The tower of druaga ending relationship

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The Tower of Druaga ~the Aegis of Uruk~ – 12 (END) .. of his followers? why? what is the relationship between Kaaya and the King. could he. They never end up very good, so I can understand the fear for the gamer fans when this first came out. the tower of druaga the aegis of uruk opening of not knowing where the anime would go in relation to the games. The Tower of Druaga ~the Sword of Uruk~ – 12 (END) .. then there is Code Geass with the Ragnarok Connection, Naruto with the Moon's Eye.

And his bro being one step ahead in catching the ball is a metaphor to how he's always ahead of our MC. There's probably more hidden stuff in there, but that's what I noticed, anyway. Unfortunately for the game fans, they would have to wait even longer to see the true nature of this show: Episode 1 is actually a parody of itself and of fantasy action anime. The freakin' first episode does this. You can watch it right here in this blog, since Funimation has the whole first ep available on YouTube for free!

Did ya laugh your ass off?

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Cause I know I did xD But not all anime fans enjoyed this. In fact, lots were mad and dropped the show right away. There were so many great and hilarious moments here, though!

the tower of druaga ending relationship

The Gurren Lagann-ish reference at the end is fantastic lol. Between the troll openings, the parody first episode, and the uncertainty of not knowing where the anime would go in relation to the games There was too much going against the Druaga anime. But if you managed to make it through the first ep, you'd be suddenly thrusted into the real story in episode 2: It does have a bit of comedy, but it's nothing like the comedy seen in Ep 1.

It's a whole different anime, in fact. Towers are serious business My thoughts on the series in general? It was really really solid! It was for sure worth the watch, and the manga adaption is still being drawn to this very day ;D! What do you think of their trolls? Ruin the show's image for you?

The Tower of Druaga - The Sword of Uruk

So then the survivors of the first climb kind of broke up and mostly went their separate ways, with Fatina sticking close to Jil after she finds that she actually likes the "nice" brother more than the "douchebag" older brother — contrary to every girl I've ever met. Anyway, in these last 6 months King Gilgamesh starts acting like a complete tool: Typical asshole tyrant things.

the tower of druaga ending relationship

Kingy also has it declared that he was the one who defeated Druaga this time too, and he moves the capital of Uruk to Meskia, the city at the base of the ginormous Tower of DruagaI mean the renamed Tower of Gilgamesh.

During all this royal asshattery, and Fatina and Jil's budding relationship, the chibi-moppet Kai comes to town — Kai's a little girl who claims to be a powerful priestess who gives Jil some godawful powerful visions of a powerfully bad possible future wherein his brother and Kaaya meet gut-stabbingly powerfully hacked-up fates in the top floors of the Mythical Tower.

Kai is being chased by tons of people and armies though, and soon, in order to keep her safe — and to have another excuse to look for Kaaya — Jil talks some of his and Fatina's old comrades-in-arms and some new adventurers caught up in the whole fubar situation on a quest to get to the second tower floating above the main one in order to save his bro and poon-tang.

All your old favorites come back in SoU too. Honestly, I was about to go ape shit with my Kuupa withdrawal until she showed up with her master in episode 3, still as freakishly strong as ever.

All the different factions climbing up the Tower in search of either Kai or the prize at the top are pretty cool well, some start out douchey, but turn out to be pretty good people by the endand the Floor of Things Left Behind The episode featuring this special part of the Tower was probably the emotional keystone of the series. My main fear with SoU was that they were going to cop out on everything: It's all golden here; all that apprehension for nothin'. Yeah, it does have "floor of the week" syndrome for a few episodes, but SoU does something very different with each one, and by the time the multi-part ending rolls around you forget any shortcomings this series may have and just blow your load over its fantastic storytelling capabilities.

Tower of Druaga - the Sword of Uruk Episode 12 Discussion

Nobody was safe, the world and the gods' futures were at stake, and it all comes full circle with no cop-outs. Big American dance party. I wanted to climb the tower again just 2 minutes after ending it. It's just damn good. Everything about Sword of Uruk is better than Aegis of Uruk: Oh, and get this It's a goddamn FUN television show that knows that it's not high art, but just allows you to chill out for 12 episodes and simply enjoy yourself.

Man, starting up the first episode of SoU was just like bumping into some old friends who you used to get tanked and go panty raiding with every Friday night in college, only now, after revisiting them, you realize that those old times were not only re-livable, but actually even MORE fun now that you can afford to buy tons more alcohol and hang out in high-class strip joints. Yes, the Sword of Uruk is like a goddamn high-class titty bar. What'd I think of The Tower of Druaga: