Wolf girl and the black prince ending relationship

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wolf girl and the black prince ending relationship

Best Answer: The anime ended on Chapter So Chapter Source(s). SkyNatsu · 4 Wolf Girl & Black Prince. Source(s): omarcafini.info Wolf Girl and Black Prince is a Japanese shōjo manga series written by Ayuko Hatta. Near the end of the series, the couple also have to face the truth of a Italy, initially causing both him and Tezuka to decide to end the relationship after the. Wolf Girl and Black Prince (オオカミ少女と黒王子 Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji) is a Japanese shoujo manga series written by Ayuko Hatta. It was adapted into a.

Both have the main character have their lies come back to bite them in the ass. Which makes the story so appealing at first. Especially with a prince charming who is sadistic that helps her with the situation she was brought into. This type of plot totally enriched me to read more, seeing how it would turnout.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince Review

Both of these characters are not very compatible so if there is a possibility of them having a romantic relationship throughout this story, count me in. A classic romance quarrel is great to read time to time. In my opinion that is. The two main characters, Erika and Kyoya, totally have a cute relationship that progresses throughout the manga.

My passion for them staying together stayed strong, burning with a fiery passion when they have a fight. I just hope everything will be good in the end. When reading this manga you do have to be prepared for some obstacles. Rivals occur and try to ruin what they have built together and even Erika and Kyoya trying to get along. So always be prepared for some type of conflict in this manga. Let me just tell you that with them being in a relationship the characters change dramatically over time.

wolf girl and the black prince ending relationship

The whole story ranges from the first year to highschool to a little bit in adulthood. So there is a lot that you actually go through in this manga. It progressed pretty slow at some points because of drama. I would just sit there thinking how they are completely misunderstanding the situation or this is why relationships need a lot of communication.

Yes, they have these types of situations.

wolf girl and the black prince ending relationship

Let me just say that I had a lot of situations where I would sigh out loud. Although surprisingly I never got tired of certain scenes in the manga.

Each chapter made me want to keep on reading it until the end. So with the story actually having a decent pace I never got super bored with what was happening.

wolf girl and the black prince ending relationship

Other than the plot being satisfactory the art style was pretty good too. I really did like how everything looked, it complimented the story. So let's just say that the art style was a bonus to the manga as a whole. The manga art style was very clean and never really got sloppy. Being a super hyper girl she does whatever comes to mind. You can say that she is pretty stubborn and a loud girl.

Which is the complete opposite of Kyoya. So she does try to do her best to be a good person, sometimes. She can be pretty selfish with trying to achieve a good high school life. So when she has some consequences that come back to haunt her she always tries to speak out for help. Although she matures throughout the manga and tries to deal with the problems a relationship brings. Erika actually really is a caring person and tries to better herself. The other ppl are hardly given screen time actually.

But nevertheless, there are quite a few of those characters.

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The only topic they can argue on is who has the better boyfriend and who has better accessories and make up stuff to boost about. They are envious of Erika's boastful remarks and often try to catch her lies, trying to ruin her relationship with Kyouya by complaining to him whenever they saw her with sum other guy. They first met in sum sort of a department store where Erika lends him sum money.

He is extremely shy and demure always keeping a low profile coz of his high pitched girly voice He suffers from a major lack of self confidence which Erika helped to overcome. He plays a HUGE role in making Kyouya understand his feelings for Erika for he made him upset when Erika gave Kusukabe the Valentine chocolates that she had initially brought for Kyouya.

When Erika refused to be his "Wolf Girl" any longer, she chose to go out with Kusukabe and the jealousy which Kyouya felt then was what made him confess ultimately leading to the progress of the show. She did not get much screentime in the anime, but she is Erika's well wisher and mental support, assisting her in everything whether it be her relationship with Kyouya or anything else.

He helped their relationship by constantly telling him to accept Erika. He once even tried to help Erika in different ways, convincing and trying to melt Kyouya's heart. He is the one who urged and tried to force him to take some action when Erika and Kusukabe were going out. He is his well-wisher and someone who understood Kyouya very well for he knew that his friend was in love with Erika.

A pretty bold confident lady who believes that all men are leeches, her belief stemmed from the fact that her dad divorced her mom. Kyouya doesn't talk much bout her coz she only visits him once or twice a year. She makes an appearance in the anime towards the end, however the first scene showed her insulting a guy who probably did the mistake of asking her out. Then after warding him off, she confidently walks towards Sata, asking him to carry her bags.

She considers him to be immature and childish, and found it hilarious when she heard that he had a girlfriend. She could not hold back her laughter when Erika told her that Kyouya and she were serious, and that how romantic he had been in all the dates they went on together. Reika constantly pokes fun at Erika and talks rubbish bout Kyouya and the men in general, but it was probably to test if this girl really loved her brother.

Her character mostly added humour and spice to the anime and also served as a medium to acquaint Erika to Kyouya and her mother for on her and Erika's insistence, Kyouya goes to visit his mother after many years. But then, there weren't many heavy scenes or action ones, so we can't really judge the anime based on that. It has that traditional shoujo type feeling in it, and the character designs were really good, coz Sata always looked really awesome to me XD, and somehow Erika's character design reminded me of Nanami in Kamisama Kiss.

If I had to describe the art style in one word, I would describe it as "soft". It often exists within shoujo animes, where the characters are given an aura around them that seems ordinary, easy going and natural.

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A good comparison would be to "Kimi ni Todoke ". With an average amount of detail, the animation is fluid and smooth, though suffering a few inconsistencies,and showing more flair and appeal during the comedy bits.

Overall, I would say that the animation art were pretty generic and nothing too special. Thus my rating for the animation won't be more than a 7. Even during the course of the anime, I had to strain my ears trying to listen properly to the background music.

Shoujo animes are famous for playing nice background music or good songs, but this anime seemed to lack that.

However, I found the OP song to be really good, and it had quite a refreshing and beat to it. It had a catchy tune and makes one feel all bubbly, perfectly suited for a shoujo anime of this kind. Towards the end, I at times even found myself to be humming along with the tune! But then, the ED song was pretty drab.

wolf girl and the black prince ending relationship