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co2sense meet the team video

SRI Video Research projects · Publications · Working papers · Briefing notes · Seminars · PhD opportunities · Key Contacts · Meet the Researcher · For SRI. support from CO2Sense Up skill staff/deliver Sustainable and actions needed to meet legal, NHS and . e.g. care closer to home, telemedicine, video. skills, gaining new experience, or simply having fun and meeting new people. the co-ordinator of the relevant activities and invited to join in with the team.

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I like the creative launch video that Instagram put out to announce this new feature: He also recently welcomed his second child. He loves the inspirational and uplifting message behind this adorable new Nike video.

They were born babies.

co2sense meet the team video

As always, Nike delivered a powerful video that captures attention. He has a knack for meeting and finding common ground with people from all walks of life, which makes him a natural at his job. Oren opened up our New York office and was the first man-on-the-ground in this exciting market for Veed.

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He really wears a lot of hats and we all admire him for his ability to seamlessly balance it all. Adam recently joined Oren in our New York office, and will now focus more heavily on business development and sales. He likes this explainer video by Boost Inc.

co2sense meet the team video

Eryk Waligora, Summer Intern Eryk is our wonderful summer intern. He spent the past couple of months doing some deep research and analysis on our industry, and blew the team away with his insightful presentations.

co2sense meet the team video

Eryk has been using glasses and contacts his whole whole life. He really admires Warby Parker for their low costs, style, humor, and philanthropy. There you have it, 8 awesome videos and the even more awesome people on the Veed.

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Best practices for business leaders and social enterprises Unique programme to help organisations develop in-house sustainability expertise from The University of Sheffield Management School and C02Sense Monday, February 11th, A pioneering new course is being launched by The University of Sheffield Management School in partnership with the low-carbon expert consultancy, CO2Sense, and supported by 2degress, an active sustainable business community that helps businesses and professionals find practical solutions and address their sustainable business challenges.

Starting in MarchThe Sustainability Leadership Programme will be the first course of its kind to provide a strategic understanding of sustainability through six months of project-based learning where students work on the real-life issues affecting their business. Designed exclusively for executive directors, the programme shows how they can embed sustainability across their entire company in order to achieve long-term success and profitability.

Delegates will also receive expert consultancy support from CO2Sense, who will visit their business and help them to apply knowledge gained from the course into practice. At Sheffield Management School we strive to develop and deploy innovative ways to advance the understanding of energy, environment and sustainability as we recognise that businesses need senior managers and leaders with these skills. This unique project-based learning course is specifically designed for senior managers.

The six lectures will feature presentations from internationally recognised business leaders and academics.

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These sessions will explore the main issues around sustainability such as global supply chain issues, employee engagement and planning for severe weather events. Issues such as diminishing natural resources and energy supply are affecting how we all do business and pose a multitude of risks to long-term operations. This course will provide a high-level understanding of sustainability, which in turn will put attendees ahead of their peers and by building in-house skills, companies will reduce the need for external consultants.

The Sustainability Leadership Programme is aimed at executive directors and senior-managers looking to develop their expertise in this field and prepare their business against new environmental and economical challenges. The course is suitable for companies across all sectors.

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Please click here http: About CO2Sense CO2Sense is the not-for-profit low-carbon expert company that helps organisations to cut their costs and to improve their environmental performance.

We help organisations to find real cost savings by developing low-carbon strategies, which give no-nonsense, clear direction to reduce energy and water use, to produce less waste and to use fewer raw materials. We help organisations to generate both free energy and an income by developing renewable electricity and heating installations. We help companies that sell environmental products to develop their business.

We find new markets for their products, and we help them to get the right product accreditation to make sure that their customers can buy from them with confidence.