The moon in relationship tarot

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the moon in relationship tarot

Hey everyone, I was wondering what everyone thought of the moon in regards to readings about relationships/love or feelings, I personally see. Does the Moon pertain to anything of "just being friends"? If you're curious, the 6th card for "Where I would like the relationship to go", for myself. In love and relationship readings, therefore, the appearance of the upright Moon tarot card tells you that your sixth sense is working. What you are feeling is true.

They have nothing to do with negativity. It is just your love working inside your body. In reversed position, the Moon tarot card often is said to be very negative! But I have to say that in readings I have done, the appearance of the Moon tarot card in reversed position signaled realistic view of the situation.

For instance, a woman I read for had a cheating boyfriend. When he was finally caught, for her, the Moon came reversed in the reading. What this meant for her? It meant that she was able to get a glimpse of his real character and thus her opinion about him changed. Apparently, many tarot card readers like to say that reversed Moon represents a psycho. I would like to mention here that it should not be taken for granted. The main keyword for the reversed Moon is truth.

All the cards made perfect sense to me and I was able to understand them, but for the 7th card, "Where the other person would like the relationship to go", I had "The Moon" here.

Or could this mean passionate?

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Does the Moon pertain to anything of "just being friends"? If you're curious, the 6th card for "Where I would like the relationship to go", for myself, I had "The Lovers" haha, got a good laugh out of that one. By the way, the way we met, I swear, is just so sychronistic and bizarre, and im convinced a tarot spread I did back in February pertains to the scenario.

the moon in relationship tarot

Doesnt really pertain to The Moon here, but if you're curious on a little backround info on what happened, here goes. I actually asked here when I was stumped on a physical description for 'The Hermit', one of the replies was 'someone who wears a hoodie?

the moon in relationship tarot

That thread is here: Pretty unusual for someone 22 years old. I never go to the doctor, this was going to be my second time in about 7 years, and a completely new-doctor at that.

I call, talk to the rep on the phone, she says the closest time available is Monday May 4th at 3: Monday May 4th rolls around.

The Moon Tarot Card and its Meaning

I get to the office at 3pm, fill out all the paperwork, insurance info, etc. Sissy decided to start working out to become strong. To her, this meant being super fit and muscular, letting her grey hair grow out, and being less embarrassed of her old scars.

I encouraged her to go for it. The Moon as a Card of Inspiration Sissy was having a great time working out, and began meeting new people. She went on a few dates, with more success, but she still felt only so-so about the men she was meeting.

the moon in relationship tarot

She came back for a reading, and the Moon card showed up again. The Moon can obscure reality, but if you play with the Moon instead of against her, she can be a source of tremendous inspiration and vision. As an exercise, once the board was finished, I asked her to meditate on the images for a few minutes each day and journal about her thoughts.

I also asked her to keep a dream journal—dreams are the tools of the Moon, after all. I kind of think I want to have a relationship with a woman. I asked her if she was open to this idea since it was important that she arrive at her own meaning for her visions.

I did validate the choice, if it was what she wanted.

the moon in relationship tarot