Sookie and alcide relationship trust

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sookie and alcide relationship trust

Sookie's hooked up with basically every male lead except Jason. jennycritter Sookie is in a relationship with Alcide now, they had sex. This means that Bill and Sookie's entire relationship is a lie. her trust so the Queen could find out more about what gave Sookie her unusual powers. So why is showrunner Brian Buckner promising a Sookie-Bill-Alcide. Despite her apparently awesome powers, could Bill be Sookie's undoing? in a fight against Alcide's (Joe Manganiello) were-ex, Debbie (Brit Morgan). her (via a message from Sookie's cousin) that she shouldn't trust Bill. relationship has the overtones of an abusive relationship and even she has.

Kindness isn't born it's cultivated, sometimes out of love but more often out of guilt. He was good because he was a ferocious wolf. He relished in a bloody fight but he'd never attack in his human form. He made no such distinction when in the mode of predator to prey. No animal was spared when he was one himself. We understood each other in that vulnerability. To be born with something you can't control but he had a pack whilst I had a decimated empty tent once inhabited by a group of lost fairies.

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He had family and friends that were like him whilst my only fairy relations showed up when I was far too old to appreciate the needed support. The only other telepath I had met scorned me. Alcide was being buried beside his mother. She had died young of cancer, his father had never been the same.

Riddling himself in debt and reaching out to Eric for help. The Herveaux's moved as solitary beings within their familial ties. Lone wolves was a ridiculously accurate description. I didn't carry the same pain for his death as they did. I mourned the loss of my friend. I had loved him as such, that was truth.

I played the dutiful distraught girlfriend, I could do that for him. I'd been acting all my life. On paper we had the perfect credentials for the ultimate 'boy meets girl' story.

A misunderstanding when we met. Attraction found when pretending to be a couple we were not. Our timing never quite right till it was.

sookie and alcide relationship trust

We fit the mould but it was a shallow one. He had always made the first move seeking me out in the lowest points of my life. Not that it had been an intentional move, I simply had far too many low points in my life. He had broken with Debbie and demanded I do the same with the vampires haunting my heart. Alcide hadn't outright declared it but it was implied, he was always frugal with words.

At the time I told him I couldn't change who I loved. It implied he had never entered into that reserved space. With him I had tried.

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I had tried and I had failed. I couldn't change that with all the will in my mind and all the strength in my light.

sookie and alcide relationship trust

He was asking for something I couldn't give but I took his company regardless. Terry had just died. Too many people had died. I didn't want to die alone when I had nearly met my eternal end at the hands of a psychopathic faepire.

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Bill and I were done that much was clear. When one of you calls the other an abomination and you stake him in retaliation there is no turning back from that. Our ties had permanently severed. That other tie that had bound me by blood had disappeared from my life.

Not because I chased him away but because he understood I needed the distance to become myself once more. That girl that had stepped into his bar in a virginal white dress. The innocence robbed soon after. I needed to fight back to regain what was once mine.

I would always be her to him but I knew, like him, I was better than that. Because I wanted to live. That innocence was lost. I needed to let fairy Sookie speak for me because that would keep me safe.

It was more than that, I needed to be her too. I had been on that night. It's why I stood breathing whilst clumps of earth fell on the polished wood of the casket. Alcide fought like a man. Not like a wolf. It cost him both lives. A swarm of Hep-V infected vampires had descended onto our town.

sookie and alcide relationship trust

They threatened to take what was mine. They died whilst I lived. My fighting light lit up the sky with the destruction of their threat. As strong as Alcide was he fought with too much good inside him.

Worry for me instead of himself. Thankfully his death was swift and I could only shed a tear of relief when it was over.

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The service was as simple as the man. The casket had remained firmly closed, whilst I had seen far too many bodies of the dead in varying states of decay, others didn't have to.

There were rituals specific to the were that went unnoticed by the human eyes. I stood in the receiving line shaking their hands one by one, thought by thought. I was never his. I had paid my debt to him. I had tried harder. I stayed because I took something from him as she had taken something from me. Death followed me around and I sought its company.

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I had punished myself enough. I would never be his Debbie and I was ok with that. We were right beside each other but not with each other. His belongings were already packed up, it was the first thing I did once I arrived home.

There wasn't much; clothes, a cell phone charger and some toiletries. No pictures of us together. We never took one. No trinkets or gifts. The longest relationship of my life was condensed to a concentrate of nothingness.

His sister never liked Debbie but she liked me even less. To her I was indistinguishable from a common fangbanger. She thought I was using her brother. I probably was, he had been my emotional crutch. I couldn't trust anyone anymore. My parents had tried to kill me, Lafayette by proxy, Bill, Warlow and a string of others.

I was bound to them by love but all it did was seem to get me killed. Love for me had killed Alcide. He had always come running when I needed him but he had never placed his trust in me. Perhaps Debbie had used it all up.

I trusted him, but not enough to place my own safety with his. I stood on my own that night.

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My trust was requested once and I had given it then in the basement of a Dallas church. He had escorted me out safely, the only damage inflicted by silver on his skin. No harm had come to me. In his care I had felt safe like with no other.

sookie and alcide relationship trust

It was Eric's jealousy that had me running into the arms of Alcide. Glamouring him to relinquish his pursuit of me. It was an outright dare for me to defy him. For all the intelligence Eric Northman possessed it seemed to run out the door when it concerned me. In all honesty the same applied to myself. Sookie started to see him in a different light. When Eric lost his memory she fell in love with his vulnerability and innocence. She used her fairy powers to save Bill from a Marnie controlled Eric.

In the process Eric regained his memory. Being faced with the thought of loosing Bill, Sookie realized she still loved him. With Eric back to his old self Sookie began to doubt the future of their relationship. Being older, stronger and wiser Sookie knew she could never get back what she had with Bill or Eric so she had to let them go.

Once she takes time to heal her broken heart Sookie will find love once again. I see her new love interest being someone who is a mix of Bill and Eric. Alcide is a sexy, sensitive werewolf that has a hint of danger about him. He also gives Sookie respect and a sense of security. We are going to learn more about the fairies in season five. Sookie finding love with one of her own may be just what she needs to get over her vampire lovers. Not only that, but a relationship with a fairy may help her discover who she really is and reveal her true potential.

We will all, as well as Sookie, come to understand fairies more than in previous seasons. Eric and Bill will have to team up and learn to work together while protecting each other.

sookie and alcide relationship trust

Could this new found bromance lead to a new kind of Sookie, Eric and Bill love triangle? Could her fantasy become a reality? Would Bill and Eric share Sookie if it was the only way to have her in their lives?