Wes and jen relationship part 2

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wes and jen relationship part 2

Power Rangers Time Force is an American television series and the ninth season of the Power Alex's fiancé Jen, as well as Time Force members Lucas, Katie, and Trip, Alex then briefly leads the team, but his relationship with the Rangers They later meet the Rangers from Power Rangers Wild Force in the two-part. Wes and Jen's relationship Part 2. იანვარი 27, I don't own anything. Wes and Jen throughout Time Force. Wes and Jen's Relationship 8. თებერვალი By this time, Eric, Wes, Jen, and Taylor have joined Space Patrol Delta . Relationship" the sequel "Nature of a Ranger" will be up on 2/16/

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He then aimed it at Mirloc. Then Mirloc was placed inside of the jail cards. Eric then ran over to Wes.

wes and jen relationship part 2

Tears were falling down Jen's face as Wes looked at Eric. Train him for me, please," Wes insisted. Eric nodded his head slowly. Wes then looked up at Jen with a smile.

Then he closed his eyes.

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Eric checked for a pulse. He then picked up the card that Mirloc was locked in and they got Wes to the hospital.

wes and jen relationship part 2

Silver Hills Hospital Jen was holding Wes's helmet when the doctor came out. The doctor sighed as he sat Jen down.

wes and jen relationship part 2

Collins, your husband was hit with a deadly blow when he stopped that monster from killing Mr. He has lapsed into a coma…but the chance of him ever coming out of the coma isn't very good," the doctor explained.

wes and jen relationship part 2

The doctor looked at Eric. His head suffered a lot of trauma. It caused plenty of swelling in the brain and that's what caused him to lapse into the coma," he explained.

Jen dropped Wes's helmet and started to cry.

Wes and Jen's relationship Part 2

Taylor sat beside Jen and pulled her into a hug. Eric was in shock and sat down. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. His best friend fell into a coma and the chances of him ever coming out of it was slim.

They might as well should've told Jen that her husband was dead. Later that evening, Taylor walked by the guest room to see Jen stroking Sky's hair.

The poor boy cried himself to sleep after telling the boy that Wes was dead. She didn't want to give the boy hope about Wes ever coming out of the coma. So they just told him that Wes was killed in battle. He heavily criticizes the Rangers and his single-minded determination to destroy Frax's siphon nearly kills the Rangers before Wes saves them.

After being told off by Jen and the other Rangers and witnessing Wes destroy the siphon, he gives Wes back the Morpher and leaves.

wes and jen relationship part 2

While the Rangers easily destroy Drangontron under Wes' leadership who, unlike Alex, is not questioned even when he doesn't reveal his plansAlex seems to change his attitude a bit, using future technology to save Mr. Collins rather than let him die. He returns to the future, apologizing for his actions and saying Wes changed his outlook on the future. He later sends Wes the Strata Cycle after learning from Circuit that Jen is in trouble, entrusting her care to Wes since he can't be there to save her himself.

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Later, he interferes with Circuit's memory circuits when he tries to tell the Rangers the future, causing Circuit to lose confidence in himself until Alex contacts him and explains, saying the Rangers must not know the future. When the city comes under threat from DoomtronAlex sends the Time Ship back to pick up the Rangers because it will be too dangerous for them to stay and gets annoyed when they refuse to leave. When they return, he takes them to have their memories of the past wiped due to Time Force policy and reveals Wes died saving the city.

Jen ultimately refuses to have her memories wiped and decides to go help Wes. Alex refuses at first, but Jen returns his ring to him, something that visibly hurts him before she and the other Rangers take off.

Finally, but sadly accepting her decision, he advises them to use the Megazord in Jet Mode to reach the past instead of the Time Ship as the Megazord has the best chance of reaching the past. Personality Compared to his ancestor Wes, Alex is known to be very obsessed with his job by-the-book, and doesn't like to break or bend rules or go outside the box. This worsened with the fact where Alex also lacked the experience in working with his fellow Rangers as a team, something that his ancestor Wes is better at.

That's until Wes taught him at least some of the error of his ways however, as he saved Mr.