Dool will and sonny meet for the 1st time

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dool will and sonny meet for the 1st time

William "Will" Horton and Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis are fictional characters from the American daytime drama Days of Our Lives. They are notable for the first male-male wedding in US daytime drama In June , on the day of his high- school graduation, Will meets the openly gay Sonny through their mutual cousin, . What could possibly get in the way of Will and Sonny finally 'Days of Our Lives': With Paul Gone, Is It (Finally) Time For WilSon to Reignite? First up, nobody was more shocked to see Leo alive than Will and Sonny we had after Will gets his memory back and then he and Sonny meet in Doug's place. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Will H., Sonny K. - Words: 1, - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 14 - Published: I want to be inside him now but I want Will's first time to be amazing. He lifts his eyes to meet mine.

I break the kiss for a moment to reach to the side table drawer. I pull out a condom and lube. I look at Will and know what his thinking. I sit up on my knees beside him.

dool will and sonny meet for the 1st time

Wanting to ease his nervousness, I smile at him. He smiles back, the look of trepidation fading. I want us to be safe. And I'm going to get tested tomorrow. Will's eyes get a little wider. He's quiet as I put on the condom and then kneeling between his legs I bring his knees up bent beside him. He's watching me while his hands roam over my chest and shoulders. I flip open the top of the lube and put some on my fingers.

Before I do the next step, I stop. I put my hand on his opening and apply the lube. I slip a finger in just to test how he will react. He eyes get a little bigger and he's breathing shallow breaths again.

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I can feel tension in his legs. I finish with the lube and put my hands on the bed on either side him to hold my weight. I position my body so my cock is almost touching his ass. I'm so hard at this point I don't know if I will last long once I'm inside him. Before I push into him, I look at him. If you want me to stop, tell me.

We don't have to rush. I slowly start to enter him, he takes a breath but he's tensing up. I push more of my cock into him. It feels like heaven, his ass is so tight. I look at Will, he's breathing is fast and eyes are slightly closed.

I move slowly at first then a faster rhythm. Will reaches up with hands and puts them around my neck to pull me into a deep kiss.

If he only knew what he was doing to me. Everything right now is perfect. I can't think of anything else, my mind isn't working. All I can feel is my cock deep inside of him, the feeling of his tongue intertwined with mine and hearing his soft moans of pleasure. I'm about to lose control. I close my eyes and try to focus on anything, anything at all other than the extreme pleasure I'm experiencing so that I won't cum.

With all my effort, I slow down and begin to pull out. It's perfect, you're perfect. I want your first time to be…" "Amazing? I don't want you to stop. I pull him up into a new position. I get him on his hands and knees. I get more lube and then grip his hips. This time I'm not as slow. I enter him in one thrust. I start fucking him harder and his voice rips out of him. Sonny, oh god, please don't stop. In unison, we straighten up into a kneeling position so my chest is touching his back.

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I continue thrusting into him while my hand is still on his cock and my other hand is gripping his hip. Will's hand joins mine and he shows me how he likes it. He then turns his head to find my lips. I've never felt this connected to anyone. In this moment, I feel like we're one being, one body. Then like a dance we find ourselves moving back to the position we started in.

Looking at each other face to face. I can't think of a more romantic way to make love to Will. We stare into each other's eyes as we move in perfect sync.

With one hand I hold my weight and my right hand grips his cock.

dool will and sonny meet for the 1st time

I rub his cock the way he showed and I quicken my pace. After they stopped them, they thought the father of Gabi child was Nick. Nick knew the baby wasn't his, and he pressured Will to give rights to him and Will couldn't tell Sonny. Chad, Sonny and Will's best friend, told Sonny that Gabi was the one who arranged Melanie's kidnapping. Sonny became very distrustful of Gabi and told Will that he should not trust Gabi but Sonny couldn't tell him why because of a contract Nick had on Chad.

Sonny had another fight with Will about trusting Gabi. Soon everyone was in chaos about who was the baby's father until Will said it was him. Sonny started to leave, but Will stop him from leaving and said he didn't want to lose him and Sonny left. Will and Lucas were soon in an argument about Lucas going to jail for him and Nick overheard the conversation. Will tried to talk to Sonny again, but Sonny didn't want to talk.

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Will soon went to Sonny and tried to have sex with him, but Sonny told him it was never sex with them. When Will went to talk to Sonny he saw Sonny and Brian kissing and was devastated that Sonny had move on. Sonny was about to sleep with Brian, but he was still devastated at what Will did.

Brian went to Will and implied that he and Sonny slept together. Will came to give his Sonny key back to him and they agreed to still be friends. On Valentine's Day, Will got a gift from Sonny and assumed that he and Sonny were getting back together. Will wrote a note saying that he was happy that he was getting a second chance with Sonny. He found out that Sonny had ordered the gift before they broke up.

When Gabi was sent to the hospital, Sonny came to check on Will. Will and Sonny went back to the Coffee shop and Sonny found his note. Will and Sonny talked it out, reconciled and then made love. Afterwards, they were interrupted by Nick, who blackmailed them by saying that if Will didn't give up his parental rights, he would tell the police that he shot EJ.

Will then signed his parental rights away to keep his family from going to jail. Sonny soon told Will that Nick did this because Will is gay. Will went to Nick and confronted him, and Nick admitted it. Sonny and Nick fought over this. They started planning to get the evidence from Stefano.

Sonny went to see Sami at the DiMera Mansion and was conflicted Sonny and Sami snuck into the Kiriakis Mansion to steal the flash drive of the tape recording that Nick had of Will and Lucas talking.

Sonny soon snicked back in to put the flash drive back. Rafe found out that Nick was blackmailing Will and was going to tell Gabi until he was attacked and sent to the hospital. Will and Sonny followed them to Smith Island to save them.

Sonny got Gabi out and she went into labor. While Sonny delivered Will's baby, Will was trying to save Nick and in the process got shot. When Sonny got to the hospital, he heard Will was shot and was devastated. When Will got out of surgery, Sonny went to see him and said that they will always be together.

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Nick gave the parental rights back to Will. Sonny suggested that Gabi and Arianna move in with them, and he even put a deposit on the apartment across from them. Gabi agreed to move in. Adrienne becomes doubtful of the choices Sonny is making.

Adrienne and Sonny start to argue of the choices he was making.

dool will and sonny meet for the 1st time

Adrienne soon clashes with Marlena over their families and Will over Sonny. Will and Sonny find out that Sami shot Bernardi. Sonny finds out Chad sent him a video of Sami attacking Bernardi. Chad and Sonny delete the videos to help Sami's case.

'Days of Our Lives': With Paul Gone, Is It (Finally) Time For WilSon to Reignite?

Adrienne finds the video on her phone and tries to tell Sonny. Sonny and Adrienne argue over her turning in the video. Will and Sonny tell Justin about Will's secret. Justin gives them advice, and Sonny pleads Justin to take Sami's case. Justin is against it because of Sami and EJ lying about the video and them putting Sonny in danger.

Justin takes their case, but says if they ever put Sonny in danger again that he would come after them.