Disney big hero 6 meet the team image

Big Hero 6 : Meet The Team

disney big hero 6 meet the team image

Disney has published a new 2 minutes long clip for their new animated movie, Big Hero 6. Meet the special team of superheroes and don't miss previous. Meet Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Baymax, Hiro, Fredzilla and GoGo Tomago in Disney's first animated adaptation of a Marvel comic book. Big Hero 6 is the 54th Disney Animated Canon film, inspired by the superhero comic book omarcafini.info machine and recruits Tadashi's four best friends to form the ultimate superhero team to stop him. . Broken Pedestal: When Hiro meets Professor Callaghan, he clearly idolizes him.

Fred, on the other hand, has no scientific knowledge, but he sure knows how to spin a sign, which becomes useful in the climax. At the end of the movie, a news story reports "the whole city of San Fransokyo is asking, who are these heroes"? While it is true that except for Fred, none of the other team members completely hide their face, it is Justified in that the team is still so new that they don't stand out from the millions of other people in the city and their various headgear does partially obscure their faces.

disney big hero 6 meet the team image

The movie's title is the last thing to appear before the credits, following a shot of the team jumping towards the screen and Hiro narrating, "Who are we? Cass is stress eating a doughnut after picking up Tadashi and Hiro from the police station earlier. The movie got a manga adaptation.

Also counts as a Recursive Adaptationsince the film itself is based on a comic book series. After Tadashi shows his lab to Hiro, they stand in front of the building with Hiro asking: How do I get in? There appears to be no functional difference between Yokai's kabuki mask and the headband Hiro designed for the first batch of microbots. Because of its larger surface area and predominately white color, the mask serves as a bigger target for Yokai's opponents to exploit and seems to be knocked off relatively easily during his first encounter with Big Hero 6.

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However, it also shields the villain's identity while providing an sinister kabuki face and during Yokai's later encounter at Krei industries it's shown sliding up Iron Man-style suggesting it's been upgraded and not as easily knocked off.

Hiro, still clearly upset with himself for wanting revenge against Callaghan, apologizes to the others for going off the deep end.

GoGo surprises everyone by shutting Hiro up with a hug, showing that she forgives him. Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Hiro at the beginning of the movie is using his superior robotics to trounce other bot fighters and grab up the winnings. Tadashi convinces him to put his smarts to use on something productive. At first, we are led to believe that the Big Bad Yokai is Krei, which leads to the question why he would go through the trouble of stealing Hiro's microbots and start using them for supervillain schemes instead of patenting them and selling them.

However, this is subverted later on when the true identity of Yokai is revealed as Callaghan, who is motivated by revenge, not profit.

Technology's Role in Disney Animation's 'Big Hero 6' - The Walt Disney Company

D-F Dare to Be Badass: Tadashi invokes this in a subtle manner when, instead of taking Hiro to another bot-fighting, he takes him to his lab at San Fransokyo Tech and introduces him to Professor Callaghan and the other students in his "nerd lab", and then shows him Baymax. He hopes to inspire Hiro to do more with his life than compete in illegal bot-fighting, and by the time they leave the lab, Hiro makes it his goal to attend San Fransokyo Tech.

During the visit, Callaghan does the same thing, noting the winning bot-fighting with Hiro's bot is easy, while his course is hard and its students go on to change the world.

A closeup of Tadashi's baseball cap on the ground after the burning building he has run into explodes. Yokai who is seeking vengeance on Krei who is involved with the accidental death of his daughter narrowly avoids this happening to him. Death by Origin Story: At its core, the film is a Disney Deconstruction of both the hero and villain variants of this trope.

Big Hero 6

Hiro is deeply affected by Tadashi's death, not even eating or going to the school he just got accepted to, despite that being what both he and Tadashi wanted. And when he finds out that the person Callaghan Tadashi died trying to save not only survived, but coldly dismisses Tadashi's heroic effort, Hiro loses it and tries to kill Callaghan immediately afterwards.

For Callaghan, even though Abigail turns out to still be aliveher perceived death is enough to turn him into a revenge driven supervillain who has no regard for the people he hurts along his path of revenge. The only difference is that Hiro has the support of his friends and family to keep him from going through with revenge, while Callaghan has no one and thus is not as easily convinced to give it up. Tadashi gives Hiro one at the beginning of the movie when they're both arrested.

