Sturridge and suarez relationship trust

The fire and the flair of Luis Suárez and Daniel Sturridge at Liverpool

sturridge and suarez relationship trust

Luis Suarez celebrates another goal for Liverpool better off in the long term without Luis Suarez, a player he believes “can't be trusted”. Female prison officer appears in court accused of relationship with inmateMirror Bets on Daniel Sturridge's move to West Brom form part of FA probeReds frontman. Former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has admitted he “cried” when Barcelona said they still wanted to sign him after the World Cup biting. In the season of autobiographies, it should not be a surprise that Luis Suarez has come out with one as well. The Uruguayan might be one of.

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Countless established defenders and goalkeepers were made to look foolish over the course of the season. There was little to be done when the pair descended upon a backline. This particular two-man show proved to be a sign of things to come.

Much of the beauty of the partnership that came to be known as SAS was the way in which it harnessed a certain volatility to such deadly effect.

sturridge and suarez relationship trust

The two strikers undeniably struck a chord, but it was at times a jarring one. Scoring was ostensibly the currency of both forwards and a kind of rivalry developed. If one decided to go up a level, the other instantly responded with a refusal to be outdone. A game against West Brom sticks particularly firmly in the mind. He opened the scoring with a trademark winding run through the defence, followed by a powerful finish into the corner.

sturridge and suarez relationship trust

The hat-trick was completed with a second header, a delicate glance into the far post from a corner. Few players would have even spotted the goalkeeper marginally off his line.

The technique to execute the chip to perfection was simply outrageous and ensured that Sturridge shared the headlines.

sturridge and suarez relationship trust

They were undeniably single-minded, and would never pass up a goal when presented with the opportunity, but this is what made them so good. Many classic partnerships have had a playmaker and a finisher, or some variation on the big man, little man approach that so dominated the thinking of English coaches in the s.

They were both complete forwards, equally adept at producing something out of nothing, and converting the chances when they came. Indeed, the partnership that developed was almost transactional; an assist created more than a goal — it created a debt.

It merited a response in kind, often an immediate one. In away matches at Stoke and Cardiff, in which Liverpool scored a combined 11 goals, Sturridge laid on goals for the Uruguayan only to be presented with tap-ins of his own later in the same games.

Invariably, this would prompt a celebration almost as iconic as the aforementioned wriggly arms: Suarez and Sturridge had more of a friendly rivalry than a friendship As for the effect on Liverpoolwho were without him again yesterday, it is worth pointing out that in the summer ofthere was still a debate among some as to whether you preferred Sturridge, with 24 goals in the previous season, or Luis Suarez, with Of course, Suarez was the established star of the show in but the English kid alongside him took your breath away at times too, with his determination to match his famous partner goal for goal despite having missed all of December through injury.

Since the summer ofand banned from playing for Barcelona until October of that year, Suarez has scored 35 goals in 57 games and won the treble with his new club last season. Sturridge has scored seven in 21 games for Liverpool in the same period. His last goal for England was against Italy in Manaus having gone to the World Cup as one of the most in-form strikers in the tournament. The world was a different place when he suffered that original thigh injury in training with England in August Brendan Rodgers and Ed Miliband were in the jobs they believed they were born to do.

Sam Burgess was still playing rugby league. Like all those long-term injured players whose return is a potential game-changer, there is a reluctance to let go of the potential that Sturridge once demonstrated.

The fire and the flair of Luis Suárez and Daniel Sturridge at Liverpool

It is as not if English football is churning out elite goalscorers so often that the occasional one can be discarded. Amid the penalty box chaos, Sturridge put the ball in the net with the easy calm of a man packing a weekend bag.

You could even forgive him his wriggly-arms goal celebration. With Suarez still serving his ten-match suspension for biting Branislav Ivanovic, Gerrard learned that Sturridge was carrying a thigh injury and was reluctant to play. The point Gerrard seems to be making is that it is never quite the case that an injury is the difference between playing and not playing, there is also the question of the confidence to play when you are not completely fit.