Ben and hollys little kingdom meet the characters

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ben and hollys little kingdom meet the characters

With Preston Nyman, Sarah Ann Kennedy, Sian Taylor, Ian Puleston-Davies. The friendship between fairy princess Holly and Ben Elf in the magical Kingdom of. Somewhere, hidden amongst the thorny brambles is a little kingdom where everyone is very very small From the makers of Peppa Pig comes this BAFTA. Meet Holly. Holly is an 8-year-old fairy princess who is still learning how to do magic properly. To your child, Holly is an aspirational character. Not only is she a .

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Meet Holly

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Lucy is a human girl one of the 'big people' to the citizens of the little kingdom and one of Ben and Holly's friends. She wears an orange dress and has pale skin and brown hair. She lives with her parents. She befriends Ben and Holly when they accompany Nanny Plum while she is on the job as the tooth fairy and was woken up by them, but keeps their existence a secret.

Lucy is voiced by Abigail Daniels. King Thistle rules over the Little Kingdom. He is often hungry and grumpy, and sometimes hates having a bath. He dislikes celebrating his birthday because it reminds him he is getting older.

When he was Holly's age, he was known as Prince Thistle. King Thistle is voiced by Ian Puleston-Davies. She is Princess Holly, Daisy, and Poppy's mother. Queen Thistle is Queen Marigold's younger sister.

Ben and Holly

She is one of the few people who can handle looking after Daisy and Poppy, though at times even she can be overwhelmed by the trouble they cause with their magic.

Queen Thistle is voiced by Sara Crowe. Daisy and Poppy are Holly's little twin sisters. They are not very good at magic as they are only babies, but this does not stop them from trying. They are quite cheeky and usually end up causing trouble with magic. As Daisy and Poppy can be very naughty, Holly sometimes dislikes her sisters.

Due to the trouble they cause with their magic, most of the adult characters are wary of them, though Queen Thistle seems to be able to deal with them for the most part.

Daisy and Poppy are voiced by Zoe Baker.

ben and hollys little kingdom meet the characters

She is very good at magic and capable of speaking many animal languages including ones which she claims to be a bit difficult such as MoleAardvarkAnt, Centipede and Alien.

She often ends up in all kinds of trouble when trying to help Holly and friends. She is also a tooth fairy. Although being quite bossy and savage, she is very good at cleaning with magic.

She rivals the Wise Old Elf mainly due to their differing opinions over the use of magic. She is a teacher at the Fairy School and also works as a maid. Nanny Plum is voiced by Sarah Ann Kennedy.

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom live stage show

The Wise Old Elf lives in the same tree as Ben at the top in room He also is the Wise Old Tailor, the elf doctor and the librarian. He also runs the Elf School and The Elf factory.

ben and hollys little kingdom meet the characters

He rivals Nanny Plum and strongly disapproves of magic, but used to admire magic and enjoyed himself when he was briefly given the ability to use magic. He also secretly used magic to fuel the Elf Engine that runs the Elf Factory, as it is clean energy "a very small Carbon Footprint" and never runs out except on No Magic Day that occurs every blue moon.

He had three sons, two of which are pirates, Redbeard the Elf Pirate and Captain Squid, and a sensible son who later decided to be a Viking, as shown in the episode 'Fathers Day'. The Wise Old Elf's real name is Cedric. He went to college with Granny and Granpapa Thistle. A running gag is that Elf Rescue is a parody of International Rescue the s television series Thunderbirds, with comparable rocket-powered rescue vehicles and similar strident accompanying music.

Gaston Ladybird is a male ladybird who lives in a small cave. He likes his house being messy as well as food that is "smelly and foul". He does not mind giving Ben rides when Ben needs to fly. Nanny Plum, who understands Ladybird language, translates for him quite often. He acts quite similarly to a dog, making a barking sound when he "speaks", and fetching sticks.

Gaston has a brother, Tony, a sister-in-law, Pam, two nieces, Amber and Emerald, and a nephew, Keith.