Alpha centauri meet the beat video

alpha centauri meet the beat video Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Complete: Video Games. Custom build fighting units that meet your mission's specific needs, or accept your governor's recommendations. Dynamic personalities .. And you can't beat the price. Alpha Centauri brought strong claims to the table after claiming time, with Threading coming through to beat Veracious to the runner-up spot. alpha centauri meet the beat video That move was vindicated in style as Alpha Centauri put her lacklustre first start of the season behind her to.

Or perhaps you might want to focus on enhancements to your bases, concentrate on population growth, or save up credits to fund plans further down the line. The open-ended sandbox nature of the game rewards strategic experimentation, and is rarely entirely predictable. Guiding you up the tech tree are your research priorities. These are large investments which will take many turns to develop, and provide some kind of permanent bonus.

Look at the pretty birdies. You can speak about the other factions behind their backs, make all sorts of financial dealings, sign a treaty or pact of brotherhood or attempt to convince them to ally you in a war against another faction. If you can convince or bribe enough people to back you, you can run to be Chair of the Council, which is one of the victory conditions. Or you can develop the biggest guns, and expand your new human empire through military conquest.

When you take over an enemy base, you gain control of any secret projects developed there. Without giving too much away, indigenous lifeforms start appearing, and the story of Planet unfolds in prose interludes.

alpha centauri meet the beat video

On a hostile planet, the rest of humanity left behind, you forge a brand new civilisation in your image. There are no consequences for your actions beyond how your fellow factions respond.

Anything can happen at the edge of space.

Alpha centauri meet the beat video

Who knows what kind of weaponry your neighbour might be developing? The setting creates a kind of tension that is missing from a lot of similar strategy games. Alpha Centauri is a hugely solid strategy game that is highly replayable. He's a limp-dicked peacenik and thus usually the first to get wiped out, but he's tied with Deidere in being the overall fairest to his people, and he's one of the few leaders whose opinion can't be bought - this motherfucker furiously wanks over the UN Charter and will uphold it, even if you offer him almost everything you have or press an impact rifle up against his braincase.

When the worst that can be said of you is that you want to try to clone your dead wife so that the whole "death" thing won't permanently destroy your marriage, you're still the most ethical leader on Planet.

Has few real strengths or weaknesses, so his faction is good for beginners to learn the ropes with, though victory with him will ultimately rely on the skill and talent of the player rather than the powers and bonuses of the faction to carry the day, such as allying with Deidre and Zakharov, who are natural allies when Lal goes Green Economy, Knowledge Valued and Democratic. That, and a large population base to win U.

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N elections as well as rapid regaining of comm lines to other leaders. If you can settle a fertile valley and boom your people into high numbers, your vote at the reconvened U. N will be a Damocles' sword. All about military power and how soldiers are superior to soft lazy civvies like you.

Most often accused of assassinating the colony ship's captain, despite a complete lack of proof and claiming, for once, she didn't kill anybody. She's a psychopathic douchenozzle and often gets herself killed when she picks a fight with too many people at once, and is completely suspicious of anyone who picks a "value" other than "power", because she assumes these values are just power in knowledge's clothing. And, to be fair, she's not wrong. It's not like you aren't probably eyeing that cosmic-string supergun and licking your chops.

That said, if you beat her up and she surrenders, she actually means it, and will loyally serve you for the rest of the game. Has a brutal early-game, since her troops have super-morale and level up quickly, but needs to get some extra tech to avoid turning into a has-been ex-superpower being picked off by inches before the game's out.

More-or-less obliged to try to win by beating the shit out of everyone else too, which gives her some predictability problems, though at least she's not in quite as bad of shape as Miriam on that score.

University of Planet Leader: He and Miriam fight like cats and dogs -- if only they'd finally get a room and fuck, but she's an ugly bitch and he's a unwashed dweeb, so it'll never work out.

