Barbie life in the dreamhouse meet midge

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barbie life in the dreamhouse meet midge

An animated series that ties in with the popular Barbie toyline, Barbie: Life in the Barbie, Midge, Summer, and Raquelle have to meet at a rendezvous point by. Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse is an online web series of Midge Hadley: Midge is Barbie's childhood best friend from Barbie's hometown, Willows, . 61, New Girl In Town, Dec 10, , Barbie meets a fab new girl at the Malibu Mall. Life in the Dreamhouse -- A Smidge of Midge | Barbie. Midge and . Midge from Barbie and Life in the Dreamhouse TV series. Barbie meets Spiderman.

barbie life in the dreamhouse meet midge

Barbie and her friends enter the closet so Barbie can find the butterfly barrette she wants to wear on her next date with Ken. After a day's worth of exploring, Barbie finds the barrette in her pocket. Despite this, she denies the journey was all for nothing, since she found a nice necklace to wear. She tries to tell them that she already has one, but they don't listen, and labor for hours constructing another.

This second playhouse falls apart right when Chelsea opens the door. For one of the gang's trips to the beach, Barbie packs a picnic basket with "crabcakes, hotcakes, cupcakes, and cake-cakes.

Ryan thinks this of Midge after she changes her appearance from black and white to color. Did you really expect anything less from Ken and Barbie? Barbie asks if they ran out of shampoo, despite her buying a gallon tub, but Skipper informs her that the whole shower went missing. Barbie responds by again asking if they still have the shampoo. Barbie says this as she rushes to stop Raquelle from activating the Shrinkerator. Barbie throws one in "A Spooky Sleepover", with help from a mobile app that suggests different activities.

barbie life in the dreamhouse meet midge

It looks like a bakery pooped its pants. They even try to shape themselves into the letters. Ken can detect from a distance if Barbie needs help with something. Barbie has one with Teresa and Nikki in "Licensed to Drive", with Barbie demonstrating the ability to pass objects over the split line. Raquelle and Ryan manage to do her one better in "Red Carpet Capter," where Ryan simply leaps over the split line in order to join Raquelle.

barbie life in the dreamhouse meet midge

Trying to give Raquelle a spot in the sun, Barbie takes her own bad hair day and tries to turn it into a full-blown fashion disaster. Being Barbieshe instead ends up starting a fashion trend. Barbie's squee is so powerful, it can be heard across town. And in this case, Ken was being really, really brave! Like, plaid with stripes brave! Teresa claims that Barbie told her and apparently Skipper as wellthat if she became an ice cream flavor, she would choose " pink " flavor.

When Skipper's inventions for making over patrons of Barbie's boutique make Raquelle actually look worse than before, Skipper proceeds to detect and repair glitches in the devices quickly enough for Barbie to see how efficiently they can serve patrons when in proper condition. Barbie asks Ken if he finds it safe for him to tend to her plastic pox alone.

Ken simply asks, "What's the worst that could happen? Fortunately, he admits that he doesn't mind feeling sick if it means keeping Barbie by his side. A cat yowl is heard after the giant roll of masking tape bounces away in "Closet Clothes Out". That Was Not a Dream: Barbie has to say this to Ken after purposely deciding to let Raquelle outshine her.

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Chelsea sings, "Life in my dreeeamhouse! Life in the Dreamhouse! Raquelle has a statue of herself erected at Malibu Mall. Since the statue proves a hazard to low-flying planes, some of the other dolls destroy it. They set aside their differences, however, after Barbie confirmed that all of her friends were her BFFs.

They similarly became friendlier after Barbie told them that they were all her BFFs. Trivia Edit The original Midge doll was released inalongside Skipperto counteract criticisms that Barbie was too sexy.

She was moulded with a gentler face and sold with less revealing clothing, although she and Barbie shared the same body mould so their clothes could be exchanged easily. Midge was reintroduced in the 80's, and in became married to a male doll named Alan who was previously sold as her boyfriend. Midge was rebranded yet again inthis time available in the 'happy family' line alongside her husband and young son, Ryan.

She was sold 'pregnant' with another child, Nikkiwhich sparked controversy due to her questionable age and the fact that she wasn't sold with a wedding ring. A third unborn child was made available around a year later, however its name and gender weren't assigned as the sex of the baby was randomised for each packaging. The dolls behave like people, though a number of the show's gags rely on their doll-like nature.

The series centers on the life of Barbieher friends, siblingsher boyfriend, Ken and a number of pets. The series is stylized as a mock reality show featuring confessionals of the characters in between scenes.

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The show heavily relies on slapstick humor, and makes a lot of satirical and self-parody references to the Barbie doll line.

Characters[ edit ] Barbara Millicent "Barbie" Roberts: Barbie is the lead character of the show. She lives in a large pink mansion called the "Dreamhouse" along with her sisters Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea and their pets.

Barbie is a fashion icon and has had over careers, and counting. Despite being a celebrity in Malibu, she is friendly, humble and good-natured.

Barbie is voiced by Kate Higgins. Ken is Barbie's long-time boyfriend. Ken strives to be the perfect boyfriend for Barbie and is always there when Barbie needs him. He is an inventor who makes high-end machines and gadgets for Barbie to use, though they usually end up malfunctioning. Ken is voiced by Sean Hankinson. The oldest of Barbie's little sisters and enjoys technology and DJing. Skipper is voiced by Paula Bodin. Stacie Roberts is the middle of Barbie's little sisters.