Wolfram and yuuri relationship tips

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wolfram and yuuri relationship tips

The groups were Conrad, Yozak, Yuuri and Saralegi Wolfram, Adelbert and Gisela, Wolfram as always is. including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. EVENTUAL Yuuri/Wolfram On semi-hiatus. . he truly hated to admit it—where Yuuri realized that some of the ways in which his friends . (and he had quite often during the beginning of their relationship, as Conrad had only.

The silence was not altogether uncomfortable, though it could have been very easily if it was for Yuuri, it was only because his statement had further cemented the horrifying images currently coalescing in his mind. Despite the fact that Yuuri didn't even want to consider what he'd just said, he was beginning to wonder if this was in fact that perfect way to get Wolfram to stop planning the wedding—make him so uncomfortable that he, like Yuuri, could hardly even bear to think of the expectations that would follow.

Because for all the bravado he showed when Gunter complained about him sleeping in Yuuri's room, and for all the times he'd snuck into Yuuri's bed wearing that ridiculous pink nightgown or lessWolfram now looked as if he wasn't any more inclined to think about having sex with Yuuri than Yuuri was to think about having sex with him.

He did his best not to grin. He didn't want it to seem as if he were enjoying this, even though he sort of really was. I just wanted to know if you'd ever done it before. You know…" He paused dramatically before finishing, "… sex. Or perhaps it was mortification. For once, he couldn't really tell. Whatever the case, he definitely saw Wolfram flinch. His voice sounded very quiet and very small. Yuuri didn't know if Wolfram was embarrassed or if it was something else, but he was beginning to realize why Murata found his discomfort so very amusing.

He could barely keep his composure and stop himself from laughing at the utterly aghast look on Wolfram's face. He tore his eyes away and stubbornly returned to his book, though he had no further success in reading it.

I mean, you're what? But, I mean, you're pretty, so there's bound to be plenty of people who'd want you. Another soldier… or maybe Elizabeth…" Again, Yuuri thought how wrong that mental image was.

wolfram and yuuri relationship tips

He was quite happy when Wolfram seemed to agree, if the paling of his face and the light tinge of green to his skin was any indication. The amount of pleasure he felt in having Wolfram off his guard was hard to describe.

It was something like a mental hard on. And it made the mental images relatively easy to ignore. He seemed to be trying to hold something back, but then Wolfram was never capable of holding anything back, and eventually he blurted out, "It's messy. He didn't bother to hide his grin anymore, even if it meant Wolfram would know he was teasing him. Wolfram, for his part, raised his book as if to shield his face, which steadily grew red again.

Does the relationship between Yuuri and Wolfram go anywhere in Kyou Kara Maou?

That's too vulgar for you? That's not even the worst of it. There's 'dick' and 'cock' and 'cum' and 'fuck. If this kept up, he thought his brain might cum. Wolfram suddenly slammed his book shut and threw it at him. It hit Yuuri squarely on the side of his head before flopping onto the mattress with a soft thud and a rustle of crumpling pages.

He went into the washroom and slammed the door. Yuuri stared, half confused, and half trying to stifle a raucous round of laughter. He should have expected Wolfram to eventually corner him and seek his revenge, but Yuuri had been too pleased with his success to think much about it, as Wolfram didn't mention the wedding again for an entire week.

He should have known better. He'd left Wolfram a very clear opening. Wolfram wasn't one to miss things like that, no matter how embarrassed he may have been when the questioning had been directed toward him. Once he'd had a few days to collect himself, Wolfram retaliated. Yuuri, his confidence soaring, didn't even see it coming.

Yuuri sat behind his desk, hunched over as he carefully read through a steady stream of documents, page after page of warrants and petitions and legal nonsense that he could barely makes heads or tails of. Wolfram stood in front of him, so close his bony hips almost pressed against the edge of the desk, standing as tall as his slight stature would allow and staring imperiously down his nose, making Yuuri feel a bit as if he were on trial.

He didn't know where Conrad or Gwendal or Gunter were, but the pointed gleam in Wolfram's eye made him suddenly miss their presence.

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He went over the day's events in his head to make sure there hadn't been anything he was supposed to have done that he'd forgotten, but nothing came to mind. Hours later, Wolfram had simply barged in his office to stand there, content to stare him down while Yuuri dutifully ignored him and tried to focus on his paperwork.

It was growing increasingly more difficult to do so, he realized. He could feel the buildup of stress and tension, and for the first time since the last time they'd seen one another, Yuuri thought he might miss Hashimoto.

It was as if Wolfram could read his thoughts. His first instinct was to lie. He'd gotten rather good at lying. He should be able to do it now. But then he realized he'd already taken too long to say something. Not only that, but he'd questioned Wolfram with way too much ease and knowledge on the subject to be believably ignorant.

