Wolverine and phoenix relationship

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wolverine and phoenix relationship

One of Wolverine's most notable relationships is with fellow X-Man, Jean Grey. Wolverine and Jean Grey had a flirty relationship ever since Wolverine. As Wolverine and Jean Grey grew closer, passion turned to admiration and romance is the very definition of an unhealthy relationship. The Phoenix Force is a fictional entity appearing in American comic books published by Marvel . Phoenix lent its energy to break the connection, and kept close watch on young Jean because it felt a kinship with the young mutant. . Through a number of incidents, including Jean having Wolverine kill her a number of times.

Madelyne eventually resurfaces, now nearly insane and with powers awakened by a demonic pact, calling herself the Goblyn Queen. Jean and Madelyne confront each other, and Madelyne attempts to kill them both.

wolverine and phoenix relationship

Jean manages to survive only by absorbing the remnant of the Phoenix Force housed within Madelyne, giving her both Madelyne's memories and the Phoenix's memories from "The Dark Phoenix Saga". After some time, she makes up with Rachel, welcoming her into her life, and proposes to Cyclops and the two marry.

Jean adopts the identity of "Redd" along with Cyclops "Slym" and they raise Nathan Christopher for twelve years before they are sent back into their bodies on their wedding honeymoon. Jean learns that a time-displaced Rachel had used her powers to transport them to the future to protect Nathan, and per Rachel's request, Jean adopts the codename "Phoenix" once again to establish it as a symbol of good after all the bad it had caused.

In Bishop 's original timeline before he ends up in the present he finds the X-Men's war room and finds a garbled distress signal from Jean about a traitor destroying the X-Men from within. He then telepathically brands his name to her mind when she refused and asks him his name. While Onslaught easily overtakes the rest of the X-Men, Jean escapes to the war room and sends out the distress signal that Bishop found in the future.

After a massive battle against Jean and the rest of the X-Men, Onslaught escapes to carry out his plans. After Onslaught nearly kills the X-Men they team up with the Avengers to make a plan to stop him, knowing full well that it may come down to them killing Xavier if the world is to survive. Jean accompanies Cyclops, Archangel, and Psylocke to Muir Island where they and Moira McTaggart discover the Xavier Protocols, secret plans that Xavier made to kill any of the individual X-Men should anyone become a threat against the world.

The rest of the Avengers and Fantastic Four join them in a final stand against Onslaught before he completely destroys the world. In a final act of desperation Jean finds Hulk and locks away Bruce Banner's mind, leaving only the Hulk in control so he can fight Onslaught unencumbered.

wolverine and phoenix relationship

With the vast majority of earth's heroes missing and assumed dead after Onslaught is finally defeated, Jean and Cyclops open their home to Quicksilver and his daughter and try to help the X-Men to get their lives get back together.

Following Cyclops's possession by the mutant villain Apocalypse and apparent death, [22] [23] Jean continues with the X-Men, but is distraught by the loss of her husband.


She later learns that she is an "Omega-level" mutant with unlimited potential. Jean's discovery of the psychic affair results in a confrontation between her and Emma, though ultimately Jean realizes that her marriage to Scott has run its course and that Emma truly loves him.

However, after her funeral, Scott rejects Emma and her offer to run the school together. This creates a dystopian future where all life and natural evolution is under assault by the infectious, villainous, sentient bacteria " Sublime ".

Jean is resurrected in this future timeline and becomes the fully realized White Phoenix of the Crown, using the abilities of the Phoenix Force to defeat Sublime and eliminate the dystopic future by reaching back in time and influencing Cyclops to accept Emma's love and her offer to run the school together. Jean tries to convince the Phoenix Force to let her go so they can return to the White Hot Room together, but once again the Phoenix Force takes over.

Jean lets Wolverine find her and tries to convince him to kill her again before the Phoenix does more damage. Jean takes Wolverine to the North Pole before the Shi'ar can kill her and convinces him to kill her. He stabs her numerous times but Phoenix keeps reanimating her, prompting Jean to dive deep into the ice and freeze herself.

Before she departs, Jean and Cyclops share a telepathic emotional farewell. However, after the younger Jean begins to ignore her, she possesses the time displaced Jean and uses her as a means to ambush Emma Frost.

X-Men Red Strange psych occurrences around the world, which include a large bird flaring out from the sun and an explosion on the moon, raise red flags for the X-Men, who quickly launch an investigation of these events.

As they find the coffin of their long-dead teammate empty, they race to locate the Phoenix before it can find a suitable host. As it turns out, with the time-displaced teen Jean Grey out of the Phoenix Force's way, the cosmic entity has already resurrected the present adult Jean Grey. However, she doesn't recall her life as a mutant and an X-Man, and terrible visions from her previous life have left Jean unsure of the difference between reality and fiction. As Jean faces the Phoenix Force, she is finally able to convince the cosmic entity to stop bringing her back and let her go.

