Tidus and yuna ending a relationship

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tidus and yuna ending a relationship

I hear they break up in this story called Final Fantasy X Will. So lets put aside that Tidus and Yuna don't have the perfect relationship. Jul 23, At the end of X Tidus becomes the self-sacrificing one with the dark fate. It really does feel like it's their first relationship ever in life and it. Feb 14, But it's not the beginning and the end that matter, it's the middle part, all the time Today's couple is like that: Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X. Instead, I shall summarize the high points of Yuna and Tidus' relationship.

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Some loves end because of boredom, or because of infidelity, or because of growing apart. Some loves end in tragedy. But it's not the beginning and the end that matter, it's the middle part, all the time spent together, all the joy shared. Some romances are like a firework, a bright flash in the night, gone just as soon as it lights up.

Today's couple is like that: Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X.

Tidus on the left, Yuna on the right. Tidus is a guy, in case any of you didn't know.

tidus and yuna ending a relationship

I've summarized the story of Final Fantasy 10 before, so I scarcely believe it necessary to do so again. Instead, I shall summarize the high points of Yuna and Tidus' relationship. The two met when Tidus found out that Yuna had been locked in Beaaid's Cloyster of Trials for three days. Not knowing that Yuna was simply taking longer than expected for a ritual where she would officially become Summoner, Tidus decided to burst into the Cloyster to save the girl whose name he didn't even know.

When Tidus arrived, he found Yuna on the verge of collapsing, but proud of herself for having achieved her mission. And that is how Tidus met Yuna. The next day, Yuna had to leave for Killika Island, the next stepping stone in her Summoner's Pilgrimage.

Tidus tags along because he and Wakka, Yuna's guardian, were going to the city of Luca to play in the Blitzball tournament. During the trip, Tidus and Yuna have their first real conversation, wherein the two talk about their famous fathers.

Yuna's father was a High Summoner who defeated Sin and brought the Calm, which lasted less than a year; Tidus' father was the star blitzball player of Zanarkand, and an ass. On Killika, Tidus unofficially becomes Yuna's new guardian, meaning her safety is in his hands, alongside Lulu's, Wakka's, and Kimahri's.

During the tournament, Yuna gets kidnapped by some Al Bhed, but Tidus rescues her. Thus the two grow closer together as the journey continues. Tidus continues lending Yuna his support, and of all her guardians, she is shown spending most of her time with Tidus. As the journey continues, Tidus begins making promises to Yuna, such as taking her back to all the places they had visited once the Pilgrimage had ended and Sin was defeated.

He'll come to regret that later When Seymour Guado, a big shot in the Yevon religion, asks Yuna for marriage, Tidus is quick to ask her if that is what she wants. She assures him it is. Though he does have his reservations regarding this revelation, he supports her regardless. When it is discovered Seymour killed his father, Jyscal Guado, Tidus is quick to condemn the wedding.

tidus and yuna ending a relationship

Thus, Tidus sets out to rescue Yuna from Seymour's clutches. Seymour had kidnapped Yuna, who had changed her mind about the marriage, and forced her to marry him.

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In what may well be his finest moment, Tidus crashes the wedding by grinding down a cable from an airship unto the city of Bevelle, intending to destroy Seymour if that was what it took to save Yuna. When Tidus found out the truth about Yuna's pilgrimage, that she'll die at the end of it, he was devastated and regretful of every promise he had made her. She confided in him the fear she felt in her heart, her fear of dying.

But she also confided in him how much more afraid she was of letting everyone down, and how she couldn't quit. Tidus promises to be by her side, always. Having encountered the truth about Sin, that he can only be destroyed by sending Yu Yevon, its summoner, to the afterlife, Tidus discovers that doing so will destroy him as well. Not wanting to worry Yuna, Tidus keeps this tidbit a secret from her, choosing the needs of the many over the need of one.

When Yuna defeats Yu Yevon once and for all, Tidus disappears from the world, but not without a final goodbye.

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On its surface, the story of Tidus and Yuna isn't that impressive, but that's due to the fact that a love story summarized NEVER sounds good. After recording Final Fantasy X, Taylor said that he would enjoy voicing Tidus again; the character was "like an old friend to me now.

I know so much more about him now than I did when we first started, knowing hardly anything about him. I would really hate it if anybody else voiced him". He said that although there were things he would change about his performance such as the scene where Tidus and Yuna begin laughing togetherhe was grateful for the warm fan reception of his work. Smith was confused by Morita and Mayuko Aoki 's performance, but after discussing it with Nojima he found it well done in both languages and called it "awkward" and "funny".

Sin transports Tidus and Jecht's friend, Auronto the world of Spira. If Sin is permanently defeated, the summoning of Dream Zanarkand and its people including Tidus will cease.

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They eventually find Jecht whom they must defeat to eliminate Sin[52] and Tidus makes peace with his father in the aftermath. As he vanishes, Tidus says goodbye to his friends and joins the spirits of Auron, Jecht and Braska in the afterlife. Two years after the events of Final Fantasy X, Yuna sees a sphere with a young man resembling Tidus trapped in a prison. She joins the Gullwings, a sphere-hunting group, and travels around Spira in the hope of finding more clues that Tidus is alive.

An extra episode, set after the original game's play-through, reveals that he is living in Besaid with Yuna. An illusion of Tidus also appears as a boss character. Although he does not fully understand that he is not the fayth's dream, Tidus feels that disappearing would be preferable to making Yuna cry again. Will in which Tidus is a new blitzball star who appears to be concealing an injury.

After Yuna breaks up with him, Tidus helps her on a quest to defeat a reborn Sin. The character makes a cameo appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Trapped in an underworld-like place known as Palamecia, Tidus joins forces with a warrior known as Wol. The two join on a quest to become fully Warrior of Light though Tidus uses as a distraction since he does not care about his own well-being, satisfied with his actions in Spira. After seeing one of Yuna's creatures disappear from Palamecia, Tidus decides to search for a way to return to Spira.

Following more battles, Tidus finds a crystal which allows him to be teleported back to the world. Kasavin wrote that Tidus had the "surprising depth" characteristic of past Final Fantasy protagonists, and called the game's ending "emotionally charged and satisfying". The staff of IGN noted differences in appearance between them, contrasting Squall's dark-colored outfit and "permanent mope" with Tidus' brighter outfit and weapon and "an indelible grin".

Although fans criticised the laughter as too forced, Taylor stated that it was an intentionally "awkward, goofy, dumb laugh.

tidus and yuna ending a relationship