christina Aguilera 's Hurt was written by two women who were grieving the loss of a father in different ways.

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Songwriter Linda Perry was going through her own grieving process when Christina came to her in with a pair of chords she liked and a lyrical theme, and this caused her to momentarily lower her own professional standards, as she admitted in the book Behind the Boards: I want the song to be about losing someone. Dance with My Father by Luther Vandross YouTube - Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father 3rd party content may contain ads - see our FAQs for more info For a child to lose a beloved parent is both heartbreaking and intensely confusing, and Luther Vandrosswhose father died when he was seven years old, details that bewilderment, affection and pain beautifully in this song.

songs about a bad father and daughter relationship

And how, even as an adult, Luther still wishes God would return his father to him. It was these details that astounded Luther's mother Mary Ida, when she first heard the song, telling Ebony magazine: I cried and cried. It's about noting that life has somehow gone on, even though someone essential is missing, and realising that the time to make things right has passed. Despite some estrangement from her father Alfred after her parents split up inMariah Carey 's verses are a loving tribute to her father, who died in Mariah had already written about visiting her father on his death-bed in a song called Sunflowers for Alfred Roy, noting that the years of separation didn't seem to matter any more, that she appreciated him for what he had done for her: His love of the blues - particularly the idea that it's about one man against the world - came partly from the unsettling revelation at the age of 12 that the woman he thought was his mum was his grandmother, and his 'sister' Patricia was actually his mum.

He had been conceived during the Second World War, the result of a brief affair Patricia had had with a Canadian serviceman called Edward Fryer, who had returned home in Having felt the absence of his father throughout his life, Eric finally put his disquiet to words, in the poignant single My Father's Eyes.

It's a song about the bond of blood between fathers and their sons, no matter how distant they may be from one another.

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Like Clapton, Roger Waters never knew his father. Eric Waters, a British soldier with a young family, had gone to fight in the Second World War, and was killed at Anzio, in This tragedy left Roger less with confusion about identity, and more with primal outrage at the loss. When he came to start expressing himself through music in the songs of Pink Floydthose early feelings started to come through.