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My intention is to offer “alternative” interpretations of Benny & Joon's In one scene, she stops traffic while wearing a snorkeling mask and wielding a ping pong racket. the game takes place, and Benny and Joon don't meet him until it is over. . winds up riding with Joon in the ambulance that takes her to the hospital. 78 questions and answers about 'Benny & Joon. clear times is when Joon's doctor goes to the hospital and asks for her papers. 2 What is Sam spinning when he first meets Benny and Joon? . This scene was right after Joon won him . Joon initially refuses to see Benny while she is in the hospital so Sam helps In any scene where Joon was shown riding in a car, she was shown wearing a.

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Benny is a sweet guy, an auto mechanic who spends most of his spare time taking care of his sister Joon, who is bright and paints but has some real mental health issues, never specified but probably schizophrenia. A young eccentric comes into their lives in the person of Sam, a barely literate outsider with a heart of gold, a movie buff who reveals considerable hidden talent whenever he's channeling Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin.

Sam turns out to be good for Joon and vice-versa and, after a crisis, all ends happily, or at least with hope for all the major characters.

A sentimental tale, what the director labeled a fairy tale, but it's quite well done and worth checking out. The movie makes a strong, positive argument for the role of clown wisdom in everyday life. One reviewer described Sam as a "clown savant. As played by the great Johnny Depp, Sam is childlike, timid, insightful, generous, imaginative, and creative — the fool who turns out to be the wise man.

The movie is also noteworthy for its physical comedy sequences — rare in Hollywood movies — choreographed by Dan Kamin and performed quite adeptly by Depp.

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Dan is a mime and movement performer, teacher, author, and coach. He has written extensively on Chaplin's movement technique and was Robert Downey's coach for the movie Chaplin Click here to check out Dan's web site and all his many offerings; there are also some videos of Dan's own work on YouTube.

Maybe someday we can get him to tell our blog readers about his experiences working on these movies! So here are the specially featured morsels I have for you. Johnny has also played in other major films such as: Sam Sam wanted to apply for the job at the video store but could not fill out the application because he could not write. Twenty-six We find this out at the poker game also when Mike's says, "Twenty-six years old and he can't even read, spends all day polishing my plastic forks.

Buster Keaton I love all the stunts that Sam performs!

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I thought that was the part when Joon started to fall in love with Sam, and that is when Benny actually started to like and get used to Sam. Pearl Benny and Joon have lived together since their parents were killed in a car wreck 12 years ago. This is at the beginning of the movie, when the beginning credits are playing. Sam sleeping Joon is a great artist who loves to paint. She paints with her hands a lot. What is the result of this? Joon has to take his cousin off his hands. When Joon tells Benny she lost, he asks, "What's in the pot?

Ruthie I love that Sam and Joon finally get their own apartment and get to live like somewhat normal people. I also like this part because Sam is teaching Joon to make grilled cheese with the iron.

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The bathtub He is sitting in the bathtub, fully clothed, but without any water. Cap't Crunch She puts everything in a blender, and voila!

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What exactly was he spinning? This makes it clear that that was the object that Sam was spinning and throwing into the air. This scene was right after Joon won him.

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She was out of Peanut Butter Super Chunks.