Wolfram seemed to be thinking the exact same thing. He was starting to develop that all-knowing gleam in his eyes like he already knew the answer, and Yuuri felt well and truly fucked. He settled for widening his eyes and trying to smile innocently.

wolfram and yuuri relationship tips

This time Yuuri knew it wasn't from embarrassment. His voice sounded dark and dangerous and Yuuri hands instinctively went to his lap to shield the family jewels. He wasn't asking anymore. Yuuri released a nervous chuckle and nodded his head in agreement. Yuuri gulped in response. He knew this was far more dangerous than Wolfram immediately exploding, because it meant he was allowing his anger to twist around in a fiery pit and build into an inferno. He seemed to settle somewhat. He wanted to lie again, and a vigorous "yes" nearly leapt from the tip of his tongue, but he didn't feel confident enough to execute the ruse.

He finally decided that honesty was the best policy in this situation. He didn't trust Wolfram not to ask Murata, and he didn't trust Murata not to tell the truth purely for the entertainment value the resulting explosion would provide. His eyes grew very narrow, his thin brows lowering back down, furrowing as his frown deepened. It was even more frightening than Wolfram's usual petulant glowers. The only sign of movement was his harsh breathing, his shoulders and chest lifting and expanding with increasing speed.

In the brief calm before the inevitable storm, Yuuri could hear each ragged breath. Yuuri watched Wolfram's face grow very white, even his lips, which pressed tight together in Wolfram's struggle to contain himself as he processed this revelation.

He stood straight, his arms hanging by his sides. He seemed so shocked he wasn't even able to curl his shaking hands into fists. Yuuri almost inched from his seat and made for the door. The faster he got out of there, the better. Unfortunately, his body didn't appear to be listening to the red alert his brain was giving. He remained rooted in his chair, staring up at Wolfram with a look that was half sheepish, half terrified.

He pressed his shaking hands against the top of the desk, palms flat against the wood. Then he leaned very far over, placing his furiously pale face directly in front of Yuuri's, staring him straight in the eye. Yuuri kept his hands in his lap and gulped again, unable to look away.

In his nervous anxiety, he suddenly wondered if Wolfram could breathe fire. His breath was very hot on Yuuri's face. He left after nearly ripping it from its hinges, and slammed it closed with a force the rattled the windows behind Yuuri's desk. In retrospect, he probably should have left Wolfram alone after that. Even at his angriest, once Wolfram had a sufficient amount of time to settle himself down, he could usually be coerced into having a mostly calm, somewhat mature conversation.

It was simply a matter of allowing his rage to burn out before tackling the issue like the dignified young adults they were supposed to be. Unfortunately, Yuuri had rarely ever been dignified, nor were he and Wolfram as adult as they probably should have been by the ages of eighteen and eighty-five.

This left them with "young," and as all young people were, both Yuuri and Wolfram had the habit of being very impulsive and very stupid. After a few minutes of staring after Wolfram in the uncomfortable silence of his office, Yuuri managed to stand from his chair and head out the door.

In his defense, he thought confronting the issue immediately was the right thing to do. Sadly, the right thing wasn't always the best thing, nor did it always end pleasantly. Yuuri had no idea where he was headed, though Wolfram seemed to have some destination in mind. He walked with purpose and ignored the smattering of people who'd come out to enjoy the scenery and pleasant weather. Somewhere inside, Yuuri was sure it was a bad idea to have witnesses, but after Wolfram had ignored him calling his name three times, he couldn't find much of a reason to care.

Wolfram turned and swiftly ripped himself away, glaring at Yuuri with so much anger it almost looked like hate. He dropped his hand back down when it was clear that Wolfram didn't want to be touched. He didn't think he had to restrain him anyway. Are you sorry you did it or sorry that I found out? It seemed wrong to. He supposed it had been wrong of him to go behind Wolfram's back in the first place, but lying about it seemed worse than hiding it, even if they were, in effect, the same thing.

But he wasn't sorry that he'd done it. He wondered if he should be. He wondered if it made him a bad person to admit it, but it was true. He'd liked hanging out with her, he'd liked dating her, he'd liked kissing her, and he'd liked having sex with her. He'd liked being able to get away from the hectic, stressful life he had in the Great Demon Kingdom.

He'd liked being able to do what he wanted with someone he enjoyed spending time with. He'd liked being young and being himself and having someone like him for it. And he'd liked having sex. He'd liked having sex with a girl like Hashimoto. He'd liked escaping from Wolfram and the engagement. He'd liked being able to forget about it for a while. He'd liked experiencing things the way he thought he should—not because it was what people expected, not because it was what Wolfram said was right, but because it was what he wanted.

He'd wanted to do it, pure and simple, and he hadn't cared that he'd cheated on Wolfram in the process. He didn't care now. He cared that Wolfram was angry.

