Sturridge and suarez relationship counseling

BOX with oons ft. Wenger, Suarez, Kane HA! HA! HA! (Chelsea vs Liverpool Parody Sturridge Hazard Goals Highlights). It will also enable Daniel Sturridge to play as a week-in, week-out central striker, which in hindsight sounds like the kind of stuff a marriage counselor might. Karim Benzema speaks publically about allegations of blackmail, which he denies.

This would be to do a gross disservice both to Sturridge as an individual and to the near-telepathic connection that the two built up. His subsequent terrible injury luck has clouded the memory of many but make no mistake, the undisputed best English centre-forward at the time plied his trade at Anfield. The results of throwing a volatile South American into the mix were predictably seismic. Each was equally capable of picking the other out or taking on their marker with consummate ease, and the movement was simply impossible to defend against.

Countless established defenders and goalkeepers were made to look foolish over the course of the season. There was little to be done when the pair descended upon a backline. This particular two-man show proved to be a sign of things to come. Much of the beauty of the partnership that came to be known as SAS was the way in which it harnessed a certain volatility to such deadly effect.

The two strikers undeniably struck a chord, but it was at times a jarring one.

Trebles increasing, LFC fine without Suarez, more

Scoring was ostensibly the currency of both forwards and a kind of rivalry developed. If one decided to go up a level, the other instantly responded with a refusal to be outdone.

Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge Joy At Luis Suarez 'Understanding'

A game against West Brom sticks particularly firmly in the mind. He opened the scoring with a trademark winding run through the defence, followed by a powerful finish into the corner.

The hat-trick was completed with a second header, a delicate glance into the far post from a corner. Few players would have even spotted the goalkeeper marginally off his line. The technique to execute the chip to perfection was simply outrageous and ensured that Sturridge shared the headlines. They were undeniably single-minded, and would never pass up a goal when presented with the opportunity, but this is what made them so good.

Daniel Sturridge says friction with Luis Suárez helps Liverpool

Many classic partnerships have had a playmaker and a finisher, or some variation on the big man, little man approach that so dominated the thinking of English coaches in the s. They were both complete forwards, equally adept at producing something out of nothing, and converting the chances when they came. It's not a bad deal for a guy who turns 27 in January and who will miss the first six games next season. It will allow Liverpool to free up wage space, thereby allowing the club to make three or four key signings.

It will also enable Daniel Sturridge to play as a week-in, week-out central striker, a much more natural role for him and a better fit in Brendan Rodgers' vision. In fact, the absence of Suarez will make it easier for Rodgers to do his job and for the club to evaluate his progress. To his credit, the Liverpool boss gave his Uruguayan star striker a lot of freedom.

And that's what Liverpool need most right now: Suarez is the kind of added-value striker you need when you're competing to win the Champions League. That's not where Liverpool are. Barca treated Eric Abidal fairly: Barcelona received some stick for the fact that Eric Abidal wasn't offered a contract extension after making his return following his repeated battles against cancer. Instead, rather than a playing contract, he was offered a place on the club's backroom staff.

You can only admire Abidal's strength and courage in his fight against illness, as well as his contribution on the pitch over the years. But the fact of the matter is that Barcelona are running a business. Abidal turns 34 in July. During his illness, he didn't play for more than 13 months and tallied minutes of football this year after his return.

Jordi Alba is ahead of him at left back and at centre half; you'd think that Gerard Pique, Javier Mascherano and whichever new centre back Barca sign will be ahead of him too, possibly along with Marc Bartra and Carles Puyol. In those circumstances, can you really justify another year's wages? Milan fans will be happy that Max Allegri is going to continue as the boss, but are dismayed at the rather public nature of the haggling by Silvio Berlusconi.

Daniel Sturridge says friction with Luis Suárez helps Liverpool | Football | The Guardian

He's a class act. The last thing he deserves is to be treated like a charity case. Milan handles Allegri situation poorly: He's in, he's out, he's back. Max Allegri will return as manager of Milan next season, capping an extraordinary five weeks of U-turns and misdirection that makes you wonder whether the rossoneri have become as dysfunctional as their rivals across town.

Allegri survives -- for now It began when news leaked that club owner Silvio Berlusconi was ready to get rid of the manager. Multiple sources confirmed that it was all but a done deal. A definitive tete-a-tete between Berlusconi, Milan chief executive Adriano Galliani and Allegri was scheduled and twice postponed. It finally came to pass Sunday night as the trio gathered at Berlusconi's home, and official confirmation arrived at midnight.

Allegri would be staying but would not be getting a new contract. And all parties went through their "obligations and responsibilites" to each other, which in hindsight sounds like the kind of stuff a marriage counselor might come up with. The impression is that Galliani battled hard to change Berlusconi's mind on Allegri.