Xena and ares relationship to zeus

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xena and ares relationship to zeus

Xena is a fictional character that was created for the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. The series was based on various myths of ancient Gree. The chemistry between Lucy Lawless as Xena and Kevin Smith as Ares was evident as early TIES did introduce what would become the recurrent theme of Ares' .. Not Kal, not even Zeus", he says in the famous scene in which the innocent. "I, Zeus as the ruling leader of the Olympian Gods and god of the sky do It wasn 't like his relationship with Aphrodite they got along like.

Hercules learns that Zeus killed Cronus when the Titans were overthrown. At the end of the episode, Hercules kills Zeus.

Love/Hate Relationship With Xena & Ares

Hercules recalls how he's always said that humanity can survive without the gods. Xena was able to prevent Ephiny from enduring a Screaming Birthonly to go through it herself. Gabrielle tries to talk to her about this and use the same techniques, but an anguished Xena tells her to be quiet.

Ares truly loves Xena and confesses that. Xena thinks it's desperation speaking. When he can't say the L-word to her face, he tries to save face by saying it was just a con.

Like Father, Like Son: The rib of Cronus is capable of killing a god. Hercules is devastated by what happens to Zeus. How Zeus views killing Xena and her child. They have to die for the continued survival of the Olympian order and the lives of all Olympians. Zeus and Xena in this episode.

Xena once tried to murder Gabrielle's baby Hope believing she would bring destruction to the world and all she loves. Zeus attempts the same thing for similar reasons. Discussed between Hercules and Hera when he asks her why she's helping him.

Zeus wants Ares to keep Hercules busy, while he kills Xena himself. Ares recognizes this is just so the old man won't have to harm Hercules himself and refuses to be involved in a plot to kill a woman he's fond of, but then he suggests a trade-off: Zeus lifting the protection rule that has kept Hercules safe all his life.

Race Against the Clock: Zeus has to strike by the time Xena gives birth. Xena has her own ticking clock down in the Underworld; if she gives birth down there, the new baby dies immediately. Hercules makes his second and final appearance on the series. Here, it's said he's actually dead and his body is kept in a tomb. Fittingly enough, Zeus dies because he targeted Xena's baby.

This will be a trend later in the season. Hercules mortally wounds Zeus during their fight. Xena reluctantly agreed to help him after realizing that the Earth needed a God of War and Ares was the best man for the job. As a mortal, Ares showed a new humanity and conscience, but after getting his godhood back he seemed to revert to his former cold-hearted self and it was also the new start of upcoming feelings that Ares started to have more than just feelings for Xena, he began to get even more obsessed with her now than before " Ten Little Warlords ".

The child, Evanderwas born with supernatural abilities. Ares wanted to take the boy from Nemesis and raise him to be loyal to him, hoping to use him as a weapon against Hercules.

However, Hercules and Iolaus managed to foil his plan and return the child to his mother " Two Men and a Baby ". Later, Ares teamed up with Callisto, now a goddess, to trap Hercules in a passageway between parallel universes. Callisto working with Dahak 's daughter Hope then turned on Ares, badly beat him in a hand-to-hand fight, and used a dagger dipped in the blood of a golden hind to kill Strife.

Ares' relationship with Xena grew more complicated: Under threat from Dahak, Ares ended up briefly switching sides until Dahak was defeated by Xena. Ares plotted with his mother Hera to murder Zeus.

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Hercules sends Morrigan and Nebula to protect Ares, because Ares dying allows Dahak to grow stronger. Morrigan and Nebula protect Ares, fighting white robed goons. Hercules talks to Dahak. Ares turns on Morrigan and Nebula, letting them be attacked, while he makes his way to the temple where Hercules is trying to exorcise Iolaus from Dahak's grasp. Ares gets his powers back, following the defeat of Dahak. Later Ares chases Hercules into the alternative realm.

Hercules learns that Nebula is the evil empress in the parallel Earth. Ares and the Sovereign fight because Ares has hinds blood. Ares stabs the Sovereign with the hinds blood knife and kills him, giving Hercules pains Hercules free the deities, with Iolaus tagging along. Ares and Nebula do the nasty, courtesy of the parallel god of love.

Ares finds Hercules in the maze.

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They fight and eventually Hercules escapes. Hercules turns invisible and Ares tortures him, as part of a curse planned by Discord, Deimos and Ares. Ares and Hercules briefly teamed up to stop the Archangel Michael from destroying the Earth by unleashing the Apocalypse. Ares was back to plotting against Zeus, this time by releasing two of the Titans once imprisoned by the Olympians, but Hercules and Iolaus stopped him again.