He cared that Wolfram was upset. He cared that it might ruin their friendship, but he didn't care that he'd cheated. He only cared about the consequences, not the offense itself. Yuuri thought he saw his eyes spark again. In hindsight, it could very well have been a flash of tears held stubbornly at bay.

His hands lifted to Yuuri's chest and roughly pushed him back. Yuuri stumbled a few steps but quickly regained his balance. His reaction was a confused conglomerate of feelings—shocked that Wolfram had uttered such a vulgar curse so loudly he heard a few passers-by gasp in responseoffended that Wolfram would actually push him, and frustrated that he was being berated for this in the first place.

His indignation and his frustrations over the engagement were beginning to rise, almost without warning.

Kyou Kara Maou: Yuuri/Wolfram - The Shipper's Manifesto

When it looked as if Wolfram was going to push at him again, Yuuri grabbed at his shoulders and shoved him back. I slapped you because were a spoiled, selfish brat and a racist bitch! He seemed to stumble and flinch back. The look on his face flickered briefly from enraged to stricken, before he was able to pull his anger back into place.

He knew as well as Yuuri did how weak the argument was, given all the times Yuuri had offered to do so. He'd expected a debate, but he'd thought the true heat of it would only come from one side.

When he'd first gone after Wolfram, he hadn't expected his own frustrations would slip through. At some point in the last three years he'd spent fending Wolfram off, a crack must have formed in the wall he'd built up around all the negative feelings he had for his friend. For much of the previous two years, he'd been able to see Wolfram as the strong, honorable young man he'd matured into, but today, in this moment, he could only see the insufferable brat he'd slapped over dinner.

He'd had enough, finally. He was tired of the accusations, tired of being forced into something he hadn't agreed to, and tired of his life being controlled for him. He wanted it over with. I'm not the one with delusions in my head! You are so blind you don't even realize that I don't want this!

I don't want to be engaged to you! I don't want to marry you! I slapped you because I couldn't stand you! You're the one who suddenly decided it meant something, not me! I wanted to take it back! I kept telling you and everyone else, but you wouldn't even listen to me! What do I have to do to get it through your head? His voice was quiet, but he sounded no less angry. It doesn't have anything to do with you!

KKM last novel spoilers (a little general first and then all about Wolf) - ♥わがままプ~ラブ♥

I would have slept with her even if we hadn't been engaged, Wolfram! I didn't do it thinking, 'Oh, hey, let's do this to piss Wolfram off. I like Hashimoto and she likes me, so why don't I do it with her and see what it's like?

When in the last three years have I been able to do anything without you harping at me for it? It all comes down to the same thing! You think you can get your way if you just push hard enough! You think if you just ignore me and keep planning the wedding when I say I don't want to get married then maybe one day I'll magically change my mind! You know I don't want to marry you, but your pride won't let you admit it!

He looked as furious as ever, but Yuuri thought he could see something else beneath it, something just as strong but even more painful. Wolfram's chest was heaving, his eyes were bright, and his face was flushed from screaming. There wasn't anything about his stance or his behavior that suggested he was lying, yet Yuuri found that he was unable to grasp the idea of Wolfram being in love with him. Perhaps it was because they were both so angry that love seemed like such a faraway thing.

Perhaps it was because he didn't particularly want Wolfram to be in love with him. It seemed odd and completely out of place, and the fact that he'd never even considered it before made Wolfram's proclamation all the more surprising. Or perhaps he didn't want to believe it because it made him feel worse about rejecting him, and he was tired of having to worry about Wolfram's feelings on top of his own. It didn't come out sounding as confident as he'd wanted it to. His head jerked to the left, his eyes wide first with shock, then with indignation.

Through his anger, in the moments before he retaliated, Yuuri had the sense to realize that it hadn't been the proper cheek to constitute a proposal. Wolfram hadn't struck him out of the desire he had to marry him. He'd struck him because Yuuri didn't share it.

His instincts screamed to strike back. That old impulse he'd always had to fight against oppression and unfairness rose up to rear its ugly head. He had a split second to decide whether he wanted to mimic the slap or respond in a different manner before catering to the anger and the irritation that spurred him on. Wolfram gave a loud cry and stumbled, nearly collapsing against the stone bannister that separated the courtyard from the open walkway.

He grabbed it to steady himself and looked at Yuuri as if he'd never quite seen him before. His eyes were impossibly wide and glistened wetly. His mouth fell open in shock. For a few seconds he actually looked vulnerable, young and small and so hurt, but he covered it quickly, slamming the furious glare back onto his face.

