Aerosmith meet and greet photos

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aerosmith meet and greet photos

See Aerosmith's Las Vegas Residency at the Park Theater at Park MGM. Meet & Greet with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry; Individual Photo with Steven Tyler and. I have had the pleasure of doing two Aerosmith VIP Packages. The first one was Entering the VIP: This is a photo opportunity not a meet and greet. You have. "Aerosmith" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Aerosmith concert, Concert posters and Gig poster. Google Image Result for omarcafini.infotermafia. com/images/. Rock & PopRock Let Her meet Steven Tyler. Epic Rights Licensing.

aerosmith meet and greet photos

There are chairs around tables and waitresses that come around bringing food and drinks. To me it was very strange; it almost seemed as if the music was an afterthought, sort of like music to accompany dinner. The other thing that drove me nuts was the abundance of fat middle aged women getting drunk and trying horribly to dance.

So ZZ Top finished and there was a 45 minute break in between the bands, since Aerosmith has a shitload of equipment to set up.

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I met up with Ryan again, and we headed into the back again to get me set up on the stage. I got set up in a seat that was literally right on the side of the stage.

aerosmith meet and greet photos

About ten feet in front of me was the spot where the bass player would be jamming all night. When I told her this was my first show, she looked at me like I was nuts. There was a huge black curtain in front of us that pretty much blocked our view of most of the stage, but we were assured it would go down once the band got out.

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I felt like the kid from Almost Famous when he gets whisked backstage for the Stillwater show. It was a surreal experience, and it kept getting better. She was so happy that her idols had granted her this opportunity, and she had shared in the rock star glory.

After the first set ended, Joe Perry came out and did a guitar battle with his Guitar Hero character who played on the big screen.

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When the show ended I chilled with Ryan and drove around the parking lot in our golf cart, hanging out with drunk chicks. I finally drove home at midnight, and here I am trying to retain the glory and excitement of the night. I have my pictures, autographs and backstage passes to remember the night by, but nothing will match actually being there.

The music, the rock stars, the experience was amazing; truly once in a lifetime. Check out the video from the show. If you look to the little ramp on the left side of the stage, you can see some people sitting behind it.

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Steven Tyler is without a doubt one of the best in the biz. He is so kind and welcoming when you met him. He will look you straight in the eye, ask you your name and you can just tell he genuinely cares about who he is meeting.

Like I always tell people go into these experiences with the right expectations.

aerosmith meet and greet photos

This is a photo opportunity not a meet and greet. They truly make sure each fan gets a good experience and VALUE for their money and you are not just a in a second assembly line. They also make it private so you are not being stared at by everyone else waiting in line, you step behind a curtain and have your moment, get your photo taken and then you step out.

Suggestions for the staff: Be aware of the set up and the weather. The Bristow experience was a scorcher. This left the majority dripping in sweat, and knowing the photo opportunity was still to come — not feeling very pretty.