The core 2003 ending relationship

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the core 2003 ending relationship

Research and analysis into the fact and fiction in The Core movie as while the aircraft is in flight, contents inside the plane end up outside the plane. of The Core, visit the following web site The Core (), Intuitor which. The Core is a Disaster Movie (or possibly a Stealth Parody of same) directed GPS went on the fritz: instead of flying to London, they'd end up in Norway. The Core is a American science fiction disaster film directed by Jon Amiel and starring Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci, Tchéky.

After successful descent, they run into a snag when they breach a gigantic geode-like structure.

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The ship falls through the open space, crash-landing and damaging the laser drilling device. Keyes and Zimsky find out that they are in fact inside a cobalt cocoon full of amethyst.

the core 2003 ending relationship

During the repairs, Iverson is killed by falling crystal shards leaving Beck to pilot the ship to the Earth's core. They repair the ship and escape just before the geode collapses and magma pours in. As they dive further, a large diamond breaches the hull of the last compartment where Leveque is preparing the nuclear devices for activation; he sacrifices himself to make sure that Keyes has the launch codes as the compartment, no longer able to withstand the pressure, is ejected and crushed.

When they finally breach the molten core, the team performs a series of calculations and find that their original plan would fail to restart the core due to unexpected physical property differences concerning density of the fluid.

The team calculates that they can still restart the core by decoupling each compartment of Virgil at precise positions, timing the nuclear devices in each to go off to obtain the best force they can impart to the core. However, in order to separate the individual compartments, one member will have to enter the open area at the front of Virgil, which is exposed directly to the heat of the molten core and likely will not survive.

Brazzelton offers to do so and sacrifices himself to the cause, successfully throwing the switch.

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Meanwhile, on the surface, the public become aware of problems after a lightning superstorm appears over Rome and destroys the Colosseum and a patch of unfiltered sunlight over San Francisco melts the Golden Gate Bridge.

Rat is unable to stop the release of the news, but learns of a device called "D. Keyes learns that the DESTINI project was an attempt to propagate earthquakes through Earth's core as a weapon, but instead was the cause for stopping its rotation, and that Zimsky was a critical figure behind its design.

Zimsky reveals that the government will attempt to use the device again to try to restart the core, which could have disastrous results. Keyes gets Rat to disable the power to the device while they attempt to plot the proper locations for the detonations, long enough for the Virgil team to detach each compartment, planting the nuclear devices at key points in the molten core.

While Keyes and Zimsky activate the bombs, they realise that the blast won't be effective enough so they decide to restart the timers. While they do so, Zimsky is trapped in one of the compartments and must be left behind by Keyes and Childs. What protects them from the planet crushing forcing? Where do they get power?

How do they save themselves once they lose their engines?

the core 2003 ending relationship

It slices, it dices, it cuts a planet in half. But what really kills this movie is the overall laziness of the story. The story happens just as you expect, and that's it. There are no surprises, no interesting twists, no memorable moments, and no variances at all from what you would expect from your average low-budget disaster film shown on the Sci-Fi Channel.

And that is truly disappointing. Now in truth, I enjoy this film enough to watch it, but then I'm a fan of bad science fiction. But if you're looking for anything more than "Mega Storm 4" or "Attack of the Giant Killing Thingy," you will be disappointed. And that's too bad, because with the money and the cast invested in The Core, this one had potential. Although it may seem odd to list a point of entry for Virgil as part of the "Good Geology" section, it appears here because, if a ship could travel to Earth's core, then what better location to begin a journey?

This trench is not only closer to the ship's final destination but also a spot where the oceanic crust would be thinner and a ready-made crack, the trench itself, is present in the lithosphere where the Pacific Tectonic Plate is subducting under the Philippine Plate. However, the absurd side of the whole idea is that, although the Mariana Trench is a "bit" closer to the core than other locations might be, the overall distance that must be covered from the crust to mantle-core interface is so great that it virtually nullifies any advantages the Mariana Trench might offer.

In the movie, the reason for a cessation of motion was not a natural phenomenon. Rather, human interference, in the form of Project Destiny, was to have been the cause. Obviously, this is one of the science fiction aspects of the film and it cannot be argued. It is just part of the story. So, in reality, the outer core did not stop moving of its own accord.

It was interfered with. Is it possible for people to control such a huge mass of hot fluid 2, km below earth's surface? Given today's technology, in a word, no. However, it certainly did make for an exciting concept around which to base the movie. Earth's Magnetic Field Totally Breaks Down As long as the outer core is rotating and generating the electromagnetic dynamo which creates the Magnetic Field, then there will be no break down, nor decay, of this geomagnetic protection.

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Of course, the premise in the film was that the outer core did stop moving. In that case, how would the Magnetic Field be generated? Once again, this is the fictitious part of the story. Empty Space in the Mantle? Take another look at the pressure reference chart in the Interior of the Earth section above.

the core 2003 ending relationship

The pressure from overlying rocks increases the density of the rocks below. With an increase in depth, there is an increase in pressure and an increase in the density of rocks. How could there possibly be cavities of empty space within such a dense mantle?

In fact, at the outer core-inner core interface, iron solidifies even though temperatures are 11, degrees F. An increase in pressure raises a substance's melting point. This is the reason for the solid inner core, despite the fact that it exists at higher temperatures than the liquid outer core does. Amethyst Crystals Deep in the Mantle?

Keyes is amazed by the huge crystals inside the large mantle geode, or as Keyes put it "Gem Bubble", in which Virgil broke down. Nimsky states the crystals are Amethysts. As stated in the section above, empty space in the mantle is dubious indeed. Amethyst is a variety of the mineral quartz, silicon dioxide, SiO2. Bowen's Reaction Series clearly indicates that the first mineral to melt, also the last to form, in a series is quartz.

Quartz is stable at surface conditions and unstable under great pressure and at depth. How would quartz crystals withstand the 9, degree temperatures and tremendous pressure so deep inside Earth, even if there were a cavity in the mantle?

Mantle rocks are mafic in composition. They are abundant in the minerals pyroxene and olivine and lacking in the minerals quartz and orthoclase feldspar. And so, quartz-rich crystal formations have no business growing in the mantle in the first place. Of course, the fictitious large crystals made it a gorgeous place to break down, albeit dangerous.

Lava Molten rock begins to pour into the large geode where Virgil became stuck on a large crystal. Panic sets in and an immediate exit is critical. Serge Leveque says, "At this rate we have 2 minutes before the lava gets us".

Magma is the term for molten rock inside the earth and Lava is the name for molten rock when it flows on earth's surface. Therefore, the term lava was incorrectly used in this situation. Heard in the Control Center: The Hawaiian Islands formed from Hot Spot Volcanism, an unusually hot area in the mantle which causes partial melting of the upper mantle and oceanic crust as a tectonic plate passes over it.

the core 2003 ending relationship

The mantle is stationary but the plate moves. This results in volcanism that forms chains of islands Volcanic Island Arcs. Two tectonic plates do not meet at Hawaii. What may exist are cracks in the crust through which magma erupts. Better to have said that the terranauts simply road the magma flows until they exited at one of the cracks caused by Hot Spot Volcanism rather than imply that 2 lithospheric plates were responsible for an available exit.