Sora and roxas relationship questions

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sora and roxas relationship questions

Roxas (Japanese: ロクサス, Hepburn: Rokusasu) is a fictional character from Square Enix's .. On the other hand, mentioned that although Roxas' relationship with Xion and Axel is appealing, some of his first missions feel like " lonely, sad . "Fan Powered Q & A: Director Tetsuya Nomura Answers Your Questions". For Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PSP, a GameFAQs This is can be explained by the relationship between Roxas and Sora. Thus. Ok so here is the timeline between Sora and Roxas as i understand it but his body remained and Aqua locked it away (somehow did not become a nobody) and his heart merged with young Sora's right? Basically, can anyone explain to me the specifics of sora, roxas, and ventus.

Serves as the final boss in the prologue of II. The body that belonged to the being known as "Axel" dies for real, but he gets reborn with a new body as his original self Lea with all of his memories from his time as Axel intact, so he's essentially as good as new. Played straight, then subverted, then zigzagged, then does a loop-the-loop into an aversion. In the end the only side Axel is clearly on is his own. Double Reverse Quadruple Agent: Dragon with an Agenda: To another Dragon with an Agendano less, and even telling the other one that his cooperation isn't always guaranteed.

I'll play it your way Considering that someone as immensely dangerous as Marluxia hides behind a human-shield when up against him, Axel is deserving of his reputation. Likewise, both Vexen and Zexion utterly lose their shit when they realize that they're next on Axel's list.

Was anyone really surprised he turned out to use fire-elemental attacks? When he helped Sora against the Nobodies in the Realm Between by blowing himself up and later used his last power to open a portal to the World That Never Was.

sora and roxas relationship questions

Even Evil Has Standards: In Chain of Memories. Invokes this on Marluxia. When being obliquely tasked with killing Vexen, Axel pretends not to get it, requiring Marluxia to directly order him to "Eliminate the traitor.

Later, when attacking Marluxia, Axel reminds him that he and Larxene are traitors themselves and cites Marluxia's own order as a justification to kill him. Nomura was asked about their similarities and said outright he made Axel in the image of Reno to try out a familiar character in a new universe and see how he developed. In the novels when Axel fights Xion for the last time, even though it's technically under orders, he admits that the things he's done and what he's now doing is for Roxas and Xion's sakes, not the organizations, even if it means being labeled a traitor.

Two reverse teardrop shapes as Axel. They disappear once he's Lea again. Failure Is the Only Option: Axel tries desperately to protect Roxas and Xion from the Awful Truth of their existences, as well as from all the forces that desire their destruction.

In the end he fails to keep them from finding out, fails to keep them safe, and their friendship is in shambles. He burns himself to death.

KHIII is almost here! In this thread we ask and answer questions about the series' plot.

It had to be toned down in the North American release. Fate Worse than Death: Xaldin threatening him with a spear to the face doesn't faze Axel, but Xemnas preparing to turn him into a Dusk causes him to cave. Fully subverted when he returns as Lea. The use of his Catch-Phrase has gone up with each passing game. In his first appearance, Chain of Memories, he only said it once. Axel repeatedly lies in response to or dismisses Roxas and Xion's questions about their pasts, hoping they'll forget about them and remain in ignorance.

This is particularly detrimental to Axel since it's clear he started feeling emotions again around Roxas and Xion, but he constantly squashed them down or ignored them because he truly believed he wasn't supposed to be capable of feeling anything. Gosh Dang It to Heck! He's the first character to swear in the series, telling Sora "It's about time you give me one hell of a show! Com, however, the line was changed to omit the curse due to it being fully-voiced. The untrustworthy and spitfire take.

Does a partial one. Axel goes from being a vicious, spiteful arse to being a kinder, more thoughtful person over the course of Days. Due to traumatic events, he relapses at the end of that game continuing into II, but he comes back around in the end.

After getting to know Xion and coming to care for her regardless of her being a Replica, he looks back on how he treated the Riku Replica with shame, thinking that he could never treat Xion in the same way. In Kingdom Hearts II, he pulls one when he puts all of his being into an attack not that Nobodies have a being to save Sora and company. Her Heart Will Go On: A platonic variation and inversion of this trope. Develops this relationship with Roxas until the end of Days, wherein his lies and Roxas being frustrated with not knowing what was happening nearly destroyed their friendship.

Despite not having a heart, he has a fiery personality. I Have Your Wife: Kairi gets away from him, and shortly afterwards Axel abandons this plan. It's Personal with the Dragon: With later games revealing their past friendship and how they were originally planning on overthrowing Xemnas together, it turns out to be even more personal than it first appeared.

I Will Find You: He has orders to bring both Xion and Roxas back to the Organization at various points throughout Days and II, but it becomes increasingly more personal after Roxas defects, as seen by how emotional he gets when trying to retrieve Xion following that. By II, he's willing to do anything to get Roxas back. Knight Templar Big Brother: Towards Roxas, and later Xion.


He raises the amnesiac keyblade-wielding Nobodies, giving them advice, teaching them about the world, and sticking up for them Know When to Fold 'Em: Axel is somewhat unique in the Organization, and to a lesser extent the entire series, in actually using his Villain Teleportation to duck out of losing battles. Downplayed example towards Roxas and Xion. It's zigzagged slightly in that his forming a relationship with Roxas and Xion actually made him become a kinder, more considerate person.

