The vampire diaries 5x11 ending relationship

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the vampire diaries 5x11 ending relationship

This community is for people who ship the girls of The Vampire Diaries together. of cheering her up, and advancing their relationship; set sometime before 3x22 . -Alternate ending to 5X11 sort of- Katherine is dying from the cure, but a visit. A month without The Vampire Diaries was just enough time to . Hopefully that ultimatum isn't the be all end all of their relationship, but it. " Years of Solitude" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of the American series The While searching, Caroline finds out about Bonnie and Jeremy's relationship and The episode ends with Elena and Katherine in the bedroom. The th episode of The Vampire Diaries might not be perfect, but it's fun and .

Katherine sex has allowed him to truly move on. The aside to the travelers plot was a little forced, but all the awesomeness around it makes it ok.

Yeah Stefan and Elena seem to be in some sort of danger, but whatever! The perfect place for deep relationship talk is always while being chanted at in Czech. Everything she said last night was amazing.

Everyone has been a little behind on the happenings in Mystic Falls and Caroline was the perfect person to spill all the news. The th episode promised a ton of familiar faces, but the only guaranteed appearance was Klaus. Klaroline was never going to be a real thing. When it comes down to it Klaus is still a crazy psycho, but they definitely deserved a little fun in the forest. She needs someone with more passion.

Elijah may be the king of old school wedding dress buttons, but Klaus is the king of camisoles. Matt may have been buried alive, but he got to see his two favorite people: They have this understanding between them that would make a great YA novel.

It was also nice to see Matt and Jeremy back at work and Damon back at his regular chair at the Grill. The best part of which was, of course, Alaric.

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Any chance we have to see Alaric, we will latch on to for months until he inevitably comes back for a drink. While it would be great to have episode after episode of nothing but family drinking games in the Salvatore living room with all the dearly departed, time in Mystic Falls must, alas, move forward. There are so many plot lines at the moment that the overall arc of the season is still aimless.

It feels nice and poetic to the show, obviously. Did you draw any inspiration from any particular series finales going into this? Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Their Stories Caroline ends up being the only vampire left by the end of the finale, which makes quite a bit of sense, considering how much vampirism always suited her better. Was that an intentional choice or just happenstance? And her school is the orphanage. It was very important that we get to have a beautiful final emotionally romantic moment — not romance in the way that you understand it, but an emotionally romantic moment — between Stefan and Elena.

And a goodbye that did them service as a couple that we had loved so much. Those are the two off the top of my head that were important.

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What was your personal favorite callback to the past seasons in this episode? Every time I see that [Stefan] moment, I am at my happiest and most tearful, because I just think that friendship was so beautiful. Lexi was such a potent character; that song means so much to Stefan and Elena, as it ended our pilot. That almost ended up on a cutting room floor, that scene. Can you say what else was cut? Just, honestly, little sections and moments along the way.

There were a couple of montage pieces of people walking and brooding, and that ended up on the cutting room floor. The farewell scene at the cemetery had each individual character laying down an item in memory of Stefan. Matt laid down his vervain bracelet, Elena laid down her necklace.

You can see them all there in that last shot on the stump. But we had a much longer goodbye montage that went away.


A lot of painful cuts, but nothing that takes away from the overall completion of the story. Were Matt and his dad really planning to die with Vicki and Mystic Falls, assuming the hellfire engulfed the town? I think that they were intending to be the captain of the ship as it went down, like last men standing. They believed in Bonnie. They believed that what she was going to try to do could work. But there was a risk that they would also go up in flames.

the vampire diaries 5x11 ending relationship

What was it like having Nina Dobrev back on set and getting back into that Elena and Katherine groove? Nina jumped right back in. It took her all of about six minutes to be comfortable in both characters again. And it was a real delight. She came prepared, and she came emotional, and she came full of love and excitement and really made it a lot of fun for us.

When Katherine is going on about her diabolical plan, she points out that she had Cade wrapped around her finger from the minute she set foot in Hell and was the reason he went after the Salvatores in the first place.

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We know Katherine can charm anyone, but even the Devil? When we started talking about Katherine being the puppet master, we loved the idea that she had shown up in Hell — which is the worst place in the entire universe — and somehow managed to Katherine Pierce her way out of suffering. And not just get out of suffering, but then ultimately charm, woo, manipulate the Devil himself. It just seemed fitting for her character. But how long do you think Damon and Elena ended up living in their rich, fulfilled lives together?

Did they have children? Elena became a doctor, as planned, but what did Damon do with his humanity? I have a lot of different versions of what they had together over the decades. How exactly are the young and gifted chosen? You also directed this episode. What was the most emotionally draining scene to direct? Or even just the most difficult scene?

The most difficult day was the day in the tomb.

the vampire diaries 5x11 ending relationship

It was an entire day in the tomb, and it began with a relatively simple scene between Stefan, Damon, and Katherine.