The help aibileen and mae mobley relationship

Character Study | A Critical Review of the novel The Help

the help aibileen and mae mobley relationship

But at least with Aibileen's interactions with Mae Mobley and Skeeter and to some extent Minny's comic /caring relationship with Celia the. Considering all Aibileen's love, encouragement and education do you think her precious Mae Mobley will turn out differently than the examples her parents. Viola Davis as Aibileen and Octavia Spencer as Minny in the film The Help. “You is kind, you is smart. You is important.” Mae Mobley (Pg ). They are scared.

When my husband Clyde left me for that no-count hussy up on Farish Street, one they call Cocoa. I figured I better shut the door for good on that kind of business. Pg 22 What utter BS. Come to think of it, even though Minny is married, she really has no love interest either. No, the ladies whom love are gifted to with a halfway decent male are all the white characters, and they were the ones who practiced segregation!

That same type of non-threatening relationship exists between Aibileen and Mae Mobley, and also Minny and Celia.

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Unfortunately, that meant he was relegated to playing the same character in every film. Here are some of his best loved scenes with Shirley, and note his expression. That perpetual smile was almost a requirement for all blacks to have during segregation, entertainer or not.

But while Anne birth name Essie Mae Moody began cleaning houses and helping children with their homework at a young age, she stayed in school, earning her high school diploma and attending Natchez Junior College and then Tougaloo College.

Moody was awarded a full academic scholarship to Tougaloo after attending community college. Aibileen apparently never had any goals or dreams either, as evident in this passage from the novel: My granmama was a house slave. Her hands stay folded in her lap. That night I lay in bed thinking. I am so happy for Miss Skeeter.

She starting her whole life over.

the help aibileen and mae mobley relationship

Tears run down my temples into my ears, thinking about her walking down them big city avenues I seen on tee-vee with her long hair behind her. Pg From Page On our fifth session, Aibileen reads to me about the day Treelore died. She reads about how his broken body was thrown on the back of a pickup by the white foreman. They rolled him off the truck bed and the white men drove away.

So while Aibileen can have Mae Mobley reciting affirmations like this one: So Aibileen frames it in the form of a statement next. Before Aibileen can get Mae Mobley to recite another affirmation, the child runs after a dog hanging out in their yard.

the help aibileen and mae mobley relationship

Mae tells Aibileen that she loves her, and Aibileen has memories of Treelore. After while, Mae Mobley come over and press her cheek up to mine and just hold it there, like she know I be hurting. You a kind girl, Mae Mobley. Or I put him on my prayer list. Minny be hollering, things be flinging around, all the kids squawking. Pg Or this weak exchange, which makes no sense in light of the numerous beatings her good friend has taken: Plenty a black men leave their families behind like trash in a dump.

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We got the kids to think about. Pg And as it continues on: And that justifies punishment. You believe that line? I scowl down at the table. Some folks just made those up, long time ago. And that go for white trash and so-ciety ladies too. Because though Leroy rages, Aibileen only offers once to let Minny and the kids stay with her. Minny the Mouse that Roared. Although it seems that the stereotype of her being the comedic, bossy maid is winning out.

And in The Help, that person is Leroy. About Gretchen Pg She was trim in her uniform dress. She wore lipstick, the same color pink me and my friends wore. She spoke evenly and with care, like a white person.

You know that, right? Every little thing about you. Given me the heel on her bread. You are just as dumb as she is.

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And Skeeter thinks I want to ask her how much of what Gretchen said is true. See what I mean about the character of Aibileen not given the aibility to speak directly about issues? And to state that African-Americans at that time had a much different inner dialogue than what is portrayed seems somehow disingenuous.

Also, as this is a reconstruction of a time and place that no longer exists in the same form, certain poetic licenses are a given. Also, I have personal experiences to back up my statements. As such, please read on. I was one of the only white kids there, and I was fairly well accepted. I can remember much of the conversation that swirled around me as basically an observer. And I can tell you that since I was young and quiet, most people spoke about whatever was on their mind, as if I was not there.

And that goes both for adults and kids. Consequently, I heard a lot of very insightful dialogue on what people were actually thinking, and I can tell you that, while this was not the deep south, nevertheless many of the views that I overhead, and much of the language, were very similar as to what was portrayed in this novel.

Even worse though, many of the views that I heard espoused were just plain racist as concerned their attitudes and their views on other African-Americans, especially if they were older people talking about youger ones. However, many of their views on other, older African-American people were the most racist comments that I ever heard when I was growing up.

This shocked me quite a lot, considering my age from six-years-old until my teenage years. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me add a bit more background.

the help aibileen and mae mobley relationship

I did not understand what it meant. However, as I knew that it was said about a young African-American boy named, Ocie, who was my best friend, I turned to someone who I figured would know what it meant: She was always very kind to me, so I felt just fine about approaching her.

Also, one of her daughters, who was about my age, and who was my friend, had died of a heart defect a little while before this happened.

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However, when she tried to explain to me that her daughter could not come out to play with me, I did not understand. I was always a sensitive boy, and precocious far beyond my years. However, since my earliest memories were from Taiwan, where I was raised without television or any entertainment other than what mischief my friends and I could get into outside, I had no concept about the rest of the world.