Zabuza and haku relationship tips

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zabuza and haku relationship tips

If you look at their relationship, in some ways Haku plays a supporting motherly role to Zabuza. It's probably why Naruto's interaction with Haku. Zabuza then proposed to Haku that, if he wanted to be trained Quotes ZabuHaku is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Zabuza. Anime Relationships That Should Disturb You Lucky Star: Konata + Her that the anime whole-heartedly supports their weird relationship and hints to Zabuza and Haku's relationship look as uncontroversial as possible by.

Plus naruto clearly likes sakura in the first series. How is it a assumption? You never see naruto getting nervous and blushing around any guys. Sasuke on the other hand seems asexual throughout the whole show.

zabuza and haku relationship tips

He cares too much about other things to focus on his sexuality. Him getting married to sakura though confirms hes straight and he had a kid with her. Sasuke doesnt care about social norms, if he was gay thered be no reason to get with sakura and have a kid.

zabuza and haku relationship tips

I mean, don't get me wrong! I'm not saying he's homosexual, far from it. I am instead suggesting, if he is gay, then he is bisexual or pansexual. He could very well be straight too, of course. And he WAS attracted to Haku, as you yourself point out, even admitting he's pretty after the revelation Haku was a male.

Asexual and gay people alike get married to people of the same gender and have kids quite frequently- both to blend in, and because they want to.

zabuza and haku relationship tips

That's why it's so explicit in the first place. Naruto and Sasuke do a lot of similar stuff and at no point does Kishimoto ever insinuate that they are gay for each other.

The exact opposite happens, actually; Naruto and Sasuke are disgusted with kissing each other and their bond is called brotherhood constantly.

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If Kishimoto thought Zabuza's and Haku's bond was in any way romantic, he wouldn't go to the same extremes showing it because he's embarrassed about romantic bonds in particular. Think of it like this: The two mouth-to-mouth kisses were decidedly not romantic a comic relief gag that neither party intended or enjoyed, and gritty CPR done on an unconscious patient respectivelyand the only kisses that are deliberately romantic between Dan and Tsunade are applied to the forehead.

The ONLY teacher-student relationship They are exactly the same person, except that Guy is older than Lee, aside from that They're just weirdly energetic and goofy! That was nothing like the depiction of Zabuza and Haku, which makes me wonder what Kishimoto was really trying to convey.

  • Zabuza and Haku... Ummn... What was the deal there?!
  • Holy ****. How gay were Haku and Zabuza?

Are you sure about that? Guy said he was going to kill himself if Lee didn't make it through the surgery. To Might Guy, Lee being able to continue being a ninja is more valuable than his own life. He'd throw everything away just so that Lee could fight again. That level of single-minded devotion is the same kind Haku displays for Zabuza. There's also Gaara's take on Guy stopping him from killing Lee.

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Guy stepping in the way reminded Gaara of Yashamaru and what he said about love. Gaara is reminded of Guy again when Sakura stops him from killing Sasuke, and again equates Guy's interference with Yashamaru's description of love. So Guy's devotion to Lee has been literally described as love on multiple occasions in the narrative itself.

zabuza and haku relationship tips

I actually think that Haku was originally intended to be a girl, and that was possibly changed because they didn't want the Hero Naruto punching a girl in the face, or being slain by Kakashi's chidori. Didn't stop Kishimoto from depicting Kakashi stabbing Rin in the heart in all its gory details. Nor did it stop him from showing Sasuke Chidori'ing Sakura via genjutsu.

And Naruto ripping Kaguya's arm off. During the Wind Arc in Shippuden Naruto who is at that point the same age that Haku was