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australia post meet the athletes house

Athletics is a popular sport in Australia, with around 34, athletes, officials and coaches meeting, Richard Coombes, President of the men's Amateur Athletics Union, . Olympic Park Stadium - the home of athletics from to in Victoria Post Stawell Gift website; ^ Athletics Australia - Inter-Colonial meet. | Today at Kirribilli House, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Australia Post to support National Games athletes . and financial support to ensure the Games are successful and that our athletes reach their full potential.”. National selectors have announced the 17/U, 19/U and Tall Athlete squads ahead of the high-performance pathway camps to be held in June and September.

NAB has expanded its support of diverse and inclusive communities through the partnership with Special Olympics Australia and will play a key role at the National Games, which will see more than 1, athletes with an intellectual disability travel from around Australia to compete in Adelaide from April across a range of 11 sporting disciplines. NAB Chief Executive Officer Andrew Thorburn said the bank is committed to creating an inclusive society that enables people with disabilities to realise their full potential.

Special Olympics Australia CEO Corene Strauss said the National Games, held every four years, is more than just a competition, it is a chance to challenge attitudes, educate and foster wider acceptance in the community about intellectual disability.

All competing athletes will be vying for their spot to on the Australian team that will head to Abu Dhabi for the Special Olympics World Summer Games in You can support an athlete to get to the Games. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation.

The Adelaide-based advertising, design and production agency is the brain child of Ashley and Kate Evans, and has provided services across Australia and overseas for more than 30 years.

australia post meet the athletes house

We are honoured to join forces with Special Olympics Australia and to start working on several key graphic design initiatives, which will include rolling out the design and layout of the official Games program and certificates.

Orana Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Mihalaras said Orana hoped the partnership with Special Olympics would help both organisations better support people with disability and their families. I look forward to catching up with old friends, and making new ones at the Games next year. About Orana Orana provides employment, training, housing, respite and life skills support to South Australians with disability.

The organisation provides people with disability the chance to live and work as part of their community as independently as possible and become valued and productive community members. For more information, please visit www. During this period, he was the Patron of Special Olympics South Australia and invited athletes and their families to Government House and attended many other events. As Patron for the National Games, Mr Scarce will work to engage new and existing partners with the National Games and help raise awareness, funds and community support for the upcoming event.

We have a unique ability to provide identity and financial services and securely connect government agencies, consumers and businesses via in-store and digital services. We maintained our position in the top 10, ranking sixth but dropping four places from second spot in As part of our NPS survey, Australian consumers were asked to identify what services were driving their advocacy of our business.

At the same time, sending and receiving letters accounted for 21 per cent down from 27 per cent in Q1.

Delivering a better future

We know that the first step in creating a truly customer-centric business is improving our ability to listen and respond to feedback. Over the coming year we will continue to refine and improve the ways in which we collect and evaluate consumer insights to ensure we are delivering experiences that will engage and delight our customers.

Our post office network continues to be an important touch point for services, particularly in rural and regional areas where we are often the last remaining service provider. However, we know that consumers also want safe, inclusive access to the digital world.

They can change their address and use MyPost Deliveries to track parcels — while in transit — or open their parcel locker. Concession card holders can even use MyPost to buy discount postage. Today, more than two million customers use the MyPost platform.

Our nationwide, last-mile delivery capabilities mean consumers enjoy unmatched convenience in how they receive their deliveries. The MyPost Digital Mailbox continues to grow and we are working to add more providers in the coming year. We are also focused on developing services that will transform the way consumers connect with government and business providers.

We have always been a part of regional and rural Australia and this will not change, with our post offices playing a vital role in connecting communities and providing essential services. We are often the last remaining service provider in many rural and regional locations, so we understand the importance of providing all Australians, regardless of their location, with seamless access to essential services — both online and in person.

By unlocking the full potential of our national retail network to put essential services in reach of every Australian, we are not only helping them to shop and transact, we are also contributing to greater social and financial inclusion in many communities. Helping small business go and grow online The small business sector is highly reliant on eCommerce and the post office is increasingly becoming a critical part of the team, providing expertise and connections that help it get online and grow.

We equip our small business customers with the expertise and market access they need to reach customers in Australia and overseas, so they can scale a successful eCommerce enterprise. We have also acquired web-based payment and identity services, like SecurePay, POLi and KeyPass, so that we can provide end-to-end Trusted Services support for businesses and consumers, across the eCommerce value chain. These events help small business owners in local communities address the challenges of declining populations, economic uncertainty and increased competition from online retailers.

Google representative, Tim Gentle, presented to 40 small business owners about how Google can assist in driving traffic and sales to their website. Our international partnerships are opening new markets for small business to reach Asian consumers through Tmall and JD. We will continue to pursue new opportunities to support Australian merchants to access new markets — locally and internationally. The combination of our business hubs and the MyPost Business portal is providing the integration of physical interaction and digital experience that local small-to-medium businesses need to grow in the digital economy.

As an important part of their supply chain and overall customer experience, we have developed a range of innovative eCommerce solutions to help small business manage their local and international logistics needs and build better relationships with their customers. For instance, we offer payment solutions such as SecurePay that now enable us to provide customers with a complete shopping, fulfilment and delivery capability, seamlessly linked to their digital environment — making it simpler, faster and safer for businesses to start selling online.

In this era of online, mobile, and borderless commerce, Australia Post has a vital role to play in encouraging, enabling and supporting the growth of Australian small businesses.

After all, we have the physical networks that small businesses can leverage to grow — both domestically and beyond our shores. Next year, we will launch a number of business accelerators — or incubators — across major cities and some regional centres. Those small businesses can leverage our infrastructure, our scale, and our deep knowledge of eCommerce to bring their innovation to life.

Initiatives such as this will be vital to us maintaining our role in communities, everywhere.

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Transforming government and corporate services From the payment of taxes and bills to applying for government benefits, passports and licences — Australians undertake more than million transactions with government agencies each year, with around 40 per cent still completed via traditional non-digital channels. We recognise that government agencies and large businesses are increasingly looking for opportunities to reduce their reliance on physical mail and improve their levels of customer service.

That leaves us in a strong position to transform the way government and large business engage with consumers, particularly in rural and regional communities.

australia post meet the athletes house