Young froy and sonia relationship

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TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Operation Repo anytime, anywhere. Then, Sonia and Froy repo a high-end luxury sedan from a snooty pair of Brits in Finally, Luis and Sonia head to a fancy part of town to repo an Escalade from a young .. Froy and Sonia wind up in the middle of a relationship dispute with an . Sonia Pizarro and Froy wedding pic | Sonia Pizarro Boyfriend. with cat mask on shows father-daughter relationship diverse books for kids, children's books.

young froy and sonia relationship

How can a show about repossessing cars become so popular and successful? It just might be because of some of the outrageous and bizarre secrets that you're going to learn about here But what did she have to say for herself about the incident? I'm fifty-two years old. I've returned a lot of wallets and a lot of purses and sometimes I get something, sometimes I don't, okay?

She said she knew it wasn't right but she was going to make them suffer a little bit. She said that she knew that there were cameras in the store but wanted to take the wallet and return it to them after they left the store. She made it clear that she simply wanted to "make them pay" a reward for carelessly leaving the wallet on the counter. Some people didn't appreciate the way the show passed itself off as real while some didn't like the characters and others happened to be hard-working repo men in real life who detested everything about the show.

One commenter wrote, "I am a repo man in pa and this show pisses me off!!!! It's a shame these idiots make money pretending. How pathetic is that? Many fans were disappointed to learn the show, which featured outrageous incidents and stunts, was completed scripted and it was merely actors pretending to get their vehicles repossessed.

Not one vehicle was actually repossessed in the history of the show. Operation Repo followed a simple yet effective formula to boost its ratings. The show typically started with banter between cast members with hints of developing storylines between the crew. Then the "repo teams" would set out for the day, usually talking about the car they were going to pick up on the way over.

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Whether at someone's residence or a business, the team would descend upon the vehicle only to get stopped mid-way by the actor playing the role of the vehicle owners who would get upset, try to fight the repo team or perform some other type of shocking behavior.

Sounds basic enough but it worked!

young froy and sonia relationship

There's only one problem: In this episode, Sonia's rehabilitation from her gunshot wound takes a shocking turn. Then, the whole team runs into trouble when they attempt to repossess a carnival ride from a group of wannabes. Plus, Froy and Matt wrangle with a gym owner and his fleet of thugs, and Lou and Sonia repo a truck from a protester in a revealing outfit. Sonia's recovery takes another unexpected turn when she goes too far with a debtor. Sonia and Matt sneak onto a big studio lot to repossess a trailer, but there's a big surprise in store when it turns out Matt and the movie's star have a checkered history, Lou and Sonia interrupt a knitting circle to take a car from a booze-soaked craft enthusiast, and Matt and Froy head out to wine country for a disastrous run-in with a group of debtors who have sworn an oath of silence.

Things get a lot more complicated for the team when Sonia snaps and puts herself on the business end of a knife and the gangbanger wielding it. Froy and Sonia wind up in the middle of a relationship dispute with an absent-minded professor who's got too many cars and too many girlfriends, Matt and Froy confront a debtor with a tiny motorcycle and an enormous mean streak, and Sonia and Lyndah find themselves in the middle of a gang dispute gone horribly awry.

On this special episode, the repo team confronts their toughest challenge yet: Froy and Matt hit the lake to repossess a van from a kayak instructor and his perturbed collection of students, and Lyndah and Froy head to the Hollywood Hills to find a luxury car, but wind up crashing the worst party ever.

The team gets back to work, but have their anger management sessions had any effect? Sonia and Lyndah find themselves surrounded by a gang of roller derby girls who've got the skills to protect their car, Lou and Sonia get lost in translation when they're forced to contend with a pair of Russian movers and their yuppie lawyer clients, and Matt, Lou, and Froy are in a battle of the scams when they try to trick a group of con artists into giving up their vehicle.

The team's work with the anger management specialist starts to pay off with disastrous consequences. Sonia and Froy drive to the country to repo a tractor and are forced to confront a group of irate corporate hayriders, Lou and Sonia wrangle with a confused lady who is missing both her car and her sense of decency, and Matt and Sonia get into a Mexican standoff with a wealthy divorcee, his daughter, and her rageaholic boyfriend.

Matt and Froy interrupt the meeting of a fraternal lodge to ask for a car, but what they get is an angry old man with an angry old rifle, Lou and Sonia set off in search of a vehicle and find themselves interrupting a family celebration for a young veteran with a horrible secret, and Froy and Matt go on a repo that develops into a three-way battle royale with a pair of glassworkers and their enraged client.