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Hiro does one too, when Callaghan says that Tadashi's death was his own fault. Death Is Such an Odd Thing: Baymax is momentarily perplexed by how a young man in good physical health like Tadashi could suddenly die. The film opens with what looks like two giant robots fighting.

After a bit of combat, the camera angle changes to show that they're actually foot-high bots being controlled by humans.

disney big hero 6 meet the team image

Hiro's battle robot in the beginning appears to be easily bisected in the first round. In the second, it pulls itself together, then pulls itself apart to wrap around the opposing robot and unscrew its arms. When Hiro and Baymax are helping Abigail out of the portal dimension, one last chunk of debris that they didn't see coming crashes into them, disabling Baymax's rocket boosters and forcing him to perform a Heroic Sacrifice.

Didn't Think This Through: Hiro as an impetuous youth seems to run on this trope; in his Establishing Character Momenthe enters a dangerous bot fighting tournament and nearly gets the tar beaten out of him for winning when he hustles the bot-fighting champion. Callaghan given that he is doing an Indy Ploy from the moment Hiro reveals his microbots. He didn't consider that Hiro would track him down, or that the teenager would try to kill him once learning half of the truth.

Also, he destroys Krei Tech Industries in broad daylight, and unmasks himself to Krei. All of this leads to him getting arrested. The team going to Akuma Island after only practicing individually on Heathcliff.

When they fight Yokai, they keep getting in each other's way while attempting to unmask him because they failed to do any training as a team. Of the teleportation device.

At the climax, Baymax sacrifices himself to save Hiro and the person they're rescuing. He's lost forever in the void—except he gave Hiro the chip containing his programming, memory, and consciousness, so Hiro can build him a new body and bring him back.

Cass gets lost in her scolding after picking up Hiro and Tadashi from the police station. Do I know anything about children? Should I have picked up a book on parenting? Where was I going with this? I had a point.

disney big hero 6 meet the team image

Distinction Without a Difference: When Tadashi scolds Hiro for participating in illegal bot fighting, Hiro insists that bot fighting isn't illegal Does This Remind You of Anything? Baymax on low battery power comes off a lot like drunkenness. Don't Eat and Swim: The primary reason Bayman gives for keeping Hiro from blindly walking off a pier and falling in the water is that one should "always wait one hour after eating before swimming".

Baymax during his Heroic Sacrifice as he drifts away from the pod deeper into the portal dimension. When Yokai loses his mask and his true identity is finally revealed.

When Baymax is losing energy, his body starts deflating and he moves, walks, and talks as if he's incredibly drunk. After Baymax helps Hiro get over his need for revenge, he sees the error of his ways and goes to apologize to the rest of the team.

Disney Big Hero 6 Clip - Meet the Team (GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred)

This is precisely the kind of family film that will charm little kids, teens, and even child-free adults. What Frozen was to sisterhood, Big Hero 6 is to brotherhood. Even though Hiro and Tadashi don't get the happily ever after that Anna and Elsa enjoy, this is still a story about the power of brotherly love, encouragement, and support. As the adorably wise Baymax explains to Hiro, Tadashi is still with him, even if not physically.

Baymax is the movie's most unique character; he's part Mary Poppins, part Groot, all huggable marshmallowy goodness and love -- the perfect companion to broody young Hiro's jaded sense of doom about a world in which someone you love can be gone in a flash. It's no surprise that with Marvel and Disney teaming up for this adventure, the result is a bit of Avengers -lite.

Big Hero 6 : Meet The Team

The proudly nerdy ensemble includes GoGo, a feisty feminist who says "Woman up! Whether he's diagnosing Hiro's problem as "puberty" or risking his life for Hiro, Baymax and Tadashi, who created him is the undeniable hero of Big Hero 6. You'll definitely want to see the Big Hero 6 save the day again. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about how Big Hero 6 portrays grieving. Does Hiro's experience seem realistic? Why do we get sad when we see movie characters experiencing painful things?

Why do you think so many young movie characters are orphans? What makes Hiro different than the typical pop-culture orphan? Did the movie make you interested in checking out the comics?

For those who've already read the comics, how is the movie different?