Big brother 16 meet the houseguests

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big brother 16 meet the houseguests

The Houseguests will compete for $, this summer on "Big Brother" which premieres June 25, Keep clicking to meet this season's competitors. Here is the Big Brother 16 cast of Houseguests. The BB16 cast is all-new which makes me very happy to meet a brand new set of faces and personalities so. The 16 new houseguests will soon enter the 'Big Brother' house to compete for $

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  • Meet The Houseguests of Big Brother 16
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Devin Shepherd 26 Current City: San Antonio, TX Occupation: Hopefully he aligns himself with the right people. Donny Thompson 42 Hometown: The interview was just boring for me.

New York, NY Occupation: Hayden Voss 21 Current City: Long Beach, CA Occupation: Pedicab Driver Hayden could very well be an underdog for this season. Jocasta Odom 33 Current City: Minister I think Jocasta is a very smart woman but I can see her creating a lot of chaos in the house. Which would make for great tv! Which I find nobel for her to say but can Jocasta do the same thing? Also being a female minister, I wonder how she will fair with houseguests who may not share her same religious views.

Joey Van Pelt 27 Hometown: Maybe she can form an all girl alliance. Recent Nursing Graduate Nicole is from our state of Michigan.

big brother 16 meet the houseguests

Now how many of us knew of the town Ubly? I had to look up where this was at.

big brother 16 meet the houseguests

The interview seemed very plain. Paola Shea 27 Current City: DJ I predict that Paola will either be evicted the first week or make it far in the game.

big brother 16 meet the houseguests

Her personality in the interview really showed and if she can befriend the guys, then the girls will see that as a threat. But I do like her strategy of forming an all female alliance.

Also there was a final four with all ladies but they were not all in an alliance in Season Six April, Janelle, Ivette and winner of the season Maggie.

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Victoria Rafaeli 22 Hometowns: However after watching her video she seems very nice and I can see her being perceived as naive to the other houseguests.

Being so young and owning her own business I can see Victoria doing well in the game with her social skills. A lot of people have preconceived notions about cops, or they've had bad experiences with them, and I don't need that working against me. A dishy divorcee, Martinez coordinates posh charity events and fundraisers for showbiz VIPs and was recruited for the game after BB scouts spotted her in a bar having a brewski with a girlfriend.

And no showmances, please. If I spark to some guy when we enter the house, I'll hold out for three months and give him my number later!

This married mom with two small boys is a minister who doesn't take crap from anyone — not even when a churchgoer gave her hellfire for refusing to wear pantyhose at Sunday service. Odom is named after Greek drama's infamous Jocasta, the mother of Oedipus.

If you sprinkle while you tinkle, be a sweetie wipe the seatie! They'll be no nookie for this cookie!

big brother 16 meet the houseguests

Rafaeli, a professional photographer, still lives at home with her Orthodox Jewish parents who forbid her to have sex until there's a wedding ring on her finger. But we won't ever be in the same bed.

Though she started off shooting weddings, she now specializes in erotic boudoir photos of everyday women. He just graduated college a month ago, leaving behind his job as a busboy at a sorority house. I can be extremely handy. I'm big on cuddling and my social game is through the roof.

'Big Brother' 2018 Contestants - Meet the 16 Houseguests!

I'm not going to miss my parents at all but I will really miss my little brother. Dallas, Texas Why is this country-boy war vet so damn sure he won't have a problem eating slop? Because once, during his month tour in Iraq, he ran out of food in the desert and had to eat a dead camel. He's deeply Christian yet will have no problem lying, cheating and backstabbing on BB.

A racist and homophobic Instagram message attributed to Reynolds is already causing a stir on social media. This mouthy, hyper-pushy firestarter — sure to be a disruptive force in the BB house — has twice modeled for Maxim and works as a DJ on the New York club circuit.

Actually, I say 'I'm kidding' a lot when I'm not kidding at all. You gotta pay big to see what I've got! Shea says she's so "fabulous" she didn't have to apply to be on BB He's still reeling from last season.

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The African-American Shepherd, a single dad and former player for the St. Louis Cardinals, says the racist slurs during BB15 "really hurt my heart. This is America's game. It's owned by the people at home. You shouldn't trash it with that kind of talk. I'm not trying to start a movement, but I want there to be change.