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On February 6, Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Suk discussed the Won and Oh Min Suk may actually take their onscreen relationship into real life. Henry felt his whole body tense up as Yewon cradled his face in her hands. . At the beginning of their relationship, she had worried about Minhyuk's feelings for .. He'd remember trying to test her reaction when he'd gotten close to Jiwon. On a recent airing of MBC's 'Quiz to Change the World', BTOB's Minhyuk talked about the aftermath of winning first place in races in the.

She scrolled through her Instagram feed out of boredom. These days she was afraid of updating, because she knew she would receive backlash. But she still went on to check out what her friends were doing and she knew that her fans and fans of the Kongdak couple were constantly tagging her in fan pics. It made him feel insecure to think that he was the only one yearning to see her.

This was the reality of dating a fellow idol. Their schedules were always sporadic, their fans always alert. That left them to either date in the wee hours of the morning or late at night. Most nights though, they were stuck with having dates in the car or at home.

She always felt frustrated at their situation but she had learned to accept it. She turned as she heard the familiar click at the door, as she spotted Minhyuk walking through the door, with food in his hand.

A big grin broke across her face as she walked over to welcome him with her embrace. Holding her in his arms, it felt like absolutely nothing mattered anymore. All the strenuous schedules, all the worries about their future, all the insecurities and doubts dissolved in that instant. She meant the world to him. He held her hand, leading her over to the table to unpack the food he brought. They did not get to spend a lot of time together and he did not want to start a fight, but he could not control his stupid jealousy speaking.

Yewon looked up at Minhyuk. She knew a good girlfriend would reassure her boyfriend and tell her Henry meant nothing to her, that it was all for show. She knew from their very first meeting that Henry was smitten. She saw it in his gaze that never left hers. She saw it in his smile that lit up every time she gazed at him. She had found it endearing during their first meeting. With every meeting, she grew fonder of him and she knew he knew. She knew she would look at him adoringly.

She knew she would laugh and smile without restraint around him. She knew she did not discourage his skinship attempts, humouring him each time he made a move. He was damn creative and it had excited her how he was constantly showering her with affection. But… how would she tell Minhyuk all this? Are you doubting me? Every time he saw their interactions of We Got Married, he became afraid.

He was not one to have many fears, but the fear of losing the love of his life haunted him each time he saw the way she looked at Henry or reach out to touch him. His blood boiled and he found himself punching anything he could when he saw their kisses. It had caused a rift in their relationship in the past and she had told him she had grown weary of having to constantly explain herself. She wanted him to only look at her, and as long as she sensed his sincerity, she trusted him.

So she had always felt it was unfair that he never trusted her the same way. But he wanted to, he was learning to. It was difficult though, because they could never date openly. He could never ward all the other guys away when they would hit on her. He could never boldly hold her hand if he saw another guy asking for her number backstage. He could never warn other guys to stay away from her. He wanted to, but he was afraid of feeling so vulnerable… knowing that she could betray him if she wanted to… knowing that if she did, his whole world would come crashing down.

I was just jealous. She felt a sense of guilt eat up at her yet at the same time, she felt wrongly accused. It was a contradiction of feelings. We Got Married is technically a job. Perhaps she was weak hearted. Perhaps she falls in love too easily. All throughout their relationship, all she wanted was for Minhyuk to trust her. Minhyuk slid over next to Yewon, and tried to feed her.

Then we can watch a movie and cuddle. I have nothing on tomorrow as well, so we can sleep in. Yewon, on the other hand, slept like a log.

She always set her alarm so unrealistically early that she had gotten used to sleeping over the sound of it. He turned back towards his girlfriend and stared at her angelic face, sleeping without a care in the world. He caressed her cheek and leaned in to give her a kiss.

He wished he could wake up like this every morning — next to the girl of his dreams. He wanted this moment to last forever. Clutching the phone in his hands still, he keyed in their anniversary date and opened the Camera app to take a cute selca that she can see when she wakes up. As he leaned closer to Yewon and started posing for the selca, his eyes were caught on the little thumbnail in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

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She had saved this image. He compulsively scrolled back, through numerous images of Yewon and Henry — screencaps from the show, fan-made images of them together, selcas Henry had sent her personally. Minhyuk clenched his jaw with every image her saw, with every pang of pain that shot through his chest. He had told himself to trust her. He had told himself that their love could overcome anything that comes their way. He only wanted her, needed her.

He had berated himself every time he doubted her in the past.

Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Suk talk about dating in real life after they leave 'We Got Married'

He had told himself that she had loved only him. The photos may not have been incriminating, she may not have betrayed him. Yet, the fact that another man was on her mind bothered him. Call him petty, but he could not overlook it. He could not ignore that he may be slowly losing her.

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It was We Got Married. The whole world would rejoice at their dating news. No one else knew of his love for her, no one else knew how much she meant to him. No one knew… not even Yewon, he realized. He was angry at her.

He was angry at the whole situation. He could not stay there. He looked at Yewon sleeping peacefully, yet his heart was unsettled. Minhyuk pulled his shirt over his head and tried to quietly slip out of the room. He needed to get away. He left her a short note, and then left her apartment. All he wanted was to clear his head, to forget the pain momentarily.

His friend took one look at him, and knew something was wrong. Having known Minhyuk for over ten years, he knew not to ask any questions — it was always complicated, being an idol.

He poured himself a drink, then started going through all the songs, selecting only songs that reflected his current feeling — sad, angry and bitter. Drink after drink, song after song… Yet the pain did not go away. Feeling bored and empty, he pulled out his phone and saw the missed calls from Yewon. He was still angry at her. He remembered that surreal trip that felt like an escape from life as an idol… The fateful trip that stirred their dormant feelings for each other… that stirred an attraction and interest from seeing each other around to having the chance to actually date each other.

Maybe it was spite. Maybe it was his years of idol training that warned him from causing conflict on a broadcasting show. He had kept in touch with her, out of guilt. He felt bad for leading her on. He enjoyed her friendship. However, they were friends. She was one of the few who did know about their relationship, naturally.

He scrolled through his contact list and called Jiwon. He craved company in this moment. He wanted to vent, he wanted to ask someone if Yewon was falling for Henry, he wanted to ask someone if he was being ridiculous. She woke up expecting to find Minhyuk all cosied up in bed with her.

She was bewildered, Minhyuk usually told her everything that was going on his life… He always wanted to share his life with her. Worried, she had called him multiple times. It was only hours later that she received a text, stating: She mindlessly went about her day, finding random tasks and errands to kill her time as she waited until midnight to give him another call. She anxiously tapped the call button, an ominous feeling coming over her. She lit up, hearing the call go through… However, his voice was hoarse and groggy… Did he drink?

His head hurt and he just wanted to wish the pain away. She heard a female voice in the background, muffled with drunken giggles. She could not get through to Minhyuk, not when he was drunk off his ass and trying to pick a fight.

She had no idea what he was doing or why he was doing it. The boys awkwardly approach Hyejeong, who is standing in a grassy field, and are given some time to say a few last words.

I had a good time. K is the only one who remains as the other boys take off. Before we find out whether Hyejeong feels the same way about Jun. But after midnight [Truth Room], I think everything fell into place. K has his arms confidently raised, and by the end of the second count, Jun.

K has his arms wrapped around Hyejeong. They part for a second, before Jun.

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K, seizing every opportunity. K says he knew for sure earlier in the day, while Hyejeong says she knew after their talk in the Truth Room. Rewind to their middle school moment in the Truth Room, where Jun. Mir has reverted to his class clown self, and Seung Ah is once again the butt of the joke. Even though we bumped heads, it was fun. The break-up-when-you-were-never-actually-together-to-begin-with talk trumps all.

Planning to get married? Peniel added to that probably as a joke that he will immediately date. He was actually planning to get married at the age of 25, which is quite young, though. Who knows if he finds a girl who fits his ideal type he will probably straight away marry her when he reached 25 years old.

Ilhoon has never been in a dating relationship before. Well, that is what fans have been told off about him. Despite having no experience in dating life, Ilhoon as a man likes a woman who has beautiful eyes, with beautiful body line and wears clothes that can expose her figure. What he wants to his girlfriend His ideal type should not just look beautiful on the outside but she has to also be broadminded and has an easy-going personality.

If he has a girlfriend, he wants to have a couple date with his friends and bet girl does not really prefer this kind of date. This is probably a proof that Ilhoon has never dated before.