Brand New Colony: Alpha Centauri Retro

Particularly vulnerable to backdoor probing until he gets his secret security project Hunter Seeker Algorithm, and then those pesky probe teams will cry need retrofitting with an expensive part to continue spying. The expansion pack Alien Crossfire upped the ante by adding new factions so criminally unbalanced they made the others obsolete. Even so, the supercharged Mind Worm attacks in the expansion can eat these up just as well. Ulrik Svensgaard American Agressive, Explorers, Power agenda Annoying anarchist douche desperately trying to be Captain Nemo while drunkenly cosplaying as a classical pirate.

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Piratical raiders who start in the ocean unchallenged. If played by the AI they will reach epidemic levels of city expansion before you can field a navy, making conquering their strung out train wreck of an empire almost as bad as ignoring it - unless you've done your research, have a decent army, or declare him a non-person to gang up on.

Cult of Planet Leader: Basically what would happen if PETA managed to take control of a country.

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Takes over for Lal as the first person to get hilariously rolled out in the expansion unless he finds some mind worms double quick. If foolishly allowed to live unmolested they will turn the game into a tentacle rape simulator for any player foolish enough to have an economy. Of course mind worms become easy-peasy late game, so laugh as he funnels free experience points into your troops.

Tend to oppose the Believers on principle, because the information wants to be free, baby. Hence the other favourite faction besides Zakharov. Make good allies if you can put up with their practical jokes read: Otherwise not all that annoying and they're easily ground into the dirt by a half competent military if they get uppity.

Prime Function Aki Zeta 5 Norwegian Erratic, Discoverers, Cybernetic agenda, hates Fundamentalism Asexual cyborg whose half-robot populace has trouble getting themselves to make babies, but will be teching on towards victory while you're still trying to bang rocks together.

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Will cheerfully befriend you early on and trade tech to you at very reasonable prices for most of the game, until you turn down the perfectly reasonable late game option of subsuming your entire civilization into a cybernetic collective. Tends to skimp on her military, deal with her by drowning her in corpses, the manly way. If playing as her, her tech-looting powers ironically make military expansion one of your more-viable strategies.

Foreman Domai Australian Erratic, Builder, Eudaimonic agenda A badass Australian ex-Drone who lead a slave-revolt out from under Yang to build a less crazy, more bullshit overpowered version of the Hive.

Can crap out an entire continent's worth of infrastructure before you build your third city. Oh, and after you meet him you BETTER treat your people right because you start getting communist revolutions instead of drone riots. He'll probably still be swinging around lasers while you're blasting things with cosmic strings though, assuming you don't give him the time to build enough Labs to make that penalty meaningless.

alpha centauri meet the beat video

He and Aki Zeta-5 hate each other late game almost as much as they want to bone each other for the rest of the game, and from their murderous hatefuck of an alliance you will know pain, as their problems are basically mirror-images of one another. The probable canon winner of the expansion story, given his name's paradoxically on the all-powerful cosmic-string-resonance supergun.

Guardian Lular H'minee Aggressive, prevent transcendence agenda, hates Manifold Usurpers Planet's absentee landlords, who have come back after a teensy weensy problem with the other manifold reaching sentience and killing everything within three systems.

She'll drop everything to try to murder the everliving shit out of anybody who tries to go for the Transcendence victory, because she has firsthand experience in exactly what that kinda shit will lead up to.

alpha centauri meet the beat video

Ridiculously overpowered in most regards, they are balanced by the fact that they aren't UN members and are automatically hostile to the Manifold Usurpers. That last one never made it into the multiplayer game due to a bug? Usurper Judaa Marr Aggressive, transcendence agenda, hates Manifold Caretakers The second alien race and resident that guy.

Wants to hijack Planet's evolution and use it to turn his faction and yours too, Earthman, if you jump on this alliance for the low-low price of your total submission! Plays as more of a rip and tear marauding-barbarian type to H'minee's turtling builder, sharing their "weaknesses. Enjoy your web-mouthed alien overlords or break out the nerve gas since they aren't UN members. Yes, a lot of players don't realize that fighting the both Alien the proper way and exterminating them with WMD's actually works pretty well: Alien tech coupled with their OWN version of nerve gas means kill or be killed.

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