However, his attachment to them also led him to become a Poisonous Friend who lies to them and makes them doubt their experiences, hoping it will keep them safe. Then he betrays Zexion. And he's just so cool in doing all this. Lying to Protect Your Feelings: The results are disastrous. Realizing he is the closest thing Roxas had to a brother casts his desperation to protect him in II in a previously unconsidered light.

He's rather hot-headed, as fire users usually are. Whenever Axel lies or is unsure of what he's saying, he'll break eye contact. By the time Sora is four years old, he encounters Terra and Aquatwo Keyblade wielders of the generation before him, on separate occasions. He never spoke with Terra, but they have seen each other on Destiny Islands.

Terra shows no interest in Sora because he is unable to sense his potential, and is instead attracted to Riku.

Aqua recognizes their friendship as hers to Terra and Ventus and tells Sora to protect Riku if he were to fall into the hands of darkness, which he agrees. Ventus had visited the islands multiple times, but had never met Sora face to face. Sora meets Ventus's heart. When they prepare to go home, Sora suddenly feels sad and sheds a single tear.

Riku tells him that perhaps someone from another world connected to him is sad somewhere and tells him to try to reach him. Sora closes his eyes and reaches out, which results in him being sent to the Awakening and encountering Ventus's lost heart. It had lost its path and must return to slumber, though it is reluctant to do so and asks if it could become a part of Sora's heart.

Questions about the specifics between sora,roxas, and ventus' relationship???

Sora accepts the request saying that as long as he can make it happy by doing so, he is willing to. Kingdom Hearts "I've been having these weird thoughts lately… like, is any of this for real… or not? She was adopted by the mayor, and Sora and Riku quickly became friends with her.

Another day, Sora and Riku found a small, hidden cave on their islands. They search the "Secret Place" while discussing Kairi and the meteor shower that had recently fallen. They find a door with no handle at the back of the cave and, because they couldn't open it, they leave, but not before Riku sees the world's Keyhole.

During their childhood, Sora, Riku, and Kairi often wonder about what lay beyond their small world. By the time they reach adolescence, they decide to build a raft, in the hopes of sailing to other worlds. The day when they start construction, Sora dozes off on the shore of the beach, and has an odd dream where he travels through an odd, dark realm and battles a massive dark creature.

Sora is awakened by Kairi, and he goes to help get the provisions for the raft. However, the night before they set sail, a storm ravages the island along with a strange, dark force. Riku succumbs to the force, claiming he is not afraid of the darkness it so clearly embodied, while Sora tries and fails to save his friend from the darkness.

However, it is during the tempest that Sora first unlocks his potential as a Keyblade wielder, summoning the power of the Kingdom Key to battle the Heartless that now infested his home. He makes his way to the Secret Place where he finds Kairi, who disappears when their bodies meet, forcing Sora to battle the same dark creature from his dream. Sora defeats the monster, but he is swept off the island and thrown into a Corridor of Darknesswhich lands him in a world called Traverse Town.

Under orders from The Kingthe pair are searching for two things: As the King has disappeared in his own quest, Donald and Goofy accompany Sora and they start searching for their respective friends. In addition to that, Sora finds that his Keyblade might perhaps be the mysterious key the King had asked them to find. Sora discovers that Riku is also searching for Kairi, though neither of them can find her.

sora and roxas relationship questions

With this false knowledge, he sets out to find Kairi on his own as Sora travels to a number of worlds to stop the Heartless. From there, Sora locks the Keyholes out from the reach of the Darkness to protect the worlds' hearts.

Until then he only half believed. When he first saw Roxas, he had no proof of who he was. Originally the plan was to keep their power in balance. If it had been maintained, there would have been no need to get rid of one of them.

But in the end Xion began absorbing too much power, and so they no longer needed Roxas. Xemnas had nothing to do with the plan, however, and only the people below him were concerned with it. Xemnas only cared that Kingdom Hearts be completed. Originally the Castle Oblivion plan was to use both Roxas and Sora, but since that changed it would be equally convenient to wait until Sora woke up in Kingdom Hearts II and use him then. In the game of chess you can never let your adversary see your pieces.

So strictly speaking, they are being influenced by Sora. This time there were connections to the Kingdom Hearts I secret movie, and the time will come when this will have a clear connection as well.

Sora and Roxas - Forget It

And there is a reason that Vanitas looks like Sora. So we connected them to Vanitas, so that when he disappeared they will have disappeared as well. The Unversed mark is also meant to be a heart that expresses emotions.

Does the name express the empty parts of the story? It does have that meaning, but usually I give the secret movie a title that reflects the meaning of the movie. Even though the meaning fits. That there would be a possibility of this, is what Ansem the Wise is saying. The data that Ansem has hidden within Sora is the secret to that revival. When Ansem had become DiZ, and studied the heart and emotions, the results he found he hid within Sora.

The ending of Coded was about finding out that DiZ had done something to Sora, as Namine said, finding out about the data that Ansem hid.

What that data is will be revealed in the next game.

sora and roxas relationship questions

Two more games aside from KHIII are in the works -- Considering the conversation between Sora and Ventus in the ending of the Last Episode, is this saying that the "just-born heart" that Ventus connects with in the opening is Sora's?