Before Yuuri could even think to apologize, before he could even begin to feel anything but a keen sense of satisfaction, Wolfram launched himself at him. Then it was an all-out brawl. It could have ended in so many different ways. Wolfram, being the better swordsman, could have easily disarmed him if they'd had the sense to make a proper duel of it. Yuuri, on the other hand, had the stronger magic by an outstanding degreeand could have extinguished Wolfram's fire with his water in a matter of seconds.

But without using such methods, they were more or less evenly matched. Wolfram had never had much training in hand-to-hand combat, and Yuuri had cared too much about baseball to be distracted by the martial arts. He might have a slight advantage in height and weight seeing as he'd aged three years since their first duel while Wolfram had barely grown at all, but Wolfram had the advantage of wild passion, and it made him vicious.

Yuuri restricted himself to punches, grabs, jabs, kicks, and rough shoving. Wolfram's manner was much the same, except that he scratched and bit when it seemed appropriate to do so. It was neither the neatest nor the most skilled of fights. Had either of them been able to think through their respective pain and rage, they might have had a bit more success in effectively pummeling each other. It ended as quickly as it began.

They'd taken a tumble together, sprawled out on the stone floor. Yuuri was seconds away from bearing his weight against Wolfram and forcing him down to deliver another sound punch to the face when he felt a pair of hands grab him from behind and hastily rip him away. Wolfram, sensing an opening, seemed ready to climb to his feet and throw him himself back into it, but he too was restrained, both of his arms jerked back and held in place by his much taller, much stronger older brother.

At first, it was unclear whether he was talking to Yuuri or Gwendal, who struggled to hold him back. You lying, cheating bastard! Moreso in the novels, where Yuuri's internal monologue at one point mentions that his mother enjoyed The Ring so much that she proceeded to watch Lord of the Rings under the impression that they were related, among many, many other examples.

Even in the anime, Yuuri calls Adalbert a 'football player looking guy' in the original Japanese. Dark Is Not Evil: It applies to most of the Demon Kingdom. There are good people and bad people, but most of the "dark" characters are good and want to do the right thing.

Basic Mazoku minion is a winged skeleton. Diagonal Cut Disappeared Dad: All three of Cheri's sons have different fathers, and none of them are in the picture.

The Shipper's Manifesto

Conrad's father in particular is explicitly mentioned to be dead. Wolfram, at the end of season 2. Faked by Josak in the beginning when Conrad stabs him and pushes him off a cliff.

Dramatic Wind Drill Sergeant Nasty: While Gisela whose nickname is "Sergeant" who is normally very nice, but can easily get angry. Among the main cast: Yuuri is waterWolfram is fireGwendal is earth and Gunter is air. Other characters are seen using the same powers.

Emotional Maturity Is Physical Maturity: Afterwards, Yuuri picks up Wolfram's knife, accepting a duel. When he first becomes engaged to Yuuri he is extremely upset, but the idea quickly grows on him.

He takes the engagement much more seriously than Yuuri does. It's later revealed that Wolfram's heart is the key to the forbidden box Inferno on the Tundra. Desperate and worried about his safety, Yuri manages to forcibly open the box and goes inside to save Wolfram. Yuri calls Wolfram even more loud, and he finally manages to wake him up and free him from the consciousness control. He hugs Wolfram while saying "I finally caught you The anime story is very different from the novels and manga.

Wolfram follows Yuri everywhere so he can keep an eye on him, and even sneaks into Yuri's bedroom at night. He gets extremely jealous when Yuri talks to a girl or good-looking guy and often accuses him of being unfaithful, which is sometimes used as comic relief.

During the course of the series, Wolfram has grown exponentially from a spoiled prince to a selfless young man who stands by Yuri with no question. Though, he had no plans of becoming Maou in the first place, he was willing to protect and serve Shin Makoku when it was resolved that Yuri would not be returning at the end of the second season, wanting to protect the beautiful job Yuuri did as Maou.

Young Wolfram and Elizabeth. Years ago when he was a child, Wolfram accidentally slapped ElizabethRaven 's niece, on her left cheek. Elizabeth never forgot this incident, insisting that they swore everlasting love that day, while Wolfram insists he forgot why he slapped her in the first place. Elizabeth becomes Stuffel 's tool to separate Yuuri from the three brothers, pronouncing an engagement proposal to Yuri.

Elizabeth's real goal is to marry Wolfram, but Wolfram says that his only fiance is Yuri. During the duel which ensues, as Yuri accidentally picked up a knife and a fork pointing it at Elizabeth; symbolizing a fight to settle a triangle love affairYuuri turns into the Maou, protecting Wolfram from being hurt by fire majutsu that Elizabeth summoned.

He proclaims the two go on the date and remember their childhood memories. It is eventually learned that Wolfram slapped Elizabeth because he wanted to touch a butterfly that flew past, and Conrad was watching the entire event.

He claimed he had forgotten about it because he didn't want to embarrass Elizabeth.