Tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka relationship test

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tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka relationship test

(OC) is in a romantic relationship with a character you like +4 +5 if it's absolutely OOC from characters point of view (like Kaneki, Touka, etc). Tokyo Ghoul: Every time Touka eats Yoriko's cooking, solely because she cares about between Kaneki and Hinami, from the very start of their relationship with him . scenes from his time as an imprisoned test subject in Kanou's laboratory. It does seem like a budding romantic relationship, although it's sometimes a love- hate one (the bridge Touka and Kaneki, went at it, awkward and rough.

When her mother is murdered by CCG investigator Kureo Mado, she and Touka are forced to kill him in turn, initiating Hinami into the violence that follows life as a Ghoul. An upperclassman at Kaneki's college and one of the first Ghouls that he meets.

While they were enemies at first, the two come to an understanding in order to rescue Nishiki's human girlfriend. A quiet older brother figure in Anteiku. He still hangs out with Touka post-time skip. Anteiku's boss and owner. He advocates for peaceful relations between humans and Ghouls, using his exceptional strength to maintain Anteiku's status as a neutral power in the Ghoul turf wars.

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Some time in the past, he fathered a half-human child, who's currently the Aogiri Tree member Eto. Unfortunately, they don't care much to distinguish between violent and non-violent targets. A young investigator and the series' deuteragonist. While he starts out the series hating Ghouls due to a traumatic experience in his childhood, his encounters with Kaneki have led to him question that hatred. He's left distraught after the death of his first partner and surrogate father-figure, Kureo Mado.

Afterward, he forms a strong quasi-romantic bond with his new partner, Mado's daughter Akira. He's MIA after the final battle. A talented young investigator who takes up her father's position after his death. While she starts off resenting Amon for failing to save her dad, they end up working through their grief together and form a strong personal bond.

She survived the final battle. A strange young man who was raised by Ghouls to participate in gladiatorial death matches.

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At some point, the CCG rescued him and decided to put his psychopathic skills to use in hunting Ghouls. While his trauma has left him with a childish demeanor and morbid interests, he begins to heal by forming a parent-child relationship with his senior partner. While that partner is left comatose following the final battle, Juuzou lives to fight another day. A good-natured young investigator from the same graduating class as Akira who harbors an inferiority complex to her and Amon.

He takes out a surrendered Kaneki during the final battle. Besides participating in basic turf wars, they seem to be cooking up a greater scheme for even more power. They're led by two legendarily dangerous Ghouls: This executive of the gang has the appearance of a small and friendly woman.

In the second season, she's revealed to be Yoshimura's half-breed daughter, as well as the most dangerous Ghoul ever encountered by the CCG, the One-Eyed Owl.

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She's also an acclaimed author — Kaneki's favorite, in fact — under the pen-name Sen Takatsuki. That's quite an accomplished life for a person who isn't even out of their 20's.

Otherwise, Eto appears to be in the know about whatever massive scheme is going on behind the scenes. Touka's estranged brother who disagrees with her affection for humans, after losing their father to tragedy as a child. He's got some serious anger issues. Not much else is yet known. Probably Hot Topic enthusiasts. Yomo's old acquaintance who makes masks for other Ghouls.

So he's probably a bad guy of unknown intent. The beautiful Ghoul girl who tried to kill and eat Kaneki at the beginning of the series. Kaneki has her Ghoul organs and kagune now. When Kaneki is having a psychotic break, she'll sometimes show up in his mind to taunt him. Her background remains tantalizingly mysterious. As an important adaptational note, the manga but not the anime revealed that she's actually not dead and currently being held captive as material for making more artificial Ghouls.

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Kaneki rescued her from this at some point, and now I think Yomo is looking after her. It remains to be seen whether this will be addressed in the anime adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki's best friend since childhood.

While he's easily mistaken for a ditzy goofball, he's actually quite intelligent and perceptive. When Kaneki vanishes at the end of the first season, Hide realizes that he's probably become a Ghoul and infiltrates the CCG to try and find him. During the final battle, Hide reunites with his friend and manages to soothe his aching soul, but at the cost of his own life.

After taking an interest in Kaneki's unique anatomy, he keeps trying to kill and eat our hero, but he gets repeatedly foiled. At his refusal to eat human meat, she thought him a fool despite being aware he was formally human and beat him up, refusing to show him any compassion. When Kaneki joined Anteiku, she had little patience for his mistakes and lack of knowledge of ghoul-related affairs, much to his dismay.

Despite her constant annoyance with him, she would teach him more of what living as a ghoul meant. Her incessant anger towards him however, caused Kaneki to thought of her as scary, until Uta shared how hard a worker she was and he began to think of her as less frightening. The two then found middle ground in their care for Hinami after her mother's death. The event had triggered a desire in Kaneki to become stronger.

Thereafter, she agreed to train and instruct him on how to use his kagune. During this time, Kaneki developed his concern for her due to her impulsiveness and a fear that she would die without him knowing. She becomes friendlier towards him, though she still maintained her tough attitude towards him.

Kaneki in turn viewed her as someone important to him and tries to put her out of harm's way. He responded aggressively to anyone who had hurt her, shown when he broke half of Ayato's bones for hurting Touka and held back from killing him because doing so would only hurt Touka more. Upon leaving Anteiku, Kaneki stayed true to his intent to preserve her safety and protect her, shown when he refused to allow her to come with him and avoided her during the months he was away.

He believed that she was better off not getting involved in the world he chose to become a part of and their first reunion however, concluded in an argument and Touka beating him up. The taste of her coffee had brought him to tears and he thought that she was very beautiful. From then, Sasaki developed an infatuation for Touka and would visit: Touka noted that at the time, he looked at her with the same gaze he looked at Rize in the past.

After regaining his memories, Kaneki met Touka in Cochlea and he remarked internally that she's cruel and was brought to tears once again. As the One-Eyed King, he reverts back to his post-Aogiri treatment towards her, continuing his distance from her and would repeatedly exclude her from combat and operations of Goat, much to her disappointment and confusion. Some time later during a private talk between the two, she asks about this and his virginity — causing him some obvious nervousness and discomfort.

Together, they discover their fears of losing the other were mutual. And in the conversation Touka brought up the look he gave her as Sasaki, a look that Touka admitted made her happy, indicating the romantic feelings between them. After escaping from the onslaught by Mutsuki, Aura and the Oggai, Touka kisses Kaneki which leads to the two of them consummating their relationship.

tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka relationship test

Shuu Tsukiyama When they meet at Anteiku, Kaneki's first impression of Tsukiyama is that he looks like a model. Even though the others try to convince him that Tsukiyama is bad news, Kaneki still thinks that he seems like a person who he can trust. He goes along with him to have coffee, then plays a game of squash with him without realizing that Tsukiyama is priming him as a meal.

tokyo ghoul kaneki and touka relationship test

After Tsukiyama's plot is exposed, he feels betrayed by him and becomes wary of him. After escaping from the Aogiri hideout, Kaneki accepts him into his group, believing that Tsukiyama would make for a powerful ally. His advanced strength makes him stronger than Tsukiyama, so he uses that to threaten him into knowing his place.

He is still aware that Tsukiyama wishes to eat him even if he tries to hide it, but Kaneki never shows concern for his own safety, trusting that his strength will intimidate Tsukiyama and keep him in check.