Alive once again, Jean is reunited with her friends as the Phoenix Force journeys back to space. Recognizing that there has been a sudden surge in anti-mutant sentiment, to the point where there are plans to abort pregnancies if the mutant gene is detected, Jean announces her plans to establish a more official mutant nation, making it clear that she will not establish a geographic location for said nation as past examples make it clear that doing so just makes mutants a target.

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To support her in this goal, she assembles a team including Nightcrawler, X and Namor, but is unaware that her actions are being observed by Cassandra Nova.

The time travel also caused her suppressed telepathic powers to awaken much earlier in her life than they were supposed to. The All-New X-Men team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to rescue Jean from the Shi'ar homeworld, but Jean would end up awakening a new power that she never had, in which she is able to absorb massive amounts of psionic energy from others and combine her telepathy and telekinesis, which she used to defeat the powerful Gladiator, leader of the Shi'ar.

Blue[ edit ] Jean ends up approached by Magneto, who offers her and her team to join him in preserving Xavier's dream by defeating those who oppose it. While on a solo mission against the Wrecking CrewJean receives a vision that the Phoenix Force is coming back to earth.

Jean feels even less taken seriously when Beast begins examining her for signs of delusional hallucinations. Jean then meets with other former Phoenix hosts ColossusMagikRachel SummersHope Summers and Quentin Quirewhere the latter uses his powers to show her how the aftereffects of bonding with the Phoenix Force has individually affected each of them. Time-displaced Jean attempts to ask Phoenix questions about the Phoenix Force but she dodges Jean's questions.

Instead Phoenix takes Jean for a night out and shows off her powers. After witnessing Phoenix use her cosmic powers to fight off Galactus from consuming a defenseless planet, Jean contemplates warning Phoenix of her fate until an encounter with The Watcher stops her from doing so. The Watcher commends Jean and tells her that choosing to not change her future means that her ultimate fate is in her own hands whether or not she ends up hosting the Phoenix Force back in her present.

Phoenix Force (comics)

As Jean returns to her present, Phoenix cryptically states that they will meet again. With the Phoenix Force now on Earth, the team realizes it's going to take a lot more than they have to stop it.

And while the young Jean is able to wound the Phoenix with the aid of Cable's Psi-mitar, the Phoenix seems just too strong for anyone to overcome. Teen Jean eventually managed to push the cosmic force far away from her friends and allies, where a final battle can take place. However, both Jean Greys learned how wrong they were, as the Phoenix was never coming for teen Jean, at least not like they believed.

Actually, the Phoenix wants the adult Jean, but to do that it needs the young Jean out of the way. Thus, the force floods her body with flaming psychic energy, incinerating her from the inside out, leaving only a skeleton. However, after dying, the younger Jean found herself somehow in the White Hot Room despite not being a Phoenix host.

Angry, the Phoenix attempted to destroy her using mental manifestations of its past hosts, created from pieces of their life forces left in the Room. Jean realized that she could control the White Hot Room against the Phoenix wishes and commanded the cosmic entity to resurrect her, which it did so in order to get rid of her.

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In any event, as part of their celebration of the wedding, Marvel did a special issue of "What If? The issue had three different stories in it. One of them was what would have happened had Jean and Scott gotten married when they were still young result: Cyclops quits the X-Men and joins the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the final one was what would have happened had Jean left Cylops for Wolverine after she became the Phoenix result: Wolverine can't calm her down while they're fighting on the moon and Dark Phoenix destroys the universe.

In that issue, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Archangel and Cyclops run afoul of a young mutant with seemingly unlimited powers who is causing a scene at the same base that Magneto attacked all the way back in "X-Men" 1.

wolverine and phoenix relationship

He seems to be able to alter reality at his whim. He sends Wolverine and Jean Grey into a different reality, basically a representation of the mutant's own brain, and as he is being attacked by Cyclops and Archangel, the area that they are in is getting smaller and smaller until it seems like they are going to be reduced to nothingness.

As they are near seeming imminent death, they share a kiss. Instead, once Archangel and Cyclops defeated the guy, his power defaulted Wolverine and Jean Grey back to this reality. He then kills himself. Wolverine and Jean Grey don't talk about what happened in that other reality. In "X-Men"Wolverine decides to go visit her, noting that for whatever reason, she has touched his seemingly cold heart.

He is shocked, then, to see that all of his teammates are already there in the waiting room.

wolverine and phoenix relationship

He was not used to the idea of people actually caring for each other. This was pursued again in "X-Men" by Chris Claremont and guest-artist Tony DeZunigawhen Jean makes a lighthearted comment that Wolverine has to get used to being part of a team. However, she doesn't realize that she's the very reason that he's even considering being part of a group again, and he's not yet ready to accept that sort of situation.

As we'll see later in the list, though, Claremont later retconned Jean into having a lot more interest in Wolverine than was initially shown. Jean threw herself into the middle of the battle to save Wolverine.

Jean was tortured by the sight of Wolverine slowly dying in front of her. He puts on a brave face and even kisses her, which she returns, even as she secretly weeps for her friend. She then tells him that he's still the best he is at what he does.