3 the empress reversed relationship

The Empress (Reversed) ~ Tarot Explained

3 the empress reversed relationship

The reversed Empress can stand for the sadness and emptiness experienced when your children flee the nest especially if found with the 4 of Wands, 3 and 6 of. The Empress major arcana tarot card meaning & reversed card meaning in the context of love, relationships, money, career, health & spirituality all free!. The Empress Tarot Card and Numerology. The Empress Tarot card's number is 3 . The numbers on Tarot cards are not random, but have deep symbolic.

It can also represent the flow of creativity and how comfort makes the flow easier. That Reversed Card, Tho Turn the Empress upside-down, though, and you can see more than a few problems.

Among the more direct interpretations are overmothering, smothering, and possibly trouble related to pregnancy. The Empress reversed could mean an unplanned pregnancy, miscarriage, or infertility issue is about to show up; you or someone you know could be involved in a pregnancy that seems fine but then encounters obstacles, like a surrounding financial situation taking a dive.

Even if the physical pregnancy isn't affected, there could be something around it that makes the pregnancy difficult. It could also be that the pregnant woman will experience some really annoying smothery behavior from relatives. If that's ringing alarm klaxons for you, now you have a chance to develop a strategy.

3 the empress reversed relationship

Save up, get thrifty with the paychecks, and go for minimalism when decorating the nursery. Set boundaries with pushy relatives or co-workers, and be sure you or whoever's pregnant knows her rights regarding family leave. Of course, actual pregnancy and motherhood don't have to be involved.

Maybe you're switching jobs and get the Empress reversed in a spot dealing with others' behavior. You could have a prima donna on your hands, or a supervisor who acts a little too much like your mother though a warning: Or, you could have someone there who isn't too happy about female employees getting pregnant, and that attitude affects everyone in the office.

And it could be you who becomes that troublesome worker. Pay attention to how you act toward others, too. Trouble with a woman of female figurehead is also a possible interpretation.

3 the empress reversed relationship

You can't think of all the women in your life as mother figures because many clearly aren't, and it's a stereotype to treat all women as if they are only mothers in one form or another. Overmothering can apply to people on equal footing, too.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - (3) The Empress Reversed

An overly "caring" roommate, a stranger who inappropriately comments on your clothes or food choices -- all of these can relate to the Empress reversed. Co-dependency and enabling are also related behaviors. Reversed tarot cards can have meanings that are at both ends of the scale.

In the Empress reversed's case, just as you can have smothering, you can also have neglect and even bullying.

3 the empress reversed relationship

This aspect of the reversed card is not kind and not caring, and instead of providing comfort, it wants to take comfort away or simply doesn't care if you are comfortable. On a less traumatic note, the Empress reversed can be about blocked creativity. That actually sounds like a relief after all the other possible meanings. If you have trouble remembering what the Empress reversed means, look at that crown of stars. When the card is upside-down, the stars look like they're falling. Something has gone off with the growing, flowing love of the Empress.

Don't get alarmed, though. Remember that the Empress reversed is one card, and the surrounding cards will all play a role. While we must learn unconditional love and to accept differences, we also must care for ourselves.

Is your life story full of abusive relationships in which you feel you give everything, receiving very little in return? Perhaps your feminine side has overpowered your personality. The man you love is not a baby. Maternal love, romantic love, filial love…each one of these has its characteristics and limits.

Remember that even children grow, and at some point, they must spread their wings and leave their mother. When she appears reversed in a spread it is possible that you are putting too much emphasis on your masculine energy, therefore neglecting your feminine side. It could also mean that you are living with an excess of feminine energy. Reconcile with your feminine side and get in touch with your sensuality.

Dancing, music, cooking for others, giving love, and waiting to receive love are all ways to connect with your five senses.

3 the empress reversed relationship

These things allow you to experience pleasure and deep satisfaction. It is time to strengthen your love relationships by doing things together, such as taking a vacation or enjoying a good movie. Let yourself love and be loved. This may be the perfect time to try a new hobby that helps you to connect with this side of yourself. In a Tarot reading, The Empress can also indicate pregnancy or a successful birth. However, it can also mean a metaphorical birth such as conceiving ideas or starting new fertile and prosperous projects.

It may even be the birth of a new life perspective. You may find yourself in a creative job with many ideas and new projects coming your way. It is a moment of fertility in every sense.

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Bake a pie, grow flowers on your front yard, or redecorate your room. All these actions attract love energy to your home.

If you are a mother, this card advises you to share more quality time with your children. Motherly love is the foundation of the lives of children. Fertility goes beyond bringing children into the world.

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

Loving them helps them to build a world for themselves in the future. Love You are in a balanced relationship, full of sincere appreciation in which you find harmony and affection You could be considering having children or are already pregnant If you are single, this is a time of great sex appeal and attractiveness A new relationship around the corner Health An excellent omen for couples trying to conceive Work You are being considered for a raise or a promotion You are in a stable position with many future possibilities Money You will have unexpected monetary benefits and income Perfect time for making new investments The Reversed Position of The Empress Tarot Card: Inverted Empress Tarot Card Reversed, The Empress Tarot card suggests that you are putting too much emphasis on the emotional or material needs of another person, and thus, you are neglecting your own needs.

Everything in nature has limits. Plants need sunlight but also shade, and the cycle of the seasons reveals that life and death are connected. For those who are parents, The Empress Tarot card reveals that you are giving your children everything they ask for, but that this is not an appropriate way to show them love. Teach them the value of work and effort and that their actions have positive and negative consequences. Also, teach them that mistakes are an essential part of learning.

While seeking excellence is creative, perfectionism can be destructive. If you are going through a break-up, it is time to take refuge in friends and loved ones. Express your pain and begin to heal. Better times will come, but it is essential to grieve.

If you are trying to get pregnant, this may not be the best time.

3 the empress reversed relationship

Rest, visit your doctor, and stop putting so much pressure on yourself. You also need to rest and receive love.