Vietnam and russia relationship

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vietnam and russia relationship

Russia-Vietnam Military Ties in the Spotlight. The visit of Vietnam's defense minister has once again put the focus on one of Vietnam's traditional relationships. Part 1 examines Russia's traditional interests in the region and its closer relationship with Vietnam. Recent challenges in exporting energy to. While the official agenda of the visit of Vietnam's powerful top party official to Russia last week was wide-ranging, the headlines that emerged.

vietnam and russia relationship

Putin visited Vietnam for three times. Former President and now Prime Minister D. Medvedev also paid two official visits to Vietnam. Officials at various levels have often met to discuss cooperation and measures to accelerate cooperation between the two countries.

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The two deputy foreign ministries have met regularly every year to discuss strategic issues and coordination in the international arena. The special features of Vietnam-Russia bilateral relations since the collapse of the Soviet Union is that relations were no longer based on ideology but on the principle of mutual trust and mutual benefit.

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Former President and current PM D. Gregory Lokshin, a Russian analyst of international politics, commented on the nature of Russia-Vietnam relations today: It is joint action and coordination, unified effort under the common goal of development, finding solutions for common problems, and dealing with the common challenges of our time. The two sides support the full implementation of the Declaration of parties on the Conduct in the East Sea in and towards the establishment of the Code of Conduct of Parties in the East Sea.

The mechanism of this relationship has changed radically, from ask-give to mutual benefit.

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This mechanism worked effectively, especially in the oil and gas industry, when Vietnam has invested in a number of oil fields in Siberia. Russia-Vietnam cooperation is also reflected in "sensitive" fields such as security and defense. NDO — The Vietnam - Russia relationship, with its good tradition of friendship, respect, deep trust and mutual assistance, has overcome many challenges and is reaching new heights, according to Russian Ambassador to Vietnam, Konstantin Vnukov.

In his article, Vnukov said that the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic on June 12,initiated fundamental reforms in Russia, aimed at building an effective market economy, improving social security, and consolidating democracy and national status in the international arena. In the past few years, Russia has achieved impressive results despite Western sanctions.

In economic development, import substitution policies are being implemented effectively and Russia is becoming increasingly self-confident as an exporter of agricultural products. The high operational readiness of its armed forces guarantees national security, he wrote, adding that thanks to large-scale modernisation, the Russian military has been capable of effectively responding to any threats, including international terrorism.

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This has been demonstrated by the highly effective operation of the Russian military units in Syria. Russia is a prosperous country with a stable political system, Vnukov said, adding that in March, Russia's presidential election took place, with President Vladimir Putin achieving an overwhelming victory.

vietnam and russia relationship

This is a testimony to the people's trust in their government and to the social unity, regardless of their ethnic origin, creed and social status, the diplomat affirmed. Russian artists perform at a concert event in Hanoi.

vietnam and russia relationship

NDO Russia is an active participant in global and regional processes, ready to cooperate with all countries in the world. Next September, the Eastern Economic Forum will take place in Vladivostok and the Russian ambassador expressed his wish that the event would witness a large delegation from Vietnam in attendance.

vietnam and russia relationship