Xena Fifth Season Edit Determined to protect his own power and the rule of the Olympian deities, Ares murders Eli, a Jesus-like prophet who urged the people to abandon the old deities. After the Fates prophesied that Xena's child Eve would bring about the end of the Olympian deities, Ares tried to declare his love for Xena, offering to protect her and her baby from the other deities and willingly become mortal if they could be together and have a child of their own.

Ares offers to take Xena away but she declines. Xena rushes to stop the battle and surrenders her daughter. Just as Athena is about to kill Eve, Ares intercedes and begins to fight Athena. Xena takes on Ilainus and kills her while Gabrielle and the villagers force Athena's army to retreat.

xena and ares relationship to zeus

Athena disappears with Ilainus' body. With the battle over, Ares wishes to pick up where he left off with Xena.

Xena rejected his offer, refusing to believe that his feelings could be sincere. When Xena and Gabrielle faked their deaths to escape the deities' persecution, Ares inadvertently thwarted their plans by burying them in an ice cave where they slept for 25 years. When Xena returned, he resumed his pursuit of her: At the last minute, however, his love for Xena prevailed and he gave up his godhood to heal the mortally wounded Gabrielle and Eve.

Early in season 6 he was driven mad by the Furies, a plot that was devised in order to pit Xena against Ares and have one or both of them kill each other. As Xena and Gabrielle head out to find Ares, Fury Xena is belittling him into such a rage that he dives for her, threatening her life.

She vanishes and when Ares looks up, he sees the real Xena, who tries to make him realize that the Furies are driving him mad. Unable to convince him, Xena dodges his blows and escapes, concluding that Ares must kill her in order to be released from the clutches of the Furies.

Hercules, Ares, and Zeus-- "No Son Of Mine"

Xena was able to defeat the Furies, and, as mortals, they were both able to share a tender, sweet moment together " Coming Home ". Xena risked her life to save the now-mortal Ares from the Furies. Xena helped Ares again, hiding him from vengeful warlords on her family's farm.

Gasgar, the warlord decides to dispatch his army when young Siki reveals that he followed Ares and two women to the Lacoon Valley.

xena and ares relationship to zeus

Meanwhile, Xena, Gabrielle and Ares get word from a concerned neighbor named Greba that Gasgar's army is headed their way. Xena immediately sets off to intercept him. When Xena enters Gasgar's tent, she claims she has come to present him with Ares' head on a platter. Gasgar insists he doesn't need her help, but becomes interested when Xena tells him she knows where Ares is.

Xena and Gabrielle stage a fight to the unsuspecting Gaspar heads off in search of Ares, once again in the wrong direction. Later that day, Xena and Gabrielle return to the farm with Horace, whose owner has been convinced that the dog will be better off there and they bid farewell to Ares " Old Ares Had a Farm ". While in Rome when Xena tries to stop Caligula. Ares slips into the crowd.

Xena jumps out of the chariot and lands in front of Caligula. She goes to kill him, but Ares runs from the crowd and pushes her aside. He tells an angry Xena that if she kills Caligula, she also kills Aphrodite. He says the lives of Caligula and Aphrodite are bound together somehow.

xena and ares relationship to zeus

Later in the palace, Caligula brings out Ares and tells Xena to kill him. Xena says okay, but there's a floor show Cinda and I used to do and we'd like to perform it first. She gets all hot with Ares and asks Caligula if he'd like to participate.

Xena goes to him and kisses him and bites his lip. Ares and Gabrielle watch Xena seduce Caligula. Xena goes back to Ares and kisses his nipple. Nigel a reporter attempts to interview the mortal Ares. Drunk, Ares scoffs at the idea of Xena becoming his queen. After mentioning that other Greek deities escaped the Twilight, Nigel hears a voice and storms into the dilapidated shack.

There, he finds Xena, but is thrown out by Ares. Xena restored his godhood with a golden apple wrested from Odin, but refused his offer to become a goddess and rule by his side. Ares and Xena were once again adversaries as she foiled his plot to get the Amazons into a war with the Romans in order to gain more worshipers.

However, they also seemed to share a new mutual understanding and acceptance that one will never be able to change the other. Modern Day Adventures At some time, for an unknown reason, Ares is trapped in a coffin made by Hephaestusinside a tomb, and only Xena throwing her chakram at a part of the coffin could free him. Inthe descendants of Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer go looking for the Xena scrolls in that tomb.

They find a broken chakram and when it's joined together, Xena's spirit goes into her descendant Melinda. She throws the chakram, that frees Ares and He wants to use Adolf Hitler to help him ascend not only back to his former glory, but to ascend higher than he ever did.

Before Xena's spirit leaves, she throws the chakram again and traps Ares in the tomb, but he finds a way out.