Emily and benji meet the parents

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emily and benji meet the parents

Emily Discovers Psychology [Danielle Benji] on omarcafini.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying eager to learn more about it. After getting advice from her parents. She explains that her last name is Junk (she goes with her mother's maiden name During the acapella party, Emily meets Benji again, who asks her on a date. In pp2 Emily junk is the newest member of the Bellas, she meets benji . Ok she was asking what had happened between me and my parents and when I told.

The little blue eyed boy gets his favorite blanket and toys for his Ninja Turtles book bag to take with him. Beca's dressed in her favorite blue plaid button down and black skinny jeans. Beca grabs her keys off the table and takes Brad by the hand and heads out the door. She lets Brad press the button to turn the car alarm off and opens the door, putting her son in his car seat and strapping him in, she closes the door and heads to the driver side, gets in and buckles up. Upon starting the engine, her phone buzzed.

She received a text from her best friend Chloe Beale. They had met at Barden and immediately developed a friendship. Chloe is the bubbly red head who thrusted herself into Beca's life. She has been by Beca's side through the whole pregnancy and is Bradley's Godmother. Starting the engine, she heads off to work looking forward to working with Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas.

Slowly opening his eyes, stretching in the bed, Jesse groans as he looks at the clock; it's 7: He's not due into work until later today, however he gets up to check on his little girl Emily. After going to the bathroom, he walks down the hall to Emily's room. Turning the knob, he opens the door and peeks in to see his eighteen month old blonde-haired little girl sleeping with her legs and feet half way hanging off the bed and has to giggle.

Each day gets a little easier since the car accident that killed his wife; Aubrey Posen-Swanson.

emily and benji meet the parents

It's been about ten months now since his wife's passing. Emily; his beautiful daughter is the spitting image of her mother. The two hit it off immediately. They started dating shortly before Jesse was going to graduate. Jesse knew that the blonde was his soul mate and asked her to marry him and she said yes. They married just about six months after dating.

emily and benji meet the parents

About a year and a half after their marriage, Aubrey announced her pregnancy. In March the following year; baby Emily Charlotte Swanson was born. Closing the door, he walks back down the hall to the bedroom, gets a change of clothes to take a quick shower before Emily wakes up. After getting dressed, he glances at the clock which now reads 8: He walks down the hall, opens the door to find Emily standing up.

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When she sees him, she starts bouncing up and down with excitement. Jesse melts every time. He gets Emily washed and dressed for the day and heads downstairs for breakfast.

emily and benji meet the parents

He places Emily in her high chair and gives her a bowl of cereal. She loves her Apple Cheerios.

emily and benji meet the parents

Doesn't quite like using the spoon though. Jesse went into the fridge to get all his ingredients for his French toast.

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He gets his frying pan and starts cooking his bacon. He checks on his little beauty to find that she seems to like wearing food more than eating it. He can't help but laugh. The phone starts to ring as he walks into the living room. I'm going to pick Emily up at 12 noon.

We are going to your Grandfather's today" said Mrs. Swanson on the other end. He hangs up the phone and takes his daughter out of the high chair and cleans her up. Jesse takes Emily into the living room and sits on the floor to play for the next half hour until it's time to leave. It's just about 10am when Jesse decides to get Emily and her things to leave when there's a knock at the door.

Emily looked up at Benji and he nodded with a smile, squeezing her hand. Yeah the only ones that cane to the ultrasound were Benji, Beca and Chloe. No one could blame them though, they needed time. Benji kissed the top of her head. They had this discussion not that long ago, she was deciding between Chloe and Beca when the redhead had told her how much of a pain in the ass Beca was when Emily was being born.

Those plans changed slightly when Emily went into labour 5 months later though. Emily, Benji and Zac were all in the living room when it happened, the adults in the kitchen. Her hands flying to her abdomen as she felt a contraction. Zac shrieked and Benji fainted. Boys are weak ass bitches.

emily and benji meet the parents

Zac still looked slightly traumatised. Aubrey replaced Beca's place beside Emily as the shorter woman said she'll drive. On the drive there, another contraction hit Emily, causing her to hold Aubrey's hand in a death grip in the back seat.

She winced in pain. Aubrey's eyes welled up a little. Maybe this is what she needed to get over that last hurdle of grief. Aubrey was lost for words. I don't know what to say Thank you so much. You're making me dizzy.

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They heard a cry of pain coming from the room and Beca almost burst right in the room before Jesse stopped her. Hearing his girlfriend in pain killed him. The contractions were happening closer and closer together and they were getting more intense too. Beca wasted no time, quickly following her wife in the room to find her daughter sitting on the edge of the bed, tears streaming down her face. You're doing great already. She began to remember back when Chloe was in labour with Emily.

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Beca and Chloe were pretty sure they weren't gonna have a hand anymore after it but they were just glad that their baby girl had almost done it. You've only got one push to go Em. You can do this. When she heard a baby cry, relief washed over her.