Tigress and po relationship counseling

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tigress and po relationship counseling

tigress and po by omarcafini.info on @DeviantArt . Kung Fu Panda I love the whole panda-goose relationship haha. the way Tigress deals with this is 50 Activities and Games Dealing With Anger Counseling, Play Therapy. Tigress and Po in kung fu panda as the helpful sibling during the primary program. Well, if my Because that's what counselors are for. Thanks. In a couple of other episodes both po and tigress interact quite a lot in a lot of different ways. Tigress also dosn't hate po she just finds him.

Why not leave her and go with the secretary? It was a mistake not to use a prenup. And the secretary wasn't looking for a permanent relationship.

While his marriage was a complete facade, he had long lost any kind of sympathetic compassion for his wife to try anything. He had been married for 10 years and the last two had been anything but romantic or loving.

Crowmiser has canceled her appointment," The secretary replied, fixing her dress.

tigress and po relationship counseling

Crane worked as a psychologist and counselor. The falcon rolled her eyes. Remember, she wanted you to look into her boyfriend? What's wrong with him? She wants you to see if talking to him will help," the secretary replied, "You know since you're a good friend and all. Tigress, his friend from college, was the inventor of the Meishenme, and she became a billionaire off of it.

She also threw awesome apartment parties. Crane knew that Tigress herself didn't like the parties, but her close friends did and they would convince her to host them because "She needed a 'lucky' break. Tigress told them that she stopped the parties for his sake, but she wouldn't explain any further than that.

Crane just saw this guy as a party pooper. He saw the parties as a way to get away from his situation at home. Like having sex with the falcon wasn't doing that enough.

In the bird's mind, the guy was probably some old, religious, or overall jerk that wanted Tigress for her money. The large loft that Tigress lived in had noise-canceling pads on the walls. She was on the top level, so no one upstairs could argue. The only weak spot was the floor, which her boyfriend was underneath and absolutely no one was on that floor but him.

But Crane had to give it to this guy. Most of Tigress's boyfriends didn't last for three full years. Maybe he was special. Crane gave a short chuckle. He looked up from his paper to see a large young panda that was a little on the lean side.

He looked pretty fit for a panda and smallish too, even though he was taller than Crane. He was pretty good at acting.

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The panda walked in with a big goofy smile. This person didn't look like the kind to have any stress or anxiety. Then again, looks are deceiving.

Kung Fu Panda: Tigress vs Po

The panda walked into his office and sat down on the couch. Po will do," The panda replied.

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You've been dating Tigress for a while and she says you have acid reflux and that it's stress-induced? Too many past problems. This panda may be more special than Crane first thought. Well, my dad was a panda, but interestingly my mom was a grizzly. She died giving birth to me. Anyways, my dad and I were always very close. He would always tell me about the wonders of marriage. I also crushed very easily. I didn't realize it until later, but a few women were taking advantage of me as well.

I guess I allowed that because I wanted the marriage my father had with his wife. Po seems to admire how hardcore Tigress acts. Po tries not to let Tigress worry about him, trying to act tough and emotionless like her. This is possibly to impress her. He says it's because he wanted answers about his family.

He wants to go to Shen again for answers, ignoring her orders to stay at the jail, saying "the hardcore can't understand". She then gives him a hug, saying "the hardcore do understand, but I can't watch my friend be killed.

When Monkey mentions that Po would want them to remain "Strong, hardcore. During the final battle at the harbor, when Shen is about to shoot Po with his big cannon, Tigress pushes him out of the way, trying to take the shot for him. When Tigress is drifting in the water, Po swims up to her for a moment and holds her paw, trying to make sure she's still alive.

When Po swims away, she reaches out to him. After Po defeats Shen, she pulls him up onto the boat out of the water, complimenting him on how hardcore he was. He responds by giving her a hug, although she does not show much reaction to it, other than surprise. She later puts a paw on his shoulder and watches the Fireworks with a smile on her face. Ping for their holiday celebration, Tigress was the only one who said "Happy Holiday" right to Po.

Legends of Awesomeness Another from the episode "Master Ping". From Episode "Master Ping" It should be noted that Legends of Awesomeness are considered a different canon from the story of the films.

tigress and po relationship counseling

In "Chain Reaction", when Tigress is hungry, Po tries to get her an apple, which she thanks him for. Po respons with that she may be a great warrior, but that she stinks at friendship and "funship". But during thier battle with the crocodiles she apologized to Po and they used thier abilities together. After the battle they smile at each other.

Tigress also said that Po was the "right" Dragon Warrior. In Bad Po when Po's evil side is created, he constantly flirts with Tigress, much to her annoyance. Po' s good side also is extremely nice to Tigress by commenting on how shiny her fur is to offering to clean up her room. In "Master Ping", Tigress is seen leaning on Po while sleeping, although she punches him in the face when he taps her to waken her. Not too long after, she falls asleep against Po again.

tigress and po relationship counseling

Tigress slightly said "yes" and stuttered. In " Maltese Mantis"While Po was having a pep talk with his action figures Po leaves out the Tigress figure who he makes continuously rant on how " awesome" he is until, not even seconds later Crane and Tigress appeared.