Discuss the nature of line and staff relationship

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discuss the nature of line and staff relationship

Line and staff organization is a modification of line organization and it is more This relationship automatically ends up the line official to take better and. Every organization has line and staff functions that have different human resources, maintenance, legal, accounting and public relations. Staff. This article focuses on management of line and staff relationship,assigning authority, If so, feel free to discuss about the situation and how you tackled it in the.

Staff functions include human resources, maintenance, legal, accounting and public relations. Staff positions can be further defined as technical or support people. Examples of technical positions are accountants and engineers.

Support staff positions are clerks, secretaries and data processors.

discuss the nature of line and staff relationship

Staff employees are not directly involved in producing and selling activities. Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Lines of Authority The power and authority of decision-making are different for line and staff managers.

Line managers usually have final authority to make executive decisions in the company and to direct the activities of personnel involved in producing and selling. On the other hand, the authority of staff managers is limited to supervising the activities of other staff personnel and advising line managers.

Line and Staff Agencies

Staff managers are subordinate to the actions of line managers. Line and Staff Conflict Conflict between line and staff workers is common. Line employees are usually older and have more experience than staff employees, who are typically younger and better educated with college degrees. Division of work and specialization takes place in line and staff organization. The whole organization is divided into different functional areas to which staff specialists are attached.

Efficiency can be achieved through the features of specialization.

Line and Staff Organization

There are two lines of authority which flow at one time in a concern: Line Authority Power of command remains with the line executive and staff serves only as counselors. Merits of Line and Staff Organization Relief to line of executives- In a line and staff organization, the advice and counseling which is provided to the line executives divides the work between the two. The line executive can concentrate on the execution of plans and they get relieved of dividing their attention to many areas.

Expert advice- The line and staff organization facilitates expert advice to the line executive at the time of need. The planning and investigation which is related to different matters can be done by the staff specialist and line officers can concentrate on execution of plans. Benefit of Specialization- Line and staff through division of whole concern into two types of authority divides the enterprise into parts and functional areas.

This way every officer or official can concentrate in its own area.

discuss the nature of line and staff relationship

Better co-ordination- Line and staff organization through specialization is able to provide better decision making and concentration remains in few hands. This feature helps in bringing co-ordination in work as every official is concentrating in their own area.

Benefits of Research and Development- Through the advice of specialized staff, the line executives, the line executives get time to execute plans by taking productive decisions which are helpful for a concern.

Although staff managers are not part of the chain of command related to direct production of products or services, they do have authority over personnel. An example of a staff manager is a legal adviser. He or she does not actively engage in profit-making activities, but does provide legal support to those who do.

Therefore, staff positions, whether personnel or managers, engage in activities that are supportive to line personnel. Three types of authority are present: Line authority is the right to carry out assignments and exact performance from other individuals. Line authority flows down the chain of command.

Differences Between Line & Staff Functions

For example, line authority gives a production supervisor the right to direct an employee to operate a particular machine, and it gives the vice president of finance the right to request a certain report from a department head. Therefore, line authority gives an individual a certain degree of power relating to the performance of an organizational task.

Two important clarifications should be considered, however, when discussing line authority: The head of a staff department has line authority over his or her employees by virtue of authority relationships between the department head and his or her directly-reporting employees. Staff authority is the right to advise or counsel those with line authority.

discuss the nature of line and staff relationship

For example, human resource department employees help other departments by selecting and developing a qualified workforce. A quality control manager aids a production manager by determining the acceptable quality level of products or services at a manufacturing company, initiating quality programs, and carrying out statistical analysis to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Therefore, staff authority gives staff personnel the right to offer advice in an effort to improve line operations. Functional authority is referred to as limited line authority.

discuss the nature of line and staff relationship

It gives a staff person power over a particular function, such as safety or accounting. Usually, functional authority is given to specific staff personnel with expertise in a certain area. For example, members of an accounting department might have authority to request documents they need to prepare financial reports, or a human resource manager might have authority to ensure that all departments are complying with equal employment opportunity laws.

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