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zim and gir relationship help

My relationship with my sister #hahatotallynotfunny #Invader Zim. May 11, Memes, Invader Zim, and 🤖: Yeah but only for G.I.R! He at least tried to help Dib, which endears him to some many even pair thembut the. Apr 16, It was Zim's relationship with his little robotic sidekick, GIR. gotten rid of GIR a long time ago, as GIR normally lacked the brains to aid Zim in.

Zim's general dislike of GIR most likely originates from his erratic behavior and lack of obedience to his orders, though it is very rare that Zim actually seems to be angry with his SIR Unit. Occasionally, Zim interacts with GIR as one would with a younger sibling, or a parent with a naughty child.

Despite being faulty, GIR has always made his love for Zim all too clear, often demonstrating it in some overenthusiastic manner that frequently warrants unheeded discipline from his master. GIR couldn't care less about his master's mission even though it should be his as well and often opts out of obeying Zim's orders.

That being said, Zim often tries to steer his henchman in the right direction, stating it is for the good of the mission. GIR simply counters this with attempts to persuade Zim to relax and have fun every once in a while, despite Zim's frequent refusals to do anything but try to conquer Earth and defeat Dib.

Despite his master's harshness, stubborn nature, and reluctance to have fun with him, GIR is genuinely cheerful and seems to have the mindset that so long as his master is happy, so is he. Which often leads to misguided attempts to make Zim happy, most of which go hilariously wrong. Sometimes he bends Zim to his own will, which allows GIR to get away with some of his antics.

However, their bonds of loyalty to each other are not always strong. Don't expect to fall from your chair and roll on the floor laughing, but hopefully it will make someone smile I'm open to questions and comments of every sort as long as we respect each other. Feedback is gold for inspiration! You really think that you can stop the Mighty Zim? Just because you've managed to cause me a…minor inconvenience, it doesn't mean that I've lost! I will destroy your pathetic ball of dirt and…and crush your pathetic life with…the ugly weight of your smelly gargantuan head!

I just wrecked your stupid hypnotizing machine! I wouldn't call that a "minor inconvenience". I stopped your moronic, evil plan once again. And stop saying my head is big! Now it looked more like the impact site of an asteroid, considering the deep crater that laid in the middle of the space between the two of them and the ruins spread all around. The human boy might have managed to destroy the alien's aforementioned machine, but the device had gone out with a real blast, destroying everything around it despite its small size.

The two had been caught in the explosion too, even if they had been much luckier than the poor road. Zim's uniform was torn and burnt in a few spots and there was blood dripping into in his contact lenses from a cut on his forehead.

His wig was all messy, but he had managed to keep it in place even when the wave of energy had shoved him into the closest wall. One of his arms laid limp by his side, most likely broken, but his PAK was already working on repairing the damage. Dib's clothes weren't in a better state, but at least the boy didn't have any broken bone. Aside from the few, umpteenth cracked ribs. He would have been all bruised the next morning and he honestly wasn't eager to experience the pain that would have come once the adrenaline would have left his system, but he would have put up with it.

He was just glad that he had got away with all his limbs still attached and no internal lesion. Or so he hoped. The Invader let out an unintelligible sound at the comeback he received, his working fist tightening in growing irritation. He wasn't going to admit that the worm child had managed to spoil his amazing plan yet again. The foolish pig could mock and taunt as much as he wanted. His won battles were nothing but a delay, because, at the end of the day, the final victory would have been Zim's.

It didn't even matter that he had been on Earth for a year and a half already. Once he would have conquered the planet and the Armada would have come for the Organic Sweep, he would have been the last one to laugh watching his nemesis crying. He would have let his rival pick whatever meaning he preferred. He started to march towards where the boy stood, walking around the crater ignoring the pained protests that his spine was sending him. He would have showed the inferior creature the true meaning of humiliation.

He would have proved him that he could still cause harm even if his machine was lost. He managed to catch himself before he could fall face down on the ground, but when he lifted his head he noticed that his sight was slightly blurred. No, that wasn't the right way to describe it. It was more like everything around him was swaying disturbingly slowly and that made it hard for him to put the details into focus.

His head was suddenly feeling very light and there was a weird, bubbly feeling growing in his chest. He tried to take a few more steps forward, but he had to stop after the second attempt because he couldn't keep his balance. Was the ground moving under the soles of his boots? Or was it the sky above his skull? Or was it him? Perhaps he had hit his head harder than he had thought. Dib had followed suit when Zim had started to advance towards him, matching the Irken's pace so that they could meet in halfway.

He had rolled his eyes as the alien had started to yell again, and he had smirked widely when the other had tripped on nothing. His amusement, though, had quickly died down, at least in part, when the Invader had stopped his tracks again almost immediately, after having tried to resume his marching, looking like he was about to risk falling once again. The outraged smugness had left the alien's expression completely, as had the determination that had lit up his gaze, and now his disguised eyes were completely unfocused, one of them narrowed, as if he had been trying and failing badly to squint at something.

His pinkish teeth were slightly bared, his face contorted in concentration, and he stood swaying, with his legs slightly apart, as to compensate for a sudden loss of balance. The boy raised an eyebrow, slowing down his steps, puzzled. What was the moron doing? The Irken looked even more idiotic than he usually did, but the human couldn't help feeling wary. It wouldn't have been the first time that the alien had put up some crazy, moronic act just to make him lower his guard.

After what had happened the previous week, when the Invader had managed to distract him and slipped some horrible, disgusting sauce in his lunch, he had promised himself that he wouldn't have fallen for it again any time soon.

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He didn't want to be stunned by a laser or grabbed by the alien's PAK robotic arm. The Invader didn't answer. He had heard his nemesis's voice spelling something that sounded like his name, even if he wasn't sure, but he was too preoccupied with how thick and slow his thoughts had got to pay attention to the human.

The bubbly feeling in his spooch had move higher and now it was stuck in his throat, forcing him to bite his lips down not to let it out. He had no idea of what it would have caused if he had allowed the urge to surface, but he had the feeling that he wouldn't have liked it. The lack of an answer and even of a reaction made Dib's suspicions grow. If this wasn't one of the of his nemesis's stupid antics, then perhaps the explosion had damaged the Irken more than they had initially believed.

Whatever the explanation was, he had better do something about the current situation. If it was a trick, he needed to anticipate the alien's move.

If Zim wasn't pretending to be dazed, instead, well, it was a chance he couldn't let go to waste. He narrowed his eyes, determination making his amber irises sparkle, and he launched himself on the Invader, tackling him and knocking him on the littered ground.

His hands fisted in the front of his nemesis's uniform tightly and he shook him roughly. Your time has come!

I'll expose you and have you locked up and experimented on! You won't harm this planet anymore! He could feel the human's weight on him and Dib's face occupied more or less all his field of vision, but he was still having troubles to put the images into focus.

The irritating boy was talking again, he was aware of the fact because he could hear his annoying voice echoing in his head, but grasping the words was a hard task too. A part of the Irken's mind knew that things weren't looking good for him, that he should have done something, like shoving his rival off him, but the bubbly feeling had got so intense. He couldn't hold it back anymore. His head was spinning slightly, his broken arm hurt horribly and he was in a vulnerable position, one that could have allowed Dib to tear his disguise off and reveal his real looks to the whole world.

Still, he couldn't help himself. He dropped his nape back on the ground and burst out into laughter, loud and hard. I can…can still feel it! And that tale about the lava stream? Where had that come from? He studied his rival's expression more attentively. His head was swaying as his body had been when he had been standing, his fake eyes were still half lost in the void and he was gnawing on his lips in a failed attempt of stopping his uncontrollable giggling.

Had Zim finally and completely lost his mind? Gaz was standing by his side, her gaze locked on the screen of her videogame and her usual frown in place.

She looked away just once, and for less than a second, cracking an eye slightly open and landing it on the snickering alien, before returning it were it belonged. She scoffed, in evident annoyance. Dib blinked at her. He had completely forgotten that she was there too and of how the fight had started in the first place.

He had been on his way to accompany her to the mall when they had run into Zim.

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Of course, as soon as he had caught sight of the Irken, his mind had pushed everything else away, his sister included, and, as the battle had progressed, it had deleted the memory of what he was supposed to be doing and with whom. If Gaz hadn't interjected, he most likely would have realised that they should have been together only once he would have got back home and got growled at because he had abandoned her in the middle of the street.

He frowned slightly at the girl. Somehow, she was unscathed, without even a bit of dust on her clothes, as if she had been miles away when the explosion had happened. He couldn't wrap his mind around how that could be possible, but he decided that it didn't matter in that moment and his eyes moved back on his nemesis. Could his sibling be right? Was Zim under the effect of some drug or substance that was messing with his system?

Now that she had mentioned it, he couldn't help agreeing with her observation. The Invader did look stoned. I'm going to the mall," Gaz stated, interrupting his thoughts for the second time in a row and turning on her heels. She wasn't going to allow that accident to ruin her plans. She had known that she would have been on her own as soon as the Irken had made his appearance. Better that way, if you asked her.

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She hadn't wanted her brother to come in the first place, but he had insisted until she had agreed, out of exasperation. What should he do? Zim was in his hands and he was defenceless. He could have captured him, brought him home and got all the evidences he needed to prove the world that his nemesis wasn't human, to show everyone that he wasn't crazy, that he had been right the whole time.

He could have even exploited the occasion to get back at the Invader for all the weird experiments the jerk had tried to conduct on him during the last year and a half. He could have fulfilled his self-assigned task and saved the Earth, become a hero, been rewarded for all the efforts, the humiliations and the sacrifices he had been forced to endure. He could have earned a life not so unlike the one the Irken had showed him in his simulation, when he had cruelly taken his revenge for that thrown muffin, superpowers aside.

He felt the hint of a grin starting to stretch on his lips, but it fell before it was completely formed.

The idea was enticing, exhilarating even, he couldn't deny it. He could have had Zim strapped and helpless on an operating table, ready for dissection, exactly as he had promised his rival since day one.

He would have won.

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However, it would have been so anticlimactic, after so many months of struggles and adventures. He had done nothing to defeat the alien and earn his victory. The moron had done this to himself, somehow.

They never played fair with each other, but this was just…bad and almost squalid. There was no real glory in it, no triumph he could really celebrate or boast about. Besides, even if he would have never admitted it, he had got used to having the space pest filling up his days.

Something would have been missing if he had got rid of him, especially now, especially in that insipid way. He groaned under his breath. He was sure that he would have regretted his decision as soon as the Irken would have pulled another of his stunts, endangering him and the whole planet, but for the moment he had made up his mind. Not without a hint of lingering reluctance, he let the front of the Invader's uniform go and stood up.

I'm taking you home. But I'm not carrying you. However, he struggled to do as he was told and, somehow, he ended up with his sane arm wrapped around the human's shoulder. He made a face at the close contact, the disgust in his expression matching the one in Dib's, but he was aware that without the support he would have fallen and plastered himself on the ground once again. He blinked, trying to clear his sight, and, when he didn't succeed, he shook his head quickly.

zim and gir relationship help

Or rather, he tried to, obtaining only to knock his skull painfully against his nemesis's temple. I should just leave you here and join Gaz. All I'm getting out of this stupid idea is a bad headache. And you're no danger for anyone right now. If I left, you'd probably just lie on the ground and laugh till you recovered or till someone dragged you away.

So I could really just leave. And you'll take Zim, worm child," the Invader managed to talk back, more or less coherently. He should have been worried by the human's sudden helpfulness and especially by the fact that he would be allowing his rival inside his base, unsupervised, but he couldn't bring himself to care.

It was already a miracle that he had stopped laughing long enough to speak those words. And apparently, judging by the pressure in his chest, the break was already over. This time, the boy chose to ignore both the annoying sound and the nonsensical statement and instead focused on starting to drag the alien in the direction of his headquarters.

Zim wasn't exactly cooperating, since he tripped on his feet more often than not, but, luckily for them both, the Irken was even lighter than he looked, so half carrying him wasn't too difficult. The Invader kept thrashing every time a new fit of laughter washed over him and that slowed them down, but eventually they covered the not so long distance that separated them from their destination.

The human did his best to ignore the glances they gained from the passers-by, deciding to pretend not to have heard the muttered "freaks" and just to be happy that no one had stopped them.

Getting the door of the eerie building open took more time than it should have.

zim and gir relationship help

Zim seemed unable to call out for his Computer and order it to unlock the entrance without interrupting himself half way to giggle. Dib wasn't sure about what was so funny in the whole ordeal, or rather what was so not-funny, since the Irken seemed to cackle harder when he was thinking about things that normally wouldn't have amused him at all.

Perhaps it had something to do with what his nemesis stuttered about the machine "accidentally" trapping him in a tank for a whole day, during the previous weekend, after the Invader had insulted it for three hours straight. He didn't want to know, honestly. The situation was already too absurd as it was. No need to add a domestic feud involving a sarcastic artificial intelligence to the mix. When, finally, the door was unlocked, the boy pushed it open and dragged the alien inside, meaning to just dump him on the couch and leave him alone to deal with his drugged self.