Spock and kirk relationship

Spock Is Gay, Not Sulu

spock and kirk relationship

The friendships that developed initially were in the scripts: the relationship between Kirk and Spock held the show together. The two of us were. The beautiful history of Spock and Kirk's unrealized lust. there's a romantic connection underlying the relationship between Kirk and Spock. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Due to his biology Vulcans only become aroused every seven years in a phenomenon known as "pon farr"his sexuality was also repressed, and thus the heterosexual relationships he observed also came off as alien.

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Considering how it was the aim of creator Gene Roddenbery to create an inclusive universe "where everyone is accepted and everyone is equal and everyone gets along," Deevy could easily imagine how LGBT viewers of the original series were "seeing ourselves reflected in him.

In many respects, the franchise has been light-years ahead of the competition in showcasing diversity of race and background, giving hope to many members of historically marginalized communities. Whoopi Goldberg, who played Guinan on Star Trek: Since Star Trek is a vision of the future, this absence was problematic on multiple levels.

spock and kirk relationship

Was it the right choice? In a surprise twist, Takei, while advocating for the importance of LGBT inclusion in the Star Trek universe, has spoken out against this creative decision.

spock and kirk relationship

But the choice also left many other fans scratching their heads. Deevy speculated, in light of Takei's real-life story, that it might be a move by the studio for "grouping all their gay into one area. Kirk has always been portrayed as a womanizer.

With Spock aboard, he is now complete, whole, as though Spock was that integral part of him that made him Jim Kirk. Suddenly, alarms sound, announcing that there is an intruder on the Enterprise.

Kirk guides Decker out of the room after Spock. Kirk does not say love, although Spock reiterates that Decker had a relationship with Ilia. Kirk and Spock speak many times about their friendship and how important it is to them, both in the series and in the movies that will follow The Motion Picture. At that moment, the Ilia probe breaks through the sickbay door and orders Kirk to assist her.


Decker, despite his earlier outrage, also has a look of affection, and the two go off together. As Decker spends time with the Ilia probe, he tries to elicit an emotional response. Finally, he shows her a game that they used to play. He places his hand on the table, and as the Ilia probe touches the table as well, she pauses and looks up at Decker, realization in her eyes.

When Chapel gives the Ilia probe a headband that Ilia used to wear, it works. She recognises Dr Chapel, and then turns to Decker. Decker is caught up in the moment, until McCoy reminds him that this is not the real Ilia, but a mechanism.

Then she turns around, completely devoid of emotion, and removes the headband. Meanwhile, Spock sneaks into the cargo bay. Then we see him in a thruster suit, leaving the Enterprise. He records a message for Kirk, explaining that he intends to attempt contact with the aliens, the very thing that Decker asked the Ilia probe to do in the previous scene.

Spock Is Gay, Not Sulu

Next, we see Kirk, also in a thruster suit, going after Spock. The next thing we see, Spock is conscious and lying in a bed in sickbay, where Dr Chapel is examining him. McCoy explains that Spock suffered neurological trauma due to the power of the mind meld. Then we hear Spock laughing! But when Kirk and McCoy go over to Spock, we see that his laughter is mirthless, rueful. No mystery No beauty. Kirk then becomes desperate to find out what it is that Spock should have known, trying to shake him awake, as though this piece of information is somehow vital.

However, it is of great importance to Kirk and Spock. He is happy, complete, as they shares a tender, heartfelt moment together. Spock nods as well, and they share an unspoken understanding.

Is there nothing more? The sheer love pouring out through both of these characters is as unmistakable as it is tacit.

spock and kirk relationship

It is a relatively short scene, but it is nonetheless powerful in its implications. Spock has a hypothesis on the matter. But when Uhura sends the signal, this is not the end of the story. He seems pretty excited by the idea.

Kirk follows him, but the Ilia probe pushes him back. As much as you wanted the Enterprise, I want this. Bizarrely, though, there is absolutely no mention of that most precious human emotion, love. Fontana replied, "In answer to your question, NO — there were no homosexual double-entendres in the script — at least none that were deliberate.

spock and kirk relationship

If some viewers chose to read that into the dialogue, etc. It also was a peek into the Vulcan culture that no one had seen before. That's ALL we were doing.

There is no basis to it.

spock and kirk relationship

Setting the characters there provides familiarity for the audience and means that the author does not need to set up the world so much. However, a difficulty can be that it is necessary to provide an explanation for why the mission is not focused on in the story, in order to focus on the relationship between the two men. Shore leave is a common theme. They may neglect the relationship in future years but pon farr compels them to consummate the marriage at the appropriate time. Vulcans must mate or die trying.

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However, in "Amok Time", Spock finds that a substitute to giving in to pon farr is to kill another, and thus Spock's pon farr imperative ends after he kills. Another key element in 'first time' stories and in established relationship stories is the mind meld - either as a way to break the barriers between the men, or as a plot device.

It's really hard to find another fictional couple that did all that, and did it as well.