What do you like and dislike in a relationship

What are your likes and dislikes in a relationship

what do you like and dislike in a relationship

Acting like you're cool in front of your friends, when really you're a mushball. Constantly monitoring what we do, where we go, who we meet. Dislikes: Policing, Clinginess, Restriction. You too like better thing share grin. Re: What Are Your Likes And Dislikes In A Relationship by. 25 Things All Women Want, Need And Dislike In A Relationship You don't need a man around and you can do whatever you want to do and anything that . so all women should definitely walk away from someone like this.

It also means that he's a pretty negative person, which is never a quality that is attractive.

what do you like and dislike in a relationship

You probably want to enjoy the company of the guy that you're with what a concept It's never going to be a good time and that's all there is to it. A Career-Oriented Person All women want to date someone who is really into his career.

Sure, you don't want a guy who is so obsessed with work that it's all he talks about and if his job is especially boring, that's a recipe for disaster. And you definitely don't want a guy who is so into work that he cancels on you all the time. But being career-oriented is still a good quality for a potential boyfriend to have. You want to make sure that you're choosing to be with a person who cares about his future. He should have a great work ethic, just like you, because then you'll be able to relate to him and respect him.

You just want to be sure that he's motivated and inspired on a regular basis. Those are super attractive qualities. A Family Oriented-Guy You for sure need to find a guy who is into family. This means that he loves his own family and there is no bad blood because that makes holidays, and especially Christmas, AF and no one wants that.

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And that also means that he enjoys the experience of getting to know your family and wants to be a part of it. A guy who hates his family is kind of sketchy. You have to wonder why he's so negative about them and if he's the one who is the big problem, not them.

Plus, you really don't want to date a guy who has tons of family tension and conflict. You're going to get caught in the middle and that's not a position that you ever want to be in. If you date a guy who only cares about one thing, you're going to feel super used and just horrible in general. You don't deserve that. It's also kind of ridiculous when guys are like this because you want to shake them and go, "It's This is not appropriate behavior.

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They're not respectful and they're definitely not nice. It's just not the kind of situation that you need to put yourself in. Also, this type of guy is probably not looking for a real relationship anyway, so you're just going to find yourself annoyed and frustrated and hurt. Every woman definitely hates a guy who only thinks about one thing.

The funny thing about cuddling is that a lot of women think that guys hate it and will refuse to do it In fact, a lot of guys actually like cuddling more than their girlfriends even do. They really enjoy curling up on the couch with a movie or TV show and, of course, the woman that they love. Cuddling is a truly special thing. It's intimate and lovely and makes you feel super close to your boyfriend, and it should be a big part of your relationship for sure.

You always want to find a guy who loves to cuddle. There are really no exceptions to this rule. It should be on your list of criteria.

Girls: What do you like/dislike in a relationship?

You don't want to date a guy who hates talking about that and doesn't ever want to even entertain the idea that you two would be dating a year from now.

All woman need a boyfriend who thinks about the future and, most importantly of all, has no problem talking about it. You also need a guy who brings this kind of stuff up first. When your boyfriend asks you to be his girlfriend, tells you that he loves you, says that things are going great, tells you that he wants you to meet his family, and talks about moving in together, you can be sure that he really means it all.

If you bring it up first, you'll never know if he's simply agreeing with you so he's not difficult. Guys might have a reputation for not wanting to talk about their feelings or any feelings in general but not everyone is like that.

If you've had a sensitive guy as a boyfriend, then you know that a lot of guys are super good and decent and don't mind talking about how they feel. Most importantly, you want to be with a guy who can talk about how he feels about you. He should be able to confess his love for you, talk about the things that he really likes and respects about you, and why he's so happy in the relationship.

All women hate when a guy says that he can't talk about his feelings or just acts really weird and vague whenever they bring this kind of stuff up. Someone Who Isn't A Slob Guys have a reputation for being so messy that they can never put their dirty or clean clothes in the right place.

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You always figure that when you go to a guy's apartment for the first time, you'll see socks on the floor and random piles everywhere and it will just be super disgusting. That's not totally fair because not every guy is a slob, just like not every girl is a neat freak, but it's safe to say that guys are usually a bit messier than girls are.

You definitely want to date a guy who isn't a complete slob.

what do you like and dislike in a relationship

It just makes things a lot easier and nicer. After all, if you're with someone, you might want to live with them down the road, and you don't want to be dealing with their mess all the time. You might not think this because, hey, you're independent and you do what you want and you don't even need a boyfriend. All that is true. It's just really nice to have a partner who is truly your best friend and who you can do everything with. Whether you realize it or not, you need a boyfriend who wants to hang out with you all the time.

You should be the most interesting person in his life and his absolute favorite person to be around.

what do you like and dislike in a relationship

If that's not the case and if the feeling isn't mutualthen you should probably rethink your relationship because something is seriously wrong. It's just the way that it should be and it's really awesome when you find that.

Someone Who Hates The Idea Of Marriage Needless to say, if you're with a guy who doesn't think that marriage as a concept, idea, or institution is a good idea, you might be pretty sad and disappointed down the road.

What do you like and dislike about a relationship?

Sure, maybe you don't want to get married and don't believe in it, but chances are you probably do. And it's a waste of time to date a guy who hates marriage.

what do you like and dislike in a relationship

You can tell yourself that he'll change his mind in the future and you can say anything that you want to justify it but he probably won't change his thinking on this subject. All women definitely hate a guy who hates the idea of marriage. It's just not much fun to be around someone like this, let alone be in a relationship with them. What do I want in a relationship? My list of wants are limited and few; but my hopes are never less than boundless: I hope when we meet, we can get past the small talk quickly and have a meaningful, engaging conversation.

I hope instead of playing the three day rule after our first date, neither of us feel weird about calling or texting the next day. I hope we have a lot in common, but he can still teach me something new. I hope he sends me text messages that make me laugh out loud in the middle of my day. Now you see me.

what do you like and dislike in a relationship

I hope that we become best friends. I hope when he meets my friends I begin to suspect they might like him a little more than me.

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I hope when his friends feel the same way about me. I hope that we fall madly, deeply and passionately in love. I hope he likes to cuddle after sex and that he lays a towel in the damp spot.

I hope after a long, hard day at work he comes home with take-out and a six-pack of beer.