Yewon and minhyuk relationship trust

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yewon and minhyuk relationship trust

relationship between yewon and minhyuk? - question and answer in the BtoB ( Born TO Beat) club. BTOB's Lee Minhyuk to make solo debut with album release on January FT Island has really tried to cultivate a friendship-type relationship with their .. Knew about Yewon and Jinwoon dating back in bc people talk. and I could honestly never trust a friend to keep a relationship a secret so it's. Netizens continue to call for Yewon's removal from 'We Got Married,' which recorded its to the growing sentiment that she betrayed the trust of audiences in Korea. . approach to the virtual relationship between Yewon and Henry. Kang Min Hyuk, were slightly disturbed when Yewon responded to his.

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yewon and minhyuk relationship trust

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yewon and minhyuk relationship trust

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The girl has a lot of similarities with him such as height, blood type, apartment number etc. Minhyuk has confessed his feeling five times towards her, but their relationship did not last long.

However, since he has been an idol, Minhyuk has also joined a romantic reality show, Romantic and Idol Season 2 where he was in a conflict of choosing Yewon of Jewelry and Jiwon of Spica.

Changsub There is no single dating rumor about Changsub with a woman so far. Whether he prefers focusing on his career than having a love commitment is a question only he can answer.

On the show, The Boss is Watching, Changsub was asked who he wants to bring on a trip and he chose Umji. Hyunsik Similar to the other members, Hyunsik currently has not been associated with any girl. Being an idol who is also a song composer, Hyunsik probably is too busy to fall in love. He has a girlfriend?

If Ilhoon has not posted the next tweet, fans would probably be in chaos thinking that Hyunsik was really in a relationship since Ilhoon looked so girl-like and pretty.

She lit up, hearing the call go through… However, his voice was hoarse and groggy… Did he drink? His head hurt and he just wanted to wish the pain away. She heard a female voice in the background, muffled with drunken giggles. She could not get through to Minhyuk, not when he was drunk off his ass and trying to pick a fight.

She had no idea what he was doing or why he was doing it. Her mind raced to the worst case scenario. A pain formed in her chest that caused it hard for her to breathe. Why was Minhyuk so intoxicated? Why was he with Jiwon?

Fabulously Filorean: Updated Review: The Romantic and Idol Season 2 Episode 6

Before she knew it, she broke down. All the unanswered questions led her to think of the worst.

The Romantic & Idol Season 2 - Episode 6 Part 3 English Sub

In the lonely night, Yewon curled up into a ball and the sounds of her pained sobbing resonated throughout her apartment. His eyes widened and thousands of thoughts ran through his mind. He had no idea why he was in her apartment.

yewon and minhyuk relationship trust

All he remembered was drinking copious amounts of alcohol to forget his pain. He remembered screaming and crying - asking why Yewon was falling for someone other than him. He remembered Jiwon drinking with him and comforting him. He crumpled into a ball, cradling his head in his hands. He felt a light graze on his arm, and turned to look at Jiwon. She was staring up at him, with a look of sympathy in her eyes.

It was a mistake. We were both drunk. He had no appetite, thinking about what he had done and the ramifications of his actions. He wanted to throw up at the thought of Yewon ever finding out about his indiscretion. He knew he had ruined everything.

He resented the cruel irony. He grabbed his phone off the bedside table, as he gathered the rest of his clothes. His heart froze when he saw the notification on his screen. A text message from Yewon that read: His heart raced with the fear pumping adrenaline throughout his body. He ran as fast as he had ever run. He got to her door, and keyed in their passcode, yet the door would not open. He fell to his knees. He called her again. He had been calling her non-stop for the past hour since he saw her message.

We have to talk. Just let me explain. She knew that she had to protect their identities before rumours spread. She wiped away the tears streaming down her face and took a deep breath before she stood up to open the door for him.

Minhyuk jumped to his feet as soon as he heard the door click. She was in pain because of him. She was sick of crying, having cried herself to sleep that night. She was scared of relenting. She was scared of giving in. He only loved her, no one else. It meant that in that moment, you were willing to throw away everything we had. It broke her, knowing that he had spent the night with another woman. They had suffered many hardships that were inherent with dating an idol.

The long distance, the fear of being caught, the uncertainty of their future and careers… But like any other woman, there were things she could never tolerate. She had never imagined he could betray her like this. I would give up everything for what we have. He had no idea how much she had meant to him until he was racing over to her place.

He could give up his dream to be with her. He could throw away the title of an idol to be with her. He loved her more than he loved himself.

Who has a Girlfriend in BtoB?

Nothing… we have nothing, Minhyuk. You broke my trust. All throughout their relationship, she had battled with the insecurity of dating an idol, knowing well enough herself that they were always surrounded by other gorgeous idols. But she overcame it with the trust she had in him. It was difficult, but she knew she had to because she knew how it felt to always be doubted.

He was always the one doubting her feelings, throwing jealous fits over other guys approaching her.

yewon and minhyuk relationship trust

He would be the one who asked her why she never said she had a boyfriend. He would be the one interrogating her why she had so many close guy friends, when she already had him. He never trusted her, the way she trusted him.

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He could feel the hurt in her words, in her eyes. He knew that he was losing her. His biggest fear was unfolding right in front of his eyes.

His world was shattering right that moment. She was hurting too much. She knew that it was over. She could forgive him, but she would never be able to forget the betrayal.

It would haunt their relationship even if they stayed together. I was in pain. I saw the photos of Henry on your phone, and I just wanted to drink the pain away. This was between them. This was about the crack in their relationship from beginning.

This was about their inability to fully trust each other. With Henry, he made her feel like she was his world. Henry would never hesitate to tell her how he felt, even though it made her shy or embarrassed. Even if it were for the show, she had always felt that he was always upfront, unabashed and genuine. Even if Henry had tried to play mildang with her, he was never any good at it, he would fall back into the patterns of speaking his mind without any filters.

With Minhyuk, from the beginning, it was in his nature to play mildang. He was always testing her and her feelings. She was never able to read him. At times, she could sense that he loved her a lot, but others, she would feel like he was holding back. Can you imagine the pain I was in? Her world crumbled when that call ended.

All the problems in their relationship that she tried to bury surfaced. She went through the motions of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression all in that one night. Then it was this morning that she had come to an acceptance. That was when she texted him. It took all the courage she had. She was losing the man she had loved over the past three years.

She was saying goodbye to the prospects of a future with him. She was his rock, his drive. She was the only person he thought of whenever he was struggling. She made all the difficulties bearable. She was the light of his life and he loved her with every fibre of his being. There is no more us. He was concerned before he knew something was on her mind. It was something beyond his control, how he grew to truly care for her.

At the beginning of their time on WGM, he was excited that they were paired up. When they were reunited, he just wanted to be there for her and support her.

Over time, she dominated his thoughts even when they were apart. He had heard rumours that she might be dating someone, though he had never confirmed it for himself. He knew it was dangerous to fall for your WGM co-star — he was told to only see it as a job to springboard his career and not to develop feelings, especially after her scandal. There would be too much scrutiny and you would get caught, they said. They wanted him to be the perfect husband so fans can fantasize, but they did not want him to be publicly dating because then the fantasy is shattered.

SM made sales based on the image of their idols and they knew how possessive fans were. Henry knew this too. He knew that dating Yewon may bring harm to her — he saw the criticism and hateful messages